My Top Ten Webtoon Couples

Due to my not being much of a romantic, I have put off doing this list for a while. Mainly because there may be a lot of fictional couples I like, but I don’t care for gushing over them. So, while I may have OTPs and ships, I’m not good at talking about them at all. I have also noticed that people get defensive over couples; just a reminder that this is my two cents on the best couples in Webtoons. The images will be a mix of fan art and official art. Also, SPOILER ALERT.

Let’s start with the honorable mentions:

Dongtae and Mio, Dice

Bora and Euntaek, Cheese in the Trap

Hotaru and Kayla, ShootAround

Now, onto the list:

10. Sia Lee and Jiho Shin, Untouchable:

Link: UnTouchable

With stories that fall into the pure romance genre, it usually takes a little while for me to warm up to the couple. Such as it is with these two. They kind of felt cliché and unhealthy in the beginning; Sia is a modern day vampire who survives off of human energy, which was her main reason for getting to know Jiho. Jiho came off as the classic jerk in the beginning, but the author pulled a plot twist on us; he’s a germaphobe. The relationship has finally become mutual; Sia likes Jiho for more than his energy now, and he’s making her think more and see humans as more than prey. And Sia is motivating Jiho to overcome his mysophobia. 

9. Jamie Oh and Holy Joo, Oh! Holy:

Link: Oh! Holy!

This is one of the most unique love stories I’ve seen. While I think the mutual feelings were a little rushed, I enjoy the spin the writer put on it. Jamie is a boy who can see ghosts, and is rather timid and shy. Holy is popular and assertive. They used to be friends when they were younger, until a misunderstanding happened. When they randomly meet up again, their blooming romance is complicated by an accident that leaves Holy in a coma. Basically, she’s alive, but her soul is out of her body. Since Jamie can see ghosts, he decides to try to find a way to bring Holy back. Holy does a majority of the work in the relationship; the reason she’s in a coma is because she tried to stop bullies from hurting Jamie.   

7. Simoon Lee and Sophia Kang, S.I.D:

Link: S.I.D
Fanart Source: Si-Mun Lee and Sophia Kang, SID

Simoon and Sophia aren’t quite canon yet, but it is heavily implied that they’re the endgame couple. Anyway, they are yet another couple who met as kids. But it’s not clichéd; Simoon didn’t remember Sophia. It’s been said that he had been in an accident, and Sophia can’t remember what happened either. In the present day, they work together in the Supernatural Investigation Department. The author also manages to find the right balance between using fun clichés and more innovative ideas for the subtext. Also, they help each other with character development; Sophia shows off a funny side to Simoon’s personality that is usually hidden, and Simoon helps reveal her true colors. 

7. Dorian Wytte and Monica, Hooky:

Link: Hooky

Fanart link: unknown

Despite the fact that these two have had some recent setbacks (like Dorian getting ahead of himself), I still hope they’ll end up together, or at least, happy. These two didn’t start on the right foot; Dorian scared Monica with his fire-breathing frog, and Monica refused to be friendly. But Dorian decided to apologize, and Monica began to see how mean she was. But the ship didn’t truly start until Dorian rescued Monica from a tower she’d gotten trapped in. She started to believe she wasn’t a hero; she’d thought she’d heard someone stuck in the tower, but it was a trap. Dorian comforted her, letting her know that even though she couldn’t get out of the tower by herself, that didn’t make her any less of a hero. And then there was the part where Dorian nearly went half-mad with anger, and Monica was the only one who could snap him out of it.

6. Sunati and Austen, Always Human:

Link: Always Human
Fanart source:

No, these two are not here because they’re lesbians. They’re here because, unlike certain other couples (cough, Jung and Seol, cough) they communicate. While I think they were rushed, I understand that this Webtoon is not about them getting together, it’s about their relationship and how they develop. Already they’ve had hurtles that many couples haven’t had yet, such as big arguments and miscommunication. But they talk about and clarify things. Also, in a culture heavily dependent on mods (modifications that range from changing appearance to curing sickness), their bond is based heavily on acceptance and respect, as Austen can’t use mods. This is one of the healthiest and more realistic couples in Webtoons, I think. 

5. Jin Seon and Kyun Yoon, Bastard:

Link: Bastard

Fanart source: Unknown

In Bastard, every relationship is complicated: family, friendships, co-workers, and, of course, romance. Jin and Kyun are an odd match; Jin is the son of a serial killer, with some poor physical and mental health. Kyun is a sweet, naive girl who is Jin’s dad’s latest target. See what I mean about complicated? I didn’t support this ship in the beginning; I thought it was creepy how Jin nearly gave Kyun up to his dad because of jealousy. But then I thought that maybe it wasn’t just jealousy, but him deciding to disobey his father for the first time and possibly be killed. But Jin’s devotion to Kyun has only grown stronger. And Kyun isn’t letting him do all the work in the relationship; the latest chapters show that her feelings for him are strong and steadfast, even when there’s danger involved.
4. Sita and Sangmin Han, For the Sake of Sita:
Link: For the Sake of Sita

This is another Webtoon relationship that is rather confusing and complicated. Sangmin Han traveled to Nepal, where he met Sita, a former Kumari (goddess in human form). He saves her from being a prostitute, and they get married. However, Sita suddenly dies, and Sangmin sacrifices his lifetime for a chance to save her. These two are utterly devoted to each other. Sangmin travels back in time to meet her again and keep her from becoming a prostitute. But one of the hardest things he has to do is watch her fall in love with his younger self. He has to cope with the fact that his Sita is gone, and that only his past self will be happy. Sita pushes Sangmin out of his comfort zone, and helps him get over his fear of blood to become a better doctor. 

3. Landon and Rachelle, Where Tangents Meet:

Link: Where Tangents Meet
Art source: Art Trade-Instantmiso

This couple is another example of a healthy relationship. Landon has been in the spotlight for most of his life; both his mother and older sister are well known models, and so he’s also well known. He feels as though he can never be himself, and that he has to act a certain way. Rachelle is a girl who seems rather ditzy and gullible at first, but it is soon revealed that she actually has a brain injury. She feels broken, and is aware of her behavior. While I feel they were a little rushed, again, I understand the comic is more about their relationship. Landon helps Rachelle find worth in herself again, and she starts to believe that she isn’t broken. She takes better care of herself. And Landon has been hiding his true personality behind a “mask” since he was a kid. He can act like himself with Rachelle, and he eventually takes off his mask entirely. 

2. Amy and Oliver, Space Boy:
Link: Space Boy
Fanart Source:

 These two characters compliment each other so well! Their chemistry is some of the best in a Webtoon I’ve seen. Amy is from a space colony, and she feels sort of out of place on earth, although she makes friends and is popular. Oliver is a boy with a mysterious past, and is in an existential crisis. They may not canon yet, but it’s very likely that they will be. Their relationship is mutual; Amy was the only one able  to pull Oliver out of his crisis and believe in reality again, and Oliver was able to push Amy to do difficult things that ultimately helped her in the long run, like calling Jemmah, who lives back on the space colony. Even when Oliver has to stop being friends with Amy due to some secret project, Amy is determined to help him, as his problems slowly become worse afterwards. And there’s also the scene when Oliver saves Amy from a bully, and she figures out his “flavor” at last. These two are trying to save each other; Oliver is trying to save Amy from the people involved in the project, and Amy is trying to save Oliver from himself.

1. Cati Abbott and Andreas Marino, Miss Abbott and The Doctor:

Link: Miss Abbott and the Doctor

Fanart Link: Too Much Adventuring

This is one of the most fun couples, and they also have some of the best chemistry on this list. There isn’t a lot of angst in this comic, which is a nice change of pace. It’s more on the cute and sweet side. While I don’t believe the story of how they met has been released, I hope it will be soon. Anyway, Cati Abbott is a far cry from the typical Victorian woman; she’s independent, funny, brave, and has a wild imagination. Dr. Andreas Marino, on the other hand, seems to be a classic gentleman; he’s quiet, polite, smart, and proper. But he always seems to be flustered when it comes to Miss Abbott. They’ve had many adventures; Andreas found Cati when she was stuck in snow, Cati saved Andreas from drowning, they explored a bat cave together, have written letters, and gone to parties. These two have had more adventures together than most fictional couples, and they always have something to talk about. Most of all, they have chemistry. They have some of the best chemistry in the romance section, and maybe even in all of Webtoons.

What’d you think? Any Webtoon couples you think I left out? If you liked this list, please like or comment on it.  Thanks!

24 thoughts on “My Top Ten Webtoon Couples

  1. Yes with everything on this list! I started Hooky but I don’t remember where I left off. Is For the Sake of Sita good? I might try it out sometime! I really like unTouchable (lol fired chicken 😆). And Where Tangrets Meet is one of my favorites! Same with Miss Abbott and the Doctor (I ship the, so much!).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. YESS! I love Humor Me, it’s so well written. I wish it updated more than once a month, but I get that the writer has a life. And YES! I think that was when I first started liking Yoon a lot; she’s really kind, but she shows that she’s very smart. But she is a student, and is learning; I wish more readers remembered that. But I think she’s gonna be a great psychologist someday.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes! I agree. It’s kinda tricky; I want Humor Me to update more, but I know that writers and illustrators have lives. And Yoon is certainly learning from the best…but that fact makes your heart break a little at the end of A Solar Eclipse Between Two People. I won’t give it away, but that arc is sad, and the ending with Yoon and Frost’s interaction…anyway, it’s all really good!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I wish a lot of authors posted more, but I understand that they’re busy. But a lot of their comics are just fantastic! And that sounds so sad! I can’t wait to get to it, but I’m also afraid of the feels! But I’m still excited for it. 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Hehe, embrace the feels! (Not really). Also… I have a feeling the two main characters are shipped a lot in Korea too, as the writer does a lot of shipping teases. I think he’s trolling; if I were writing something popular and two characters were being shipped, I would put in plenty of shipping teases too, even if I had no intention of them being canon. I would just enjoy seeing the comments section blow up.

        Liked by 1 person

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