My Top Ten Most Beautiful Webtoons, Part 2

I have gotten into a lot more Webtoons recently that have amazing art. So, I have decided to write about them again.this will include Webtoons with unique and appealing art and interesting composition. Basically, the same rules apply as in the last list. Old honorable mentions may make the list now.

You can find my original Top Ten Beautiful Webtoons list here!

Let’s start with some honorable mentions:

Lackadaisy, Lackadaisy

Consilium, Oryza Kathleen

Nano List, Songah Min

Gepetto, Jewon Yeon
Onto the list!

10. Humor Me, Marvin W.:

Link: Humor Me

While Humor Me may not be in color as this poster (from Tapastic) suggests, it is still detailed and unique among Webtoons. It may be that Marvin W. is from Europe, but it has a Western animation feel to it. Not American, but definitely beautiful. The attention to backgrounds and character design help make the month long wait between updates worth it everytime.

9. Sword Interval, Bejamin Fleuter:

Link: Sword Interval

Sword Interval has a stylized look to it that is reminiscent of cartoons from my childhood. (Cough, Batman, Justice League, Superman). Yet, unlike many stylized cartoons, it has a thicker, messier look that makes it more unique than most. The coloring is really cool looking, especially with monster fight scenes. And the perspective Fleuter uses is very creative, stylish, and effective.

8. Space Boy, Stephen McCranie:
Link: Space Boy

Space Boy has a fun, retro animation feel to it, kind of like old sixties cartoons. But it also gives me a Ghibli vibe, as in, soft coloring and attention to background, scenery, and detail (like a bird in an early chapter, and a robotic arm prosthetic in another). The design is creative, as McCranie has said he has based some characters off of certain shapes. The characters are each unique, and they don’t same-face, and each panel has a soft look to it. Even when there are scenes with a dark atmosphere, the coloring, shading, and attention to detail are impeccable.

7. Where Tangents Meet, instantmiso:

Link: Where Tangents Meet

This list would not be complete without another Instantmiso comic! Where Tangents Meet has a notably more subtle and soft pastel look to it than Siren’s Lament, although this in no way makes it look less appealing. On the contrary, the difference in style makes it just as gorgeous! None of the characters same face, even though, for the majority of the comic, they are in school uniform. But this makes their out-of-school outfits even more beautiful. Instantmiso also proves to be able to draw cute animals in this; I really want to cuddle Ran-Chan the kitten! The selective use of music actually makes more of an impact on the episodes as well.

6. :rebirth, 69erocento:

Link: :rebirth

:rebirth is another story I haven’t gotten far into, but it has certainly caught my attention. The colors are gentle but detailed. The characters do seem young for their age, but they each have interesting and unique designs. It’s another zombie comic, but it already seems different, visually and story wise. The eye detail in particular has to be commended; the coloring and shading are beautiful. The amount of detail in each picture surprises me; the art is exceptional, and I wonder why it isn’t featured yet.

5. Aisopos, Yangsoo Kim:

Link: Aisopos

Aisopos is so unique in more ways than one. The art is a blend of Ancient Greek art, sharp and angled, with a lot of detail. But it has a distinct Eastern animation look as well; big eyes, extreme expressions, and perspective. The character designs are so unique and interesting because of this, and the scenery! Don’t get me started on that. The influence of Ancient Greece is quite clear, and makes this unique among Webtoons. I have never seen art like this before; it’s a flawless blend of Greek art and Eastern design.

4. Outside the Box, Momo:

Link: Outside the Box

The coloring and shading makes this a Webtoon you can’t look away from. The interesting perspective and layout also contribute in a way that looks incredibly professional, almost animation worthy. It makes this stylish, and it has an orderly look that is neither overly clean looking or distractingly messy. It has a shiny, delicate look to it. And the art style! The characters each have a unique look, and everyone looks different. Again, this is another Discover Webtoon that must be featured soon.

3. God of Bath, Ilkwon Ha:

Link: God of Bath

After having read Annarasumanara and Duty After School, I decided to give this comic a try…even with the other two Webtoons being unique and masterpieces, this one is creative and stands completely apart. It’s comedic and has a zanier look than the other two. But the coloring is what makes this one so different; it almost looks like professional colored pencils. Ilkwon Ha incorporates things into the background (like the statue at the bath house) that look almost realistic. It makes for an interesting juxtaposition to the drawn characters.

2. Always Human, Walkingnorth:

Link: Always Human

Oh my. This comic’s coloring and design are out of this world. It’s very soft looking; it gives a comforting vibe. It has a pastel style to it, and although other Webtoons have a pastel feel about them (like Where Tangents Meet), Always Human still looks completely different. Walkingnorth also composes her own music, I found out on her website. Somehow, that gives a new perspective to each chapter. Also, the use of fashion mods in the story ensure that there isn’t any same-face syndrome. And the coloring and shading in the backgrounds is breathtaking.

1. Snailogy, Snailords:

Link: Snailogy

Why is this number one? After all, it is a slice of life comic. My reasoning is because of the fact that it documents Snailords’ evolution in art, something that I’ve only seen in Nightmare Factory, created by the same artist. In fact, he’s one of the few artists I’ve seen do this. This makes reading Snailogy unique; you not only see the art change, but the writing, and even Aidyn’s change as a person. But, there is more to my my reasoning than that; it is “fantasy inspired by reality.” Real life looks much more appealing in Snailogy. And the fantasy, most notably in Come With Me, prove that Snailogy isn’t pure comedy; it can become deep and meaningful. Even the Anglers, Aidyn’s personification of his readers, has more depth than it appears.

I hope you liked this list. Are there any other Webtoons you feel were left out?  If so, please tell me in the comments! If you liked this post, please like or comment this. Or maybe even follow me. Thanks for reading! 🙂

14 thoughts on “ My Top Ten Most Beautiful Webtoons, Part 2

  1. I loved this list too! I’ve read :rebirth, and the eye detail was beautiful! Also I’ve never read Outside the Box because I wasn’t sure it was good or not. And I’ll try and catch up to you and your Webtoons!!! (I still need to read a lot.)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Another great list! I actually started reading Where Tangents Meet right after your previous post and it’s pretty cute. I’m actually a bit fed up with the whole ditsy girl/moody guy romance trope but I’m hoping it gets better later on 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, I’m also tired of that trope. But the thing with instantmiso is that she takes old, cliche tropes (like the one you mentioned, and love triangles in Siren’s Lament,) and changes them up a lot. Like, Landon is a bit more like a tsundere than just moody, and Rachelle is a lot smarter than she seems, and she has a solid reason for being ditzy.


      1. Oh that’s great! I love when that happens because I don’t actually hate any tropes in particular, I just don’t see people writing them properly. And it’s frustrating because they’re not necessarily bad. You can absolutely reuse something that’s been overdone but you need to give it a nice, personal touch. Or transform it completely to the point where there’s only the slightest hint of familiarity.
        I’ll continue reading then, it sounds promising! 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yes, that’s my problem with the majority of clichés and tropes nowadays. It’s like, they’re not bad at their core, they just look that way due to crummy writing. But yeah, that’s why instantmiso is one of my favorite writers and artists; she uses so many clichés and tropes, and reinvents them and applies to them real life. All the characters in Where Tangents Meet and Siren’s Lament behave and act like real people, which is a major relief.

        Liked by 1 person

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