My Top Ten Most Beautiful Webtoons

I’m a sucker for a good story. But I’m also a sucker for good art. Webtoons manage to have a plethora of stories that have both. For those who don’t know, Webtoons is a website that has FREE comics. Most are manhwa from Korea that is being officially translated, but there are several that are self published from other countries. I haven’t seen many Webtoon lists about the visual beauty of the comics, so I decided to make one myself. This isn’t based on story; some of my personal favorites won’t make the list. All the images used belong to their respective owners, and if there is no URL, it means I couldn’t find the image’s source. I will also post a link to the Webtoon on the list.

Let’s start with some honorable mentions:

Snailogy- Snailords:

unOrdinary- Uru-Chan:

Space Boy-Stephen McCranie:






Now, onto the list itself!

10. Orange Marmalade- Seokwoo

Link: Orange Marmalade

Orange Marmalade has some of the best uses of color that I’ve ever seen. The artist uses colors to their advantage, and easily shows the viewer the emotions of the main character. Sad scenes look sad, and happy scenes look happy. But the main reason it’s on here is because it conveys more intricate emotion, such as loneliness and worry. It is not a small accomplishment.


9. Dr. Frost- JeongBeom Lee:

Link: Dr. Frost

Dr. Frost may be the most stylish Webtoon on this list. It has an understated look that complements the story perfectly. The layout and composition of this makes it look like an animated movie; in other words, professional. The art slowly but surely evolves; in the beginning, it had a moodier atmosphere with more subdued colors, but has since adopted a coloring style that, despite its name, gives off a warm feel. Not to mention the amazing use of shading in flashbacks!

8. The Strange Tales of Oscar Zahn- Tri Vuong:

Link: The Strange Tales of Oscar Zahn

The Strange Tales of Oscar Zahn is one of the most interesting art styles I’ve ever seen. While it may look gothic and eerie, it’s surprisingly heart warming, yet manages to give the viewer the feels. The coloring is soft and reminiscent of pastels. The artist has an amazing amount of detail, and his layout is amazing. Oscar Zahn, in my opinion, is absolutely stunning.

7. Hooky- Miriam Bonastre Tur:

Link: Hooky

No, I am not putting this in just because it reminds me of a Ghibli movie. (Okay, maybe that is some of the reason…). No, I am putting this in because of the amount of detail! Everytime this updates, I am in awe of the amount of detail, and I wonder how the artist manages to do this amount of work in one week. Not to mention the coloring, shading, and art style in general. The colors are on point exactly; in the early stages, it had a sunny, bright feeling about it, but as it went on and became darker, the colors adapted for a chilling effect.

6. For the Sake of Sita- Haga:

Link: For the Sake of Sita

For the Sake of Sita is really unique. It has a ridiculous amount of detail, and it is so carefully done… Although there are several characters, I didn’t have a lot of trouble telling who was who, which is also cool. The clothing design is stunning, and the little details are impressive. The colors give off a warm feel, which is interesting due to the somewhat sad undertone of the story. I may not know much about the culture on which this is based, but from what I’ve seen, I think the artist captured the culture very well.

5 DICE- Hyunseok Yun:

Link: Dice



DICE’s biggest strength is the coloring and shading. The coloring is unique, as it looks shiny, but it uses rich colors, but often enough pastel colors. Every character is unique looking; there is no same face syndrome here. The detail is subtle here as well; our main character’s face changes a lot, but slowly. Overall, DICE has a unique factor that I can’t quite put into words.

4. S.I.D- Sadaham:

Link: S.I.D

This is a contradicting, fun art style. People expect stories with ghosts to have dark colors, lots of black, and a moodiness. Not S.I.D, or Supernatural Investigation Department. It has lots of bright colors, and the artist uses them well. This contradiction between fun colors, humorous scenes, and ghostly events  makes  a beautiful and memorable experience. It’s a unique style for a ghost comic.
3. Nightmare Factory- Snailords:

Link: Nightmare Factory

 Some of you, once you saw Snailogy in the HM, thought that I would not put Snailords on this list. Well, you thought wrong! While Snailogy is beautiful, Nightmare Factory is even more impressive. It’s more fantasy based, which ends up showing more details and creativity. The coloring is stunning; it is incredibly detailed and intricate, whether it be the eyes or the clothing or the background. The art clearly changes and evolves from really good to jaw-dropping georgous. The character design is creative and unique.

2. Siren’s Lament- instantmiso:

Link: Siren’s Lament



This Webtoon took me by surprise. I thought it would be overrated, but it’s enjoyable, especially the art! It’s digital, but it has such soft coloring, it has a pastel feel to it, which is a nice change of pace from other Webtoons. I thought the art was just pretty for a while, better than some Webtoons, but not one of the best…and then came the underwater scenes. The amount of detail and coloring took my breath away. With character design and backgrounds and coloring, this is visually one of the best Webtoons I’ve seen.
1. Annarasumanara- Ilkwon Ha:

Link: Annarasumanara

Of all the beautiful Webtoons out there, why is Annarasumanara my number one? Simple. It’s the most creative and innovative Webtoon I’ve seen. It could even be one of the most beautiful THINGS I’ve ever seen, which includes other comics, movies, and TV. Ilkwon Ha blends reality into his drawings, which includes paper foldings, money, and clouds into his art. Each of these things can be interpreted as symbolic, making the comic gain more depth. His use of minimal color makes the use of sudden color stunning as well. I believe that Annarasumanara could easily be called a masterpiece.
If you like this list, or if you think another Webtoon deserved to be on this list, please comment! Or follow me for more posts. Actually, if you view this, do one or the other. 🙂 thanks!

20 thoughts on “My Top Ten Most Beautiful Webtoons

  1. Wow. This was so well written and articulate. So often, you described my exact interpretation of the Webtoon. Thank you for sharing. You’re clearly an introspective gal! My faves were:  Orange Marmalade- Seokwoo, For the Sake of Sita- Haga, and Siren’s Lament- instantmiso.


  2. This is so well written, Its amazing…My favorites were Nightmare factory, For The Sake of Sita, Annarasumanara, And Sirens Lament. They are all so beautiful, and your description makes them so enticing. Good job!!


  3. All of these look amazing! ❤ 7 is definitely detail oriented and has a really cute style. But my favorites are (at a glance) 9 and 3. Also, how awesome is it that Siren's Lament has music to go along with it?
    Great recs, I will give them a try for sure!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yep, Hooky is really quite cute…at first. Dr. Frost has a great art style, but when put in comparison to other Webtoons, doesn’t seem as impressive. But there’s a lot of subtle details, and compositions layout, and angles easily make it the most stylish on this list. As I said, it looks like a movie! And Nightmare Factory is like an evolution; it starts off pretty darn good at first, but then you read the latest chapter and your jaw drops, that’s how much the art has improved. But while Annarasumanara may not have the best art style, it’s the most innovative and unique art I may have ever seen. I hope you like them!

      Liked by 1 person

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