My Top Ten Supporting Female Characters in Webtoons 

So, we have done the lead characters. Let’s do the secondary characters now! There are a plethora  of  great Webtoon characters who may not be in every episode, but who have left their mark. I  will leave a link to the Webtoon in each listing.

Here’s the honorable mentions, which will have a line or two:

Meisha, Space Boy, Stephen McCranie: She may look tough and unapproachable, but underneath her first appearance, she’s warm and kind, always ready to lend a hand. She’s not a tsundere, instead, she’s a solid and dependable friend.

Anna, Dr. Frost, JongBeom Lee: Anna is a more realistic depiction of a rising celebrity. She shows the hardships of fame mentally, emotionally, and physically, but she is also sweet and kind, and is becoming wise beyond her years.

Bora, Cheese in the Trap, Soonkki: This character is surprisingly relatable; we have the same views on ourselves in a friendship, as in, rather clingy and needy. Where we differ is that Bora can communicate much better than I can.

Pray, Knight Run, Sungmin Kim: I haven’t gotten far in this Webtoon yet, but I have to say that Pray is the most colorful character so far. She looks cute and sweet, but she’s shockingly sociopathic, and rather yandere to the main character. 

Now, here’s the list!

10. San,  Nano list, Songah Min:

Link: Nano List

I didn’t like San at first. I thought she was a filler character used just for fanservice. Therefore, irritating. But then it turns out that yes, she may be flirty and used for fanservice, but she’s a surprisingly tough android who is able to beat someone up, but for a reason. It’s to protect Milo, her creator’s younger brother. She’s keeping an eye out for an organization that wants him for reasons that include Maddie (his older sister), and Nano, one of Maddie’s greatest creations. San has a lot of character development, and goes from being eye candy to a major character you worry about. Her friendship with Nano also makes her all the more endearing.


9. Suri, Orange Marmalade, Seokwoo:

Link: Orange Marmalade

I admire characters who are willing to change their beliefs, rather than cling to them even if they’re proven wrong. This is what Suri does. She’s fun and outgoing, and she reaches out to Mari and encourages her to join the music club. But then the readers’ feelings sour towards her when it’s revealed that she’s anti-vampire, and therefore hurts Mari, who even goes back to being anti-social for a brief time. But Mari ends up saving Suri’s life, but then outs herself as a vampire. Suri does become a little distant after that, but she quickly apologizes to Mari and starts to become more pro-vampire. Not to mention her emotional strength; her mother has cancer, but Suri doesn’t dwell on that, and remains positive.

8. Yoonji, S.I.D, Sadaham:

Link: S.I.D

Yoonji is the opposite of every ghost kid stereotype ever. She doesn’t go crazy when she realizes she’s dead, but she isn’t naive and is  much wiser than most kids. Yoonji had cancer, and eventually passed away. However, she doesn’t realize this, as her doctor and she had developed a close father-daughter bond, and he wasn’t ready to give her up yet. But she’s sassy and street smart (she even asks Simoon if he’s going to kidnap her at one point). The reason she’s here is not only because she defies stereotypes, but because of emotional strength. (SPOILER) It’s revealed that she’s  aware of the fact that she’s dead, but she remained with her doctor a little longer because he still needed her. (END SPOILER).

7. Rosaura, Gepetto, Jewon Yeon:

Link: Gepetto

Rosaura’s story is sad, even among other abused androids, as it is heavily implied that the people who bought her sexually abused her. That’s the reason she was part of the android group that rebelled against humans for so long. She’s smart, and and an expert hacker. If it weren’t for her, the humans most likely would have won against the androids much earlier. But she has good development; when it is revealed that the leader of the androids, Pinnochio, can lie, she deserts the androids and joins a new group that is neither for or against humans or androids; they simply want the war to end. She’s a genius, but that doesn’t mean she’s cold hearted; she deeply loves and cares about her friends.

6. Eunji, New Normal: Class Eight, youngpaka:

Link: New Normal: Class Eight

Eunji may be naturally as small as Ant-Man, but she is a fire cracker of a character. In a Webtoon where everyone is colorful and unique in some way, Eunji manages to be the most memorable character, in my opinion. She’s sarcastic and funny, as well as a mild tsundere towards her friends, especially the protagonist, Dongwon. Characters wonder about her and how she functions a lot, due to her height. But for the most part, Eunji is capable and does well for herself. It may take her longer to do things, but she doesn’t seem to care. For the most part, she declines help from friends, except for one character, her best friend. Basically, she’s funny, bright, and innovative.

5. Sol, Saphie the One Eyed Cat, Joho:

Link: Saphie the One Eyed Cat

I wish I had some deep reason for putting a hyperactive, crazy, and adorable kitten on this list, but alas, I do not. She’s mainly here due to the adorable factor that makes me squeal whenever I see her. (Same goes with Simba, Sahn, and Saphie). Sol is a crazy kitten who can happily be playing with her older siblings’ tails one moment, and then promptly pass out, and then wake up and be angry. However, when she does get mad, it doesn’t last long, and she usually goes along with whatever she’s doing, even if she’s forgotten why she was mad. She may torment her older siblings and owners, but she  is deeply loved.

4. Pele, Siren’s Lament, instantmiso:

Link: Siren’s Lament

Every siren has a talent. Ian’s isn’t yet confirmed, and Tua’s (another siren) is story telling. However, Pele’s talent (or what she feels to be her talent) doesn’t match with being a siren; it’s dancing. The flashback scene in which she is shown attempting to dance is heartbreaking. She literally can’t use her talent, due to her not having legs. She may seem overly rude and stubborn at first, but that’s just a defense mechanism to hide how wounded she is over not being able to use her talent. Although, she may not have a happy ending; a soothsayer has predicted a dark future for her. I hope this isn’t the case, as I feel she’s suffered enough and deserves some happiness.

3. Bora, Duty after School, Ilkwon Ha:

Link: Duty after School

At first glance, Bora just seemed like a typical popular girl; not particularly nice, but not  too bad. But it’s her relationships with others characters, most notably  with Suri  (she’s like a naive younger sister) and Young (who probably has a crush on her) that make Bora such an amazing character. She’s sort of a tsundere, and that doesn’t change. While she does show softer parts of her personality, she’s still tough and speaks sharply. She becomes irritated when Young doesn’t think they’ll remain friends after the war. She’s determined to remain friends with those she became close to due to the war, and she seems to be trying to keep that promise.

2. Lyanna, ShootAround, Suspu:

Link: ShootAround

In some ways, Lyanna reminds me of Cisco from The Flash. Both are nerdy and are into fandoms,  are people of color, and add a nice level of comic relief while being important characters. Lyanna is probably the most relatable character in ShootAround for me; she makes stupid fandom references at the most random of times, she’s impatient, and she’s rather hyper. Also, in a comic where almost everyone is part of a couple or a ship of some sort, Lyanna is one of the few who isn’t, although she has expressed interest in romance. It’s nice to have a character who’s still single, honestly. It’s her platonic  relationships, especially with The Old Man, that make her even more well rounded.

1. Monica, Hooky, Miriam Bonastre Tur:

Link: Hooky

Hooky is a Webtoon with some of the greatest character development I have ever seen, and Monica is one of the best examples. Her personality remains (for the most part) the same, but it’s her principles and values that change, and  make her change for the better. I thought she was really irritating at first, just a spoiled princess who fancied herself a hero, when really she would mess everything up. She was also rude to Dorian. But she began to see that her words really hurt, and she tried to become kinder. But it was around the time she found out about the King of Witches prophecy that she really began to change. She became incredibly brave. When Dorian’s dark side came out for the first time when Dani was hurt, Monica was the only one to get through to him. Monica’s cheerfulness and positivity hasn’t changed, but she has become kind and open minded.

5 thoughts on “My Top Ten Supporting Female Characters in Webtoons 

  1. I like Monica in Hooky. I can appreciate a character that uses hardships (or exposure to them) to make herself a better person. Often times, it is through suffering that we become less judgmental, kinder, and more empathetic.


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