My Top Ten Webtoon Antagonists

If the title didn’t clue you in, today I’m going to talk about the antagonists in Webtoons. Not just the villains, the antagonists. The people who are against our main characters. Yes, often enough they are villains, but sometimes they’re anti-heroes, or simply sympathetic in some form. 

Let’s start with some honorable mentions:

Arlo, unOrdinary 

Sayo, Where Tangents Meet

Chacha, Nano List 

Now, onto the list!

10. X, Dice:

Link: Dice

X started off as everyone’s favorite character; he is the one in charge of the Dice and what people can do with them, gives out quests, and he trolls the dicers a lot with ridiculous quests.  However, when the dark side of Dice were revealed, he became incredibly mischievous and unsympathetic to the dicers. The quests began to take dark turns; people were willing to break the law and betray fellow peers to gain more Dice. And X doesn’t care; all he wants is to have fun, which means manipulating dicers with quests and special abilities. He has no sympathy, and is very manipulative. 

9. The Cells, Duty After School:

Link: Duty After School
(No picture available)

The Cells are mysterious. No one knows where they came from, or what they are. Their motivation for attacking Earth is unknown. Basically, we never find out anything about them, which is kind of irritating, but at the same time, I know that if the author did reveal what they were, it might be a disappointment. Whenever one of the soldiers or students shoot them, the cells either die, or sometimes, they multiply. This makes them even more dangerous, as most of the time, they die, but not always.

8. The Hierophant, Sword Interval:

Link: Sword Interval

Another mysterious villian! In a post-apocalyptic Earth filled with monsters and magic, the Hierophant appeared at a museum one day, talking about how the Earth is going to ruin, so he could distract police officers and agents from stopping him from getting an artifact; an old scroll tube. Fall Barros’s parents, both police officers, managed to make sure he didn’t get it. He swore to be back for their blood before he was “killed”.  Months later, he returned, killed Fall’s parents, and gave her golden eyes. Why? I don’t know yet. He’s certainly one of the most mysterious antagonists, as it’s implied that the Hierophant doesn’t want Fall dead; he may want her alive. 

7. SOMOS, S.I.D:

Link: S.I.D

SOMOS is an organization that is responsible for a recent series of spirit attacks, and the blonde man is their leader. They believe that they are acting in the spirits’ best interests. They try to make the spirits’ wishes come true, even if those wishes involve murder.  They  think that they’re helping the spirits find peace, even though the spirits often enough become more filled with anger, even if they weren’t originally like that. While they do have a point, their actions are misguided. Even though the spirits are usually justified in their anger and deaths, it’s not right for SOMOS to aid their revenge. It makes the spirits more  vengeful, and they attack innocents as well as their targets. 

6. Phirre Lotus, Nightmare Factory:

Link: Nightmare Factory

Despite his face being revealed in the cover, I don’t want to spoil it; Snailords has just revealed his face in the comic, and his art style has changed from the cover art… A LOT. Phirre Lotus reminds me of X from Dice in some ways; he challenges his victims, and emotionally manipulates them. However, Phirre sort of fits into some of my favorite types of villains; he’s very twisted, is aware of it and loves it, and he also has style. That’s probably why I like the character so much. I like self-aware antagonists. The Nightmare Exchange, which he’s in charge of, tricks people into joining. Once they’re in, if they survive 24 hours of their worst fears, they get a wish. If they don’t, Phirre gets many years of their lives. 

5. Alidoro, Gepetto:

Link: Gepetto
(No picture available)

Alidoro appears in the second season of Gepetto. He’s another clone of a frequently cloned character, but he has some differences including a more childish personality and that he can’t survive out of his armor. His creation is rather disturbing; when the Institute got ahold of Whale at the end of season one, they couldn’t wake her up; she wouldn’t react to anything. But then they figured out what she would react to; Carlo Colodi. So they created Alidoro, who would sent out data that would trick Whale into thinking he was Colodi. However, Alidoro seems to want to keep Whale by his side, so when she breaks out of her mind control…bad things happen. Alidoro also wants his and Nero’s memories synced, and he killed a beloved character. 

4. Yadmin Tyrannos, Aisopos:

Link: Aisopos

He may have a sympathetic backstory, but he has done terrible things. I feel bad for him, but I feel a lot worse for Aesop, our main character. Yadmon wasn’t allowed to choose anything as a kid, and his father viewed him as a thief of the crown. Yadmon was trained to trust nothing. He fell in love with Elios, the woman who would be Aesop’s mother. But Elios was already in love with someone else; Frontis, who was rather unattractive. Yadmon took Elios, and they were betrothed. But Frontis and Elios found each other, and they ran away. Yadmon searched for them for years. When he finally found them, Frontis was killed, and Elios was accidentally killed. He eventually makes Aesop a slave. 

3. Seonghyun Moon, Dr. Frost:

Link: Dr. Frost

Don’t let his smile trick you! Just like when we meet Moriarty in Sherlock, Moon comes off as normal. Even nice and helpful. But he is soon shown to be Frost’s opposite in every way possible. But their problems also seem to be exact opposites; Frost seems incapable of certain emotions, and whatever feelings he does have are never expressed. Moon seems happy and kind, but he probably doesn’t mean what he says, and also seems incapable of empathy. First, he basically has a guy follow Seon Song, another professor. But then he reveals that there’s someone at the university who came there just to commit suicide, and he doesn’t say who. While he may have points on how the education system’s center is rotten, I don’t know if he really believes it, or if there’s a bigger motive to it all. I have a feeling that worse things are going to happen because of him. He’s very shady and makes games out of serious things.  

2. The Wyttes, Hooky:

Link: Hooky

The Wyttes are not conventional antagonists; they are Dani, Dorian, and Damien’s parents, and they are sympathetic. Their hearts are in the right place, but their methods are bad. In a world where witches and wizards are discriminated against, Damien accidentally lost control of his powers. The whole family was attacked by a mob. And the worst part? Angela, the mother, who was pregnant at the time, was the first one the mob attempted to burn at the stake. But the King, who had repealed the witch hunting law, managed to stop the burning before she was seriously physically hurt. But both Angela and Hans, the father, suffered from poor mental and emotional health after that. When they hear about the King of Witches prophecy, they try to find Damien so he can become the king and stop discrimination. However, he realizes that the royal family wasn’t at fault. While he may appear to do bad things, he’s trying to stop the whole operation. Again, I feel like their anger is justified, but going for revenge was not the right thing to do. 

1. Dongsoo Seon, Bastard:

Link: Bastard

How was this guy not going to be my number one choice? Many antagonists we can symphasize with, at least a little.  Not this guy. He is the creepiest, most disturbing villian I’ve seen in Webtoons, and he ranks as one of my most hated characters ever. He’s a fantastic villian, but he’s beyond evil. Dongsoo Seon, more commonly known as Jin’s dad, is a serial killer who has made his son, Jin, an accomplice since Jin was very young. His motives for killing are still unknown, and if the series ends without revealing his motivation, I shall be very upset. Jin’s dad’s latest target is Kyun Yoon, whom Jin cares for a lot. Anyway, when Jin finally rebels against his dad, that’s when he becomes very creepy; he thwarts Jin at every turn, and seems to almost be able to teleport (comments section joke). Wherever Jin is, his dad is nearly always nearby. Jin’s dad is also very smart; he can find holes in every argument, and his traps are horrible. He tricks Jin into being an accomplice one more time, but the thing he has up his sleeve…and not to mention the latest chapters. This character is diabolical, and I agree with Jin’s metaphor for him; he is nearly a demon.

Who is your favorite antagonist in Webtoons? Did I miss someone? If you liked this list, or have suggestions for future lists, please like or comment! And as I always follow back, don’t be afraid to follow me. Thanks!

7 thoughts on “ My Top Ten Webtoon Antagonists

  1. Waaaaaahhhh! Mr. Moon is the Moriarty!!!!! Don’t worry! I won’t trust that smile of his! But I bet he’s great at being a Moriarty like figure. And you’re right, I bet a lot more things will happen now that he’s made an appearance.

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