A Matter of Followers and Comments

I hastily check my notification section when I get online. Nothing. Again. I sigh and lean back. Man, I’m following some of the most followed blogs out there…and yet nothing. 

I look at the amount of followers I have: six. My favorite blog has a total of 553 followers. And they only have twenty one posts. 

I have thirty eight posts. Woah, slow down. You blog about obscure stuff. No big deal. It makes sense that you don’t have many followers. Or views. Or comments. Ha. 

I decide to make myself feel better by watching an episode from Sherlock season two, my favorite season. In the episode I watch, John complains about how, everyday, he has 1895 views, and it doesn’t change.

I only had two views today. And I’ve been blogging since July. I turn off the TV. It only makes me feel worse. 

For the rest of the day, I don’t even think about my blog. What’s the point, when the only regular viewers I have are either my family, or merely three of my followers? 

Okay, maybe I’m thinking about it more than I want to. 

Around 8:00, I decide to blog a short story about my cats. When I get on, I have a notification. I gasp and click on it hastily. I have a new follower! I now have seven followers! I smile and hastily follow them back; it’s my policy to do so.

I now smile. I feel a little better.

Author’s Note: This story is partly autobiographical. But I didn’t write this to be self-pitying, or to make my followers feel bad for me. I’m not that petty. I do blog about obscure stuff, and so it makes sense that not many people are following me. But I did want to write about how one comment, one like, or even a follow can make someone’s day a little better. To anyone who reads this: please comment somewhere, or like a post, or follow an obscure blog. Yes, obscure. If you notice a blog that has less than 100 followers, please do one of the above. Who knows? You may make someone’s day a little brighter.


3 thoughts on “A Matter of Followers and Comments

  1. I was taking a look at your posts and I think I have a tip that can help you with getting people to find you posts. Add some tags to it and I don’t mean do more tags I mean add tags like Instagrams hash tags. There is a place to add tags in the options part of a post, were you can look at the nitty gritty additions. It would really help with your visibility.

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