Ghosts, Part Nine

Miss Klane and I have tied Duane up and gagged him while Mrs. O’Glory calls the police. She’s taking all this remarkably well; I mean, she did just find out her son was not only a drug dealer, but a murderer. Yet she hasn’t broken down, hasn’t cried. She’s just taken charge. She’s probably less of a mess than Miss Klane. 

After the phone call, she looks at us. “I must go upstairs. I have Advil, and… Ah…” She blinks rapidly and looks away. 

Miss Klane shrugs. “Sure, Mrs. O’Glory. Take your time,” she says.

Mrs. O’Glory chews her lip. “Thank you!” she croaks, and dashes upstairs.

Once Mrs. O’Glory is gone, I see Holly start to appear. “Thank you!” she says.

I nod. “No problem, Holly.”

Miss Klane gasps and turns to me. “Where’s Holly? Point me in her direction!” I point towards the mirror, and Miss Klane searches out that area desperately. “Holly? Can you answer me? If you can, please do! I…I need to hear your voice…” she whispers, and she starts to cry loudly. 

Holly’s hazel eyes become sadder. “Emily! I’m here. You can’t see me, but I can see you. I’m here.” She drifts over to Miss Klane and tries to touch her shoulder, but again, it dissolves just as it comes into contact with Miss Klane’s warmth.

Miss Klane shivers. “Ah! I’m cold. Am I going into shock?” she wonders.

I laugh a little. “Miss Klane, you may be going into shock. But I doubt it. That cold feeling is Holly. Holly is here!”

Miss Klane blinks at me. “You kid. That can’t be Holly.”

Holly sighs. “Oh, Emily. You’ve gotten so tall. Where has the time gone?” she whispers. 

I turn to her again. “I’m sorry, Holly. If I could, I’d make it so you and Miss Klane could talk. But that’s impossible. I’m sorry,” I say.

Miss Klane shudders and rubs her eyes. “Oh, Jay. I wish… I wish. That’s all.” She turns and nearly bumps into Holly. “Holly, if you’re here, I miss you! Yes, this is stupid, but I miss you!” She bites her lip and looks down. “That’s all.”

Holly strokes her cheek for a moment and drifts to me. “Thank you so much, Jay. I can move on now, y’know.”

I’m surprised. “No, I didn’t know. Why now?”

She smiles. “The thing that has kept me chained here is gone! It’s over. My killer will face justice at last.” She turns away. “I’ll see you both again, someday. Emily, be good. Have a good life,” she whispers. She glances one more time at Miss Klane, and starts to vanish. 

Mrs. O’Glory stomps down the stairs. “Do either of you need Advil?” she demands.

Duane has truly started to wake up by the time the police arrive. “Gah! Get the hell off me! That was dirty; what did you do to me?” he yells and hollers.

I’m starting to get an earache by the time the door opens and the police arrive. To make it short, Duane is finally arrested, Miss Klane, Mrs. O’Glory, and I are rushed to the hospital for examination.

As we’re on our way and I’m about to call my parents, I hear a small meow next to me. I glance down to see Socks, who jumps on me and rests in my lap. I manage to smile at him, and I call my parents, ready for the shouting.

 Conclusion of Ghosts. 


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