Possible Changes? I need advice!

I have been informed by some sources that my theme for my blog is a little hard to follow; it’s difficult to find tags and older posts. Do you guys have any advice? Are there any blog themes you like? Please comment!

And I am going to edit some old Webtoon articles; in my Top Twelve Lead Female Characters and in my Top Twelve Leas Male Characters list, I’m going to replace a few images with fan art of the characters instead. Not all of them, some of them.

And in some of my old lists, I haven’t read enough Webtoons yet to make a Another Top Ten something. So I may change the rankings a little, or take out one ranking and replace it with another that I prefer now. 

Thanks for reading! And thanks for being understanding. 


2 thoughts on “Possible Changes? I need advice!

  1. I use Espied and I love it. I mainly chose it for the portfolio aspect of the design but I’ve come to love the way it offsets images slightly when you wrap text around them. I think it’s pretty easy to navigate too, which I enjoy.

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