Advice and possible changes…again

Hey guys! So, I need some help: how do you edit your menu? I thought it’d make navigation easier, to be able to find specific things (short stories, reviews, Webtoon stuff, my Strength in Women articles).

Except, I thought I did it, but when I double checked my site…nothing. No changes. 

So, how do you change your menu?

And on another note; I may be editing my Wrbtoon articles, especially for those lists where Another Top Ten may not be necessary yet. So I may drop one ranking and replace it with another.

And some images may be replaced with fanart. Just saying.

So yeah, I’ll really appreciate your help! Trust me, I need it.

5 thoughts on “Advice and possible changes…again

  1. I know we don’t have the same theme, so I can tell you how I did it for mine because I recently did my menu too. I go to the Customizer, and then when I bring it up, it automatically has that blue scribble button on the menu bar. I click it and then it brings up what I already have and what I can add. From there, you can add items, and the items can be tags, pages, etc. That’s how I get all my book reviews in one section when it is done by tags. Hopefully this helps! 😀

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      1. To piggy back, you can also customize by going to your admin. And to edit widgets you go to the Customizer on the left bottom corner, widget, then if there is an A,B, or C click on one and add new widgets or delete old ones. To edit home menus you go to your usual Dashboard, then Menus, and create new menu and have that as your main menu. Add new tabs with the “+” and separate your posts into categories, then chose which one you want for the tab to be about. I’m going to figure out how to do drop down arrows this weekend because I’m changing my menu for anime and manga. But I hoped this helped!! If you need more just ask, also if you need special assistance you can go to a few forums for photos and how-to’s.

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