Ghosts, Part Five 

I wake up the following morning, already feeling the anxiety of today. Today, Miss Klane and I will go to the peeling orange house and maybe find out what happened to Holly. I swallow my nerves and glance to the corner; there’s Socks again. It’s strange, he usually doesn’t appear two days in a row. “Hey, Socks,” I venture.

“Meow.” He turns up and looks at me, giving a hearty yawn.

I breathe a sigh of relief. Maybe today will be okay. After all, Socks acknowledged my presence.

Socks suddenly rises and stretches while yawning. That’s weird. In the year following his death, he hasn’t done this one time. 

I go downstairs and fix myself a bowl of cereal. I usually don’t like this stuff, but I’m too nervous to make anything else. Socks follows me and meows at me while I eat. This is getting weirder and weirder. Socks hasn’t behaved like a living cat once since he died. 

I let my mom and dad know that I’m leaving quickly, and I’m soon on my way. As I’m on the bus, I glance down at my feet and receive a shock; Socks is still here. He’s just sitting at my feet, purring. An old woman sneezes suddenly. I’ve noticed that sometimes, even if one can’t see a ghost, they still react to them. This woman must be allergic to cats. 

I finally get off the bus and go to the coffee shop, where Miss Klane is. She walks up to me. “Are you ready?” she asks.

I glance at Socks for a moment. “Okay,” I murmur. We walk all the way over to the peeling orange house.

“So. You’re back.” I gasp and turn to see Holly looking at me. “Hey, Jay,” she says softly. Emily glances at me confusedly, and I mouth Holly’s name at her. She gasps.

Holly looks over to Emily, and her eyes widen. “Oh my God, Emily? Emily! I can’t believe it! How long has it been?” She drifts over to Emily and reaches out to her, but her hand dissolves once she comes in contact with Emily’s warmth. “Huh?” She jerks her hand back. “Emmy? What? Why can’t I…” Her face clouds over. “No. No way.” 

I suddenly realize something; Holly doesn’t know she’s dead. “Holly? What’s wrong?”

She’s panicking. “Jay, why the hell can’t I touch her? Tell me, tell me now!”

Emily suddenly shivers, even though it’s September; it shouldn’t be cold. “Miss Klane? Are you okay?”

She smiles apologetically. “Ah, yes. I’m okay. Just cold.”

I turn back to Holly. “She can sense you. It’s okay, Holly.”

She shakes her head. “No, it is not okay, she can’t see me, I can’t touch her! This isn’t okay!” she screams, and she suddenly vanishes.

I groan softly. Miss Klane says, “Jay, what was that?”

“That was me talking to Holly.”

Miss Klane chews her lips. “Oh… Okay. Shall we go to the door?” she asks softly. 

I nod, and we walk towards the front steps. My heart begins to race. I think it nearly stops the moment I ring the doorbell.

To be continued

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