My Top Ten Discover Webtoons

There are many great Webtoons that have not been featured…yet. Today we are exploring Webtoons still in the Discover area that I believe either need more attention, or maybe they’re already popular, and have good reason.

Let’s start with some honorable mentions:

Dragnarok, Ula Koc


Melodies of the Heart

Uncommon Feelings

Consillium, Oryza Kathleen

Let’s get into the list!

10. Scarce Clover, Hima:

Link: Scarce Clover

Scarce Clover is one of the most popular Discover Webtoons, and it’s for good reason. The story is interesting, the art is beautiful, and the characters are good, although they need to be a little more developed; they seem to fall a little flat, which is why I’ve ranked this at number 10. However, this is a great place to start reading Discover Webtoons. The story is about a golden eyed girl named Yurin Luraisel (can’t spell…), the Elf King, Giro, the Demon Lord Nanagi, (Ouran reference, lol) and Yurin’s fairy friend, Marigold. Yurin seems to be the classic sweet main character, but the mystery of her eyes makes her interesting. Giro and Nana can be best described as similar to Tamaki and Kyoya from Ouran Highschool Host Club, character wise and friendship wise, and Marigold is like one of those small dogs who think they’re tough bodyguards.

9. At Sixes and Sevens, Mayuyu:

Link: At Sixes and Sevens

This is easily one of the most bizarre Webtoons I’ve ever read, but it’s still a lot of fun. A bit of warning; this story is not for everyone. It’s good, but definitely strange. The story follows Ria, a rather superficial girl who moves to a different town where she promptly meets five strange people; Jan, a boy who uses crude humor in an attempt to flirt, Misa, a boy who may or may not be gay, Mia, a somewhat manipulative girl, Hael, a myserious boy who judges Ria, and Amy, a shy girl who hides behind a paper bag mask. Together, they have many hijinks and adventures. However, I have been informed by the comments section (don’t read them. Just don’t) that this Webtoon has quite a genre change and plot twist…

8. A Matter of Life and Death, The Snipster:

Link: A Matter of Life and Death

This Webtoon is beautiful and unique. No other way to put it. It follows the personifications of many abstract things that include, Love, Wisdom, Envy, and of course, Life and Death. Death is the main character; like The Book Thief, A Matter of Life and Death sheds new life on this concept. However, they’re very different; in this, Death is lonely. He wishes he could be more like Life, able to give life to creatures, rather than take them away. But he’s not a murderer; he helps creatures by end their suffering. While I usually don’t care for romance comics, (I find the main characters to usually have a lack of chemistry), this is an exception, and that’s fortunate. Overall, this comic has a unique story, breathtaking art, and interesting characters. 

7. The Crawling City, merryweatherey :

Link: The Crawling City

Although the writer has changed the genres from comedy to horror, in my opinion, this is a comedy through and through. It follows Aria, a girl who lives with her best friend, Gug, a tentacle monster. And no, this is not explicit. (I don’t understand where that idea came from..) it follows their misadventures. From what I’ve read, this is not a continuing  story; just short, humorous strips that have detailed art. Aria is different from most gothic girls, as she’s cheerful and happy to live in a rather gloomy, Tim Burton-esque world. Gug is her best friend and roommate, and let’s just say they have a hilarious friendship. Due to this not being a continuing story, I can’t really describe this in detail.  

6. Outside the Box, Momo:

Link: Outside the Box

Outside the Box is technically a romance, but I’m not sure of the genre anymore. All I know is that it definitely lives up to its title. It follows Lee Eun-Mi, a CEO of a major company. She is rather cold and detached, and follows logic rather than emotions. She is attempting to find a possible husband (this is a different culture), but her marriage prospect, Yeo Hyun Jun, hates her. He finds her arrogant and egotistical. Hyun Jun is analytical, but kind. I haven’t gotten that far, but I like how unique the characters are; there’s rarely a cold female protagonist, and the male protagonist has more similarities to the kind female character trope. I may not have finished this, but I know that this Webtoon is unique and interesting. 

5. :rebirth, 69erocento:

Link: :rebirth

This is a Webtoon, where if you tried to give a summary, it doesn’t sound the best. But it’s got good writing, gorgeous art, and a unique plot. It’s fantasy, but perhaps with a twist of sci-fi. The main character, Noah, comes from an apocalyptic future, but he somehow has the chance to go back to the past and change things. His mission, I don’t know yet. But part of the mission is to rectify an old mistake; ignoring and failing his oldest son, Neo. Yes, the apocalypse has to do with zombies, but I have a feeling that this is going to be more different than most. I haven’t gotten really far, but everything looks interesting and well done. I look forward to reading more. 

4. Lackadaisy, Lackadaisy :

Link: Lackadaisy

Alas, another one I’ve only read a little of. Yet I think this is a gem, plot wise and art wise. Remember the 20s during American history? Especially prohibitions? Well, Lackadaisy is about the Lackadaisy speakeasy, except, rather than human characters, they’re all cats! Why? Who cares? They have great character design, and it’s an interesting take, making a part of American history anthropomorphic. The sorry chronicles the adventures that involve the Lackadaisy speakeasy.  Characters involve Mitzi May, the owner of the speakeasy, Rocky, a goofball cat, Ivy, a performer, and Ivan, a mechanic. They’re all unique, and the art is amazing. 

3. SPLIT, Kai and Dahae:

Link: Split

NO, NOT THE MOVIE. Sorry about the caps.  Anyway, SPLIT is another Webtoon that is likely a pain to write, as it involves a lot of research. The main character is Sakuya Mori, a junior executive producer at an agency. He’s high-strung and diligent…and was diagnosed with dissociative disorder as a kid. However, his other personality, Haruka Mori, was believed to have been treated. In reality, she was merely hibernating, and due to the stress of Sakuya’s life and work, she’s returned. Haruka is a free spirit and knows how to get what she wants. This becomes very problematic, as Sakuya isn’t even aware that she exists. This Webtoon hasn’t been around long, but it seems like Haruka will start to cause havoc in both Sakuya’s work life and personal life.

2. Sarah’s Scribbles, Sarah Anderson:

Link: Sarah’s Scribbles

Everyone knows Sarah’s Scribbles. It’s comedic, and really, really, relatable. The wit and humor is heavily based on real life, which is why it’s so funny! Even I find it relatable, especially the comics with her cat…gah! That’s like my cats! This isn’t really a story; it’s just like a comic strip in a newspaper. But it stands above most comedic strips, as it uses real life as inspiration. Sarah is a perfectly funny main character, someone who understands cats, music, and sleep. Sarah’s Scribbles is one of the few comics that makes me genuinely laugh out loud.

1. Humor Me, Marvin W:

Link: Humor Me

Humor Me was my first Discover Webtoon, and it’s still one of my favorites. The characters are unique and interesting, the story is fun, and the art is so detailed. The story follows Charlie, a highschool girl whose dad ran out on both her and her little brother, Lucian. She’s basically trying to raise him while dealing with life. Charlie is a smart, responsible, sarcastic girl who looks like a boy, but doesn’t seem to care. I think she’s more preoccupied with trying to make ends meet than what her peers think of her. Lucian is a prodigy and ridiculously literate, which doesn’t exactly make him popular. He’s even read Hamlet. I’m in highschool, and I haven’t read Hamlet…oh dear. There’s also James Hardford, a model and near celebrity. He’s funny and likeable in a way that’s rather similar to Tamaki from Ouran Highschool Host Club, as in, narcissistic, vain, and a bit obnoxious. His best friend is Louis, who looks like a dork with his monocle, but is nice and much smarter than he looks. Overall, this is a fun, creative story, but don’t binge read it; it updates once a month. However, the well written story, detailed art, and character development make the wait worth it. 

Did you like this list! Do you have any Discover Webtoon recommendations? If you liked this list, please like this post or comment. And don’t be afraid to follow; I always follow back. Thanks!

18 thoughts on “My Top Ten Discover Webtoons

  1. I agree with all of these. Like :rebirth, Humor Me, Scarce Clover, Crawling City, and Sarah’s Scribbles! There’s a few I haven’t read yet, but I’d like to check them out! Great list! I also recommend a few like Deck of Fates, First Contact, or @XXIII!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. At Sixes and Sevens is…unique, let’s just say. It had quite the genre change, but it’s good! SPLIT is very different from stories where one of the main characters has a mental illness; it doesn’t have a thriller vibe, and it isn’t dark. But it may end up that way in the future, who knows? And Outside the Box is unique and beautiful. If you want to find Webtoons with great art, I’d recommend both of my Most Beautiful Webtoons post. But, for a good story, maybe my Story post or Writers post!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks so much! I have to admit I’m not the biggest webtoon fan but it’s simply for lack of looking. Now that I have all these titles I will definitely give them a try!
        I really like SPLIT’s concept, as I’m quite interested in mental illnesses but am not in the mood to get into super depressing pieces. So that’s a great compromise.
        I’ll check out your other two posts when I can 🙂 I’m sure they are as wonderfully informative as this one!
        Thanks for sharing ^^

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thanks for comment! And no problem. I look forward to seeing how much you like them!
        Another Webtoon that focuses on mental health is Dr. Frost. It’s more moving and touching than depressing. It’s kind of like Sherlock meets House M.D, but psychology.


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