Ghosts, part one

I’ve always seen ghosts. Always. They don’t always see me. 

Sometimes they do.

Most of the times, they don’t.

I wish they never saw me. 

Well, most of the time. 

“Jay? Honey, time to get up!” my mom hollers. 

Ugh. School. Damn. “All right,” I mumble.

“Jason Samuel Mayer, get up!” 

“I am!” I rub my eyes and blink a little. I see a small shape in the corner, the dust helping me see better. “Hey, Socks,” I murmur, hoping today’s a good day. 

Socks, the ghost of my old cat of fifteen years, doesn’t acknowledge me. I sigh; today isn’t gonna be a good day. Whenever Socks sees me, it’s a good day. When he doesn’t see me, it’s a bad day. Yes, I know it’s superstitious, but come on! I see ghosts on a daily basis, I think it’s okay if I’m a little superstitious.

Once I’m dressed, I go downstairs. “What took you so long?” my mom snaps at me. 

I yank a banana out of the fridge. “Doesn’t matter,” I say.

Immediately her eyes soften. She knows that my problems lie in the spirit world. “Oh, Jay. What’s wrong? What did you see?”

“It’s nothing… Fine! Socks didn’t see me,” I whisper.

The sympathy vanishes from mom’s eyes. “Jay. That’s silly superstition. If you keep believing this, I may need to get you some help-”

I twitch. “No way! They’d lock us both up, mom. I mean, saying that I see ghosts is already weird, okay? I gotta go, I’ll be late,” I say.

My mom sighs. “Okay, Jay. This conversation isn’t over, though!” she says.

“Sure!” I say on my way out of the door. 

On my way to school, the ghosts I see include:

Mrs. Duke, who died of a heart attack last year,

Caramel, the dog across the street who was hit by a car,

Mr. Donally, who was in the car collision that also took Caramel’s life,

And Miss Annie Queen, a twenty four year old who moved in across the street last year before blowing her brains out.

So, no one new. Just the same old, same old. 

But as I get to school, I see something that send chills. 

A ghost, but not one I’ve seen before. Ever. Not in life, or death. 

It’s a girl with blood dripping out of her stomach.  

To be continued


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