My Top Ten Supporting Male Webtoon Characters 

Okay, so, similar to last week’s list, we shall be taking a peek at the supporting male characters who, while they may not appear in every episode, still leave their impression. Also, SPOILERS.

Let’s start off with some honorable mentions:

Tenka, S.I.D, Sadaham: Tenka  is surprisingly mysterious. All we know about him is that he’s hot headed, hates any spirits, is vain, and has relatives in Germany and Japan. I look forward to a chapter on his backstory.

Sihwan, UnTouchable, massstar: Sihwan is probably the wisest character in UnTouchable. Although he is human, he knows about vampires and can understand their feelings, and even emotions they’re unaware of.

Seppi, Nightmare Factory, Snailords: Seppi is one of the funniest characters in Nightmare Factory, mainly because he asks the questions most of us would ask. I also like characters who are all tough looking, but cry easily over animals.

Nico, Hooky, Miriam Bonestre Tur: Nico seems to be the rebellious leader kind of character, but in Hooky, no one is as they appear. It’s revealed that Nico is prone to jealousy and has an inferiority complex, explaining his dislike for Mark and Dorian.

Now, onto the list!

10. Pinnochio 1, Gepetto, Jewon Yeon:

Link: Gepetto

But wait! Some of you may be saying. I thought the other Pinnochio, the leader of the androids, was Pinnochio 1! Sorry, no. You got it backwards. While Pinnochio 1 may not fit the classic mold of the main characters’ allies, he is the original Pinnochio. Dr. Gepetto created two Pinnochios at the same time, and treated them exactly the same, even calling them by the same name.  But that was the problem. They each wanted their own identity. When Gepetto left for a few days, they fought, and Pinnochio 2 won. That’s why the two androids no longer look the same. At first, Pinnochio 1 seemed sketchy; we didn’t know if we could trust him, as he could lie. But since then, he has become a trusted ally.

9. Foxy, Roar Street Journal, Bonnie Pang:

Link: Roar Street Journal

In Roar Steet Journal, everyone has an different and unique story. Foxy has one of the most interesting backstories. He’s an orphan from a poor country who lived with his  siblings. They were  rescued and lived in a shelter. But then the war in his country got so bad he had to leave, and he was adopted by his pen pal, Mr. Elephunk. But he and his siblings were separated. One of the most touching stories is of him and his sister finding each other. Before this was revealed, he was only shown to love coffee, both drinking it and making it. He could remember each of his friends’ favorite drinks. But this is because it’s reminiscent of home. Despite his story, he’s very grateful and happy.

8. Euntaek, Cheese in the Trap, soonkki:

Link: Cheese in the Trap

Euntaek is one of the few characters in Cheese in the Trap who’s sane. He’s the kind of guy most people want to be friends with. He’s dependable and loyal. He reacts normally to the bizarre situations that play out. This includes protecting both Bora (his crush) and Seol (his friend) from a stalker. And that includes some funny moments. But he isn’t afraid to use self-defense against the stalker. But it’s funny; when the stalker tries to say he might press charges against Euntaek (and fails), Seol looks up to see Euntaek…crying. He’s worried about what Bora would think of him beating someone up. However, he isn’t always available; in season two, neither Bora or Seol were able to get ahold of him until Bora needed him most.

7. Simba, Saphie the One Eyed Cat, Joho:

Link: Saphie the One Eyed Cat

You may have noticed I like cats…don’t worry, another animal will be on this list…somewhere. (3 guesses on who!) Simba is the strong, silent cat. However, he is scary looking on the outside only; inside, he’s a loving big brother…who likes to troll his siblings every now and then. When Saphie teases Sahn (skittish kitty) and freaks him out by making him think a bell collar means a monster is in the room, Simba teases her back and tells her that the more her bell jingles, the less she’ll be fed. He’s a bit of a mastermind as well; when Joho gives them all some treats, and there’s an extra treat that Sahn and Saphie fight over, Simba comes up with a plan to make sure Sol gets the treat.

6. Ildeung, Annarasumanara, Ilkwon Ha:

Link: Annarasumanara
(No picture due to spoilers)

Why is there no picture? Let’s just say his appearance changes…. A lot. His character development is not just an internal process, it’s a physical one. At first, I couldn’t stand Ildeung. I thought he was just a whiny, pompous rich kid who couldn’t stand not being in first place. It didn’t help that he began to pay Ai to not do her best on tests… Although his reasons for doing so are never clarified. It could’ve been because he wanted the first ranking, or because there were rumors about how she made money and he wanted to help her not have to do so. It’s revealed that he’s been following his parent’s expectations his whole life, rather than following his own as well. His journey is of walking away from the asphalt road and following his own dreams.

5. Pavlov, Dr. Frost, JongBeom Lee:

Link: Dr. Frost

This is the other animal I was talking about. Why are there so many animals on this list? Because they’re cute. Pavlov made his first appearance in  The Psychologist in the White Room and Pavlov’s Dog. In that arc, Pavlov was discovered by Frost and Yoon in an alleyway. He had been pelted in the head by a nail gun and suffered a brain injury. Yoon was worried that if no one adopted him, Pavlov would be euthanized. However, Frost, who wanted to learn and understand emotions such as compassion and affection, decided to adopt Pavlov due to the fact that the most common treatment for those who can’t feel affection is getting a pet. But he finds out that he and Pavlov are similar not only in looks, but in circumstances. Pavlov is the opposite of most puppies in fiction, and that’s good.

4. Lucian, Humor Me, Marvin W.:

Link: Humor Me

Humor Me may be a Challenge League Webtoon, but that doesn’t mean I couldn’t include it. Lucian appears to be a perfectly normal and adorable almost four-year old… Until he starts to talk. Then you realize a preschooler is smarter and more literate than you’ll ever be. Lucian is the little brother of the main character, a high school girl named Charlie who looks like a boy. This leaves even Lucian confused on his sister’s gender. He leaves people overwhelmed a lot, whether it be James Hardford, a young celebrity, or Miss Penny, his preschool teacher, or Charlie herself. He isn’t exactly popular; a lot of his peers find him weird due to his intelligence. Although he may not have many friends in the comic, he has no shortage of fans in the audience.

3. Damien, Hooky, Miriam Bonastre Tur:

Link: Hooky

Why are there so many mysterious guys with white hair in Webtoons? It seems to be very popular… However, unlike certain other characters (cough, Frost and Oliver, cough), Damien’s story has been revealed. He is actually Dani and Dorian’s older brother who left his family to work for the king. Everyone thinks that he will become the king in the King of Witches prophecy. Despite his cold and bitter exterior, he is actually loyal and selfless, especially to William, his closest friend, and to the royal family. He’s good at deception; when his parents find him in an attempt to make him be the King of Witches, he plays along. He does things that look bad, but when you think about it, they could be taken another way. He’s intelligent; he knows exactly how to play the King of Witches while actually defying his role.

2. Tua, Siren’s Lament, instantmiso:

Link: Siren’s Lament

Tua is one of the funniest characters in Siren’s Lament, but he’s still an important character who reveals many of the plot devices. He’s kind of a laid back surfer type, but that’s not his whole personality. He’s much smarter than he looks. His talent is story-telling, and he does it well. He and Ian seem to be the closest thing to best friends that sirens are capable of having. He’s also close to Pele. He was the one to give her her name, which she disliked until he told her he named her after the goddess of fire. He tells Lyra about the Poseidon, who supposedly was the one to create the sirens’ curse. Also, he seems to ship Lyra and Ian…a lot. This makes him even more like a real-life best friend. He also reveals facets of Ian’s personality through talking about old incidents.

1. Manny, Bastard, Youngchan Hwang, Carnby Kim:

Link: Bastard

Manny started out as one of the most popular guys at school as well as the leader of a group of bullies, who did bully Jin. He looked down on those weaker than him, and seemed to be  such a stereotypical popular kid, I never thought he’d play a major role in the story. He showed a warmer side to his personality as he started to become friends with Jin. It took me a while to like him; he sort of stabbed Jin in the back at one point. (Metaphorically.). But then a horrible accident happened, and it proved that Jin was Manny’s only true friend. Since then, Manny has become Jin’s greatest ally; he’s helping Jin defeat the ‘demon’. Manny has had the most obvious character development in Bastard; Jin’s development is much more subtle and slow, and I can’t tell how much Kyun has developed. Manny’s a good friend, stubborn, determined to find justice for his family, and clearly cherishes his relationships.

Do you agree with my choices? Any supporting male characters you feel were neglected? If you enjoyed this list and have a WordPress, please like this! And if you want more lists, please follow me. I always follow back, so it can’t hurt! I need the support. Thanks!


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