My Top Twelve Lead Female Webtoon Characters

Now we’re getting really specific! This week’s article is on the lead female characters in Webtoons. Don’t worry, the guys will get their turn next week! Also, these will be the main female characters, so side female characters will not appear on this list. But there may be a list on side female and male characters in the future…. For this list, there will be an official image  for each character. Oh, and I’ll try to be spoiler free, but still…Spoiler warning.

(Edit. Due to lack of storage space, there will be no more fan arts… I apologize to those who’ve seen them.)

Let’s do the honorable mentions, which will have 1-2 lines about the character:

Nano, Nano List-  Songah Min

Cheetah B, Roar Street Journal– Bonnie Pang:

Sophia Kang, S.I.D– Sadaham

Nara, Duty After Achool- Ilkwon Ha: 

Heyool, Distant Sky- Inwan Youn/ Sunhee Kim: 

Now, the list:

12. Sera, Unordinary- Uru-Chan:

Link: unOrdinary

Sera is a complex character; strong and relatable, but not always likeable. She used to be considered “Perfect”, and that brought along a lot of pressure. Being perfect made her life miserable, as she wasn’t seen as anything else. One day, she failed. The main character, John , was sort of her breaking point, and he ended up helping her by showing her she didn’t have to be perfect. Currently, she is simply being herself. She is one of the most powerful characters, but she isn’t always likeable; she’s rather cold, and some of her views make her seem detached and uncaring. However, she has proven herself to be loyal and to cherish her friendships; she allows herself to be suspended for John.

11. Saphie, Saphie the One Eyed Cat- Joho:

Link: Saphie the One Eyed Cat

Why would a cat be on this list? Other than the adorable factor? Okay, that’s mainly what it comes down to. But among cartoon cats, Saphie is special. I would say that she and Simon’s Cat would be my two favorite cats in cartoons. Saphie has a strong personality, and since she is based off of Joho’s real life one eyed cat named Saphie, she rings true in a way other cats don’t. She’s lazy, but will run for food. She’s a glutton, but will give up her food to give to Sol, the kitten. But yeah, the main reason she’s here is because of that adorable face. I mean, really. Even self-acclaimed and proud cat haters may not be able to resist this comic, the adorable faces.

10. Fall Barros, Sword Interval, Ben Fleuter:

Link: Sword Interval

Fall is on a revenge quest to find and kill the Hierophant, a being that murdered her parents and gave her golden eyes. Unlike most revenge driven characters, however, she has very little experience. But she a lot of potential to become a great hunter; she killed a dragon with baseball bat. Fall’s character is refreshing from most physically strong women; she isn’t particularly intense or aggressive, although she certainly can be. She’a more of a relaxed, laid back person. She’s kind of like a cat that’s sleeping in the sun. But, like a cat, if you startle or tick her off, she’s not afraid to beat someone or something off. She’s also a student; she invited a monster hunter, David Shimitzu, to help her kill the Hierophant.

9. Seonga Yoon, Dr. Frost, JongBeom Lee:

Link: Dr. Frost

As good as a Holmes is, every Holmes needs a Watson to balance things out. Assistant Yoon is clearly the Watson in Dr. Frost. I must be honest, I didn’t really like her in the beginning; she seemed to overreact to everything and was obnoxious. But her character has developed to become more serious and passionate about psychology. She hasn’t lost her cheerfulness though. Her overreactions are probably made to counteract against Frost’s underractions, and her strong emotions are there to balance Frost’s emotionlessness. While she does have unrequited feelings towards Frost, she isn’t flirty or seductive. She is very sympathetic, and I look forward to the day she solves a case on her own without help.

8. Emai Kashew, Nightmare Factory, Snailords:

Link: Nightmare Factory

Emai is an insomniac writer who has dimensions and their stories streaming through her head, which she writes about. She involuntarily gets involved with the Nightmare Exchange, which is where if you survive your worst fears for 24 hours, you get granted a wish. She’s sarcastic, sassy, creative, and  a lot scarier than she looks. She’s a bit of a fangirl, and  freaks out when she meets Kreyul, whom she believes is one of her characters, though he’s from another dimension. She’s surprisingly brave and uses her innocent looks to take her opponents by surprise. She is very unpredictable, which is what makes her so fun. She’s spontaneous, and the latest chapter shows how smart and strong she is. She used her wits to trick characters and simplify situations. Plus, her missing father and brother show an emotional side to her that causes all the feels.  

7. Whale, Gepetto, Jewon Yeon:

Link: Gepetto

Whale is the last android created by Dr. Gepetto, a famed android inventor. She was forced to sleep for a hundred years before she was discovered, and during that time a war began between humans and androids. Both sides of the war believe that Whale holds a clue to Dr. Gepetto’s Inheritance, which is unknown. The best parts of this character include her loyalty to the main character, Colodi, who, in the first season, was an eight year old prodigy. She is smart and tough, a brilliant fighter. But what sets her apart from other androids  in the series is that her emotions come out more; her loyalty and devotion is what makes her such a good fighter, and she is protective of those she loves.

6. Dani Wytte, Hooky, Miriam Bonastre Tur:

Link: Hooky

Dani used to be remiscent of Kiki from Kiki’s Delivery Service. Both were cheerful, positive, best with flying, and always wanted to do the best job they could. They also both made friends easily. However, Dani has faced more horrors than a young witch should. She grew up in a household that had been horribly discriminated against, she was nearly burned at the stake, and she saw a close friend die. So, it is only natural that she has begun to change; however, whether these changes will help her to become a stronger witch or break her and cause her to become the Queen of Witches is uncertain. But there is no doubt that she is powerful already. Just don’t make her mad. Trust me, just don’t. She’s scary.

5. Cati Abbott, Miss Abbott and the Doctor, Maripaz Villar:

link: Miss Abbott and the Doctor

Cati Abbott is even more unique than most Victorian era women in fiction. Most of them are struggling for rights we take for granted nowadays. Wherever Miss Abbott lives could be considered paradise for those women. She grew up in another country, and lived among the natives. When she moved back home, people accepted her for herself, despite the fact that she’s improper and illiterate, and would rather be outside than at a party. She is unpredictable and fun, and whenever this comic updates I wonder what antics she’ll be up to this time. She’s brave, but quite clueless when it comes to romance. Whether it be archery or saving the life of her love interest, Dr. Marino, Miss Abbott will always do the unexpected.

4. Amy, Space Boy, Stephen McCranie:

Link: Space Boy

Someone in the comments section said that Amy was like a country girl who moved to the big city, and that is an adequate description. Except the country was a mining colony in deep space, and the big city is Earth. Amy is intuitive and kind, able to make friends easily. She has synesthesia, which causes her to identify people with “flavors”. Therefore, she has a good sense of what people are like, and which relationships will work. She can be naive and dense at times, but that’s because she isn’t an Earth native. She experiences Earth life will childish wonder, being amazed by things we take for granted. She is understanding of human nature, and she is able to push Oliver, the titular Space Boy, out of his existential crisis.

3. Ai Yun, Annarasumanara, Ilkwon Ha:

Link: Annarasumanara

Ai is one of the most realistic Webtoon characters. She’s human, has no powers, and lives in the here and now. But her problems may ring a little too close to home for some. Her father has abandoned her and her sister due to his debts, and since they live in poverty, she has no other desire than to become an adult as fast as possible. She has become cynical and dispassionate, and thinks anything that is impractical is pathetic. However, she is responsible and studious. She is also a loving sister, book smart, and tough skinned; it makes the parts where she breaks a little even more touching. After she meets the magician at the amusement park, her journey is one of growing up, finding old dreams, following them, and finding beauty in a broken world again. Slowly, she becomes less cynical, yet practical, and finds worth in her old childish dreams.

2. Lyra, Siren’s Lament, Instantmiso:

Link: Siren’s Lament

Lyra is a quiet but responsible main character. At a young age, when her adopted grandmother is placed in hospital care, she runs a small flower shop on her own, and hires workers, one of which is her crush, Shon. However, Lyra is selfless, and encourages Shon to date another girl, not knowing he reciprocates her feelings. Because of her broken heart, she gets involved with the sirens, and she becomes cursed with another siren, Ian. She is also trying to help Ian become more human, even though there’s a possibility she may become more siren the more human he becomes. Lyra is intuitive and empathetic, and she isn’t judgmental. Her selflessness is inspiring, and something to try to emulate.

1. Seol Hong, Cheese in the Trap, soonkki:

Link: Cheese in the Trap

Why would Seol be, in my opinion, one of the best female Webtoon characters? Maybe because she is one of the most relatable characters I’ve seen for a while. She’s a normal college student, is middle class, has family problems, and over thinks things all the time. She is intuitive, and while she is book smart, she is even more people smart, although she sometimes reads into things too much. She is also kind and analytical. However, she is very flawed; she’s aloof and doesn’t communicate well. This shows in conversations with friends. Her intuition could be considered a curse; she over analyzes every situation she is in. Sometimes that helps her, but it just as often puts her in worse situations. It is implied that she has a darker side to her personality that her love interest may be bringing out more and more. Seol just feels like a realistic college student, ordinary but special.

Who is your favorite female character in Webtoons? If you liked this list or have suggestions on upcoming lists, please do me a favor, and comment or follow me for more posts! Thanks!


14 thoughts on “My Top Twelve Lead Female Webtoon Characters

  1. I ABSOLUTELY ADORE MISS ABBOTT AND THE DOCTOR!!!!! She’s so spunky, and I ship her and the doctor so much, haha! I really need to check out the other female characters, they look amazing! Thanks for this post, I love it! πŸ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OMG! You read Webtoons as well as Stoker and Holmes? Amazing! I also ship Miss Abbott and the doctor A LOT! They may be one of my favorite ships on Webtoons to be honest. I would recommend you read Dr Frost, Saphie the One Eyed Cat, Space Boy, Siren’s Lament, Annarasumanara and Cheese in the Trap, as well as many others. Just ask for recommendations if you want, I have more, lol.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Fave quote!!
    “In a hopeless situation, she could easily choose to die, but she chooses life every time. That’s real strength”.

    How many times in our real life could we simply choose to quit or give up?? — but real strength is choosing to fight, push through, and choose life.


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