Ghosts, part two

Concentration is difficult today. How can I focus on graphs and equations when I keep seeing that ghost with a blood soaked shirt? How could anyone? I vow to try to find her again after school. 

“Mr. Mayer!”


Damn. I’ve been found not focusing again. I swear, Mr. Witz just has a sixth sense for when someone isn’t paying attention. Namely, me.

After a lecture I really don’t want, I go out in search of the ghost. Why am I so determined to see her again? I don’t know. I’m not terribly logical, to be honest. There’s just a gut feeling that tells me to find her, that she’s important for some reason.

I don’t have to worry about finding her, because, in the end, she finds me.

I look up to see a white face staring at me. “Gah!” I yell, and jump back. I notice a few freshmen girls titter and turn around in their huddle. Great. Just what I need; more gossip.

“Oh no! Are you okay? I didn’t mean to frighten you.” The ghost shows me her hand, as if she’s expecting me to take it. I yank myself up and dust off my jeans.

“Uh, um, I’m okay.”

She looks at me with concerned gray eyes, and suddenly I’m struck with how strange the situation is; a ghost is worried about my health. I burst into laughter.

She gives me a confused smile. “Oh, what’s so funny? Was it something I said?”

I shake my head and wipe my eyes. “Oh, it’s nothing about you, miss…uh, what’s your name?”

She smiles as if this is the best question in the world. “Holly Linkletter. You are…?”

I look at her. “Jay Mayer. Holly, may I ask what happened to you?”

She gasps. “What happened to me? Oh no, I don’t think any-” Her face goes blank. “Oh, no, no, please, no…”

I gasp and reach towards her. “Holly, what’s wrong?”

She screams and floats away from me. “Stop it! Stop it! Oh my God, stop it! It hurts! You’re hurting me! Get away! Get away from me, you bastard!”

I’m stunned by this change. “Holly, please, let me help you!” But I think I notice something; she isn’t looking at me. She’s looking behind me.

“Help! Help me! I don’t wanna die! Please! I-I’m so afraid…” Her voice trails off, and she begins to fade away, melting into the sunlight. 

“Holly! Holly!” I yell, but I’m too late, she’s vanished. 

I open up my laptop the second I’m home. Holly Linkletter has a story, I’m sure of it. I tap her name into the search engine and wait. 

I don’t know what I am expecting to find. Maybe she was attacked and killed recently, though I haven’t heard anything. An article pops up, and I click on it.

I wasn’t expecting this. The article reveals that Holly Linkletter has been missing for ten years.

To be continued


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