Am I dreaming?

Or have I gotten 1018 views! 

Yes, yes I have! 

This is amazing! 

Thank you everybody who has viewed my blog, even a little. It means so much to me, and I can’t believe that this has happened. You guys are amazing.

I thank everyone who has viewed my blog once. I thank everyone who has viewed my blog twice. I thank everyone who has viewed my blog multiple times. Basically, thank you everyone. Every view, visitor, like, follow, and comment brightens up my day like you can’t believe. 

To show my happiness, here’s another photo of my cats:

Thank you so much! I appreciate you guys so much, and I can never say thanks enough. 

29 thoughts on “Am I dreaming?

  1. I also just downloaded your book from Lulu. I skimmed through the ‘pages’, if you would. I love it! There is so much in it, for absolutely no money. I enjoyed the whole book, but I will personally focus on attempting the vegetarian recipes. I’ll share it with some of my friends who love cooking all sorts of meals.

    It is a gem. I’m sure it will be a long time before I can get any of the recipes right.. I’ll remember to share it with you when I do πŸ™‚

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    1. I didn’t believe my book had recipes…oh no! Here, I think: did you download The Melting Pot, by Kate Didier? If you didn’t, I’m so sorry! But I really appreciate the thought, it makes me happy to know a follower would do this sort of thing. And besides, I’m sure that you downloaded a good book anyway!


      1. Yeah, I can see that…when I write blog posts, often enough, I’m like, “Wait, detail! I forgot an important detail!” The worst part about my book was indenting the whole thing, and then changing tenses πŸ˜“. That’s why there are weird parts with present tense verbs and such.

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