Analyzing Women’s Strength in Fiction: Physical Strength in Webtoons

1. Sera, UnOrdinary:

Subcategory: mental

Link: unOrdinary

Sera is apparently one of the most powerful characters in unOrdinary. According to John, she’s almost a god. We still aren’t sure what her powers are, but it’s clearly got something to do with time; she can freeze people randomly, and can rewind certain events. Sera is a very popular character, but she isn’t without her haters. Her fans love her strength and self-confidence, but others dislike her for being rather cold and for beating up John when they first met. I think she’s a very complex and relatable character; yes, she used to be a perfectionist. But that was because she was constantly trying to satisfy the desires of others. And, as a certain Dr. Frost arc says, that’s not healthy. So yes, she did beat John up when she first met him, but that was because she was having some sort of emotional breakdown the day he pushed her buttons. She even became stronger after her breakdown.  So I think she is very strong to have been able to stop living to please others and can now be herself, as well as a much happier person.

2. Whale, Gepetto:

Subcategory: emotional

Link: Gepetto

Whale is an android in the future with a mission, yet due to a malfunctioning chip, can’t quite recall all of the details. However, she is on the run from a sinister Institute… And is definitely able to beat some soldiers up. She also develops a strong bond with the main character, Colodi Carlo, and is like an older sister in the first season, and more of a friend in the second season. Gepetto is sadly underrated, but Whale is popular for her strength, and although she may be an android, she acts much more human than the people in the series.  Her strength comes from her attachments to certain humans and androids, and she is even able to break from the Institute’s control in season 2 because of her love for other characters.

3. Dani Wytte, Hooky:

Subcategory: emotional

Link: Hooky

Dani may be a strange choice to put here, especially when compared to how she was in the beginning of the series. But take into account her character in the latest chapters, and she definitely has a spot here. It seems as if the only magic Dani is good at is flying, but that is not the case; she seems very talented at dark magic, which is not what she wants. And yet it seems all her attempts at “good” potions and spells just backfire. Dani is a very complex character with amazing development: she starts off sweet, cheerful, and hopeful. Yet after everything she’s gone through (attacks, accidentally cursing her friend, battling loneliness, and witnessing a friend’s murder), she’s changed. She still is kind and helpful, but it’s starting to fade. And you don’t want to make her mad. No matter how sweet she looks, she’s scary when mad.

4. Nano, Nano List:

Subcategory: mental

Link: Nano List

I haven’t reread Nano List for a while, so this will be short. Nano is a military android who is currently working to protect and help her  creator’s  younger brother, Milo. This is difficult, especially when a scientific organization is very interested in her, Milo, and of course, the program known as Nano List. Nano is tough and rude with a bit of a potty mouth. So why is she so popular? Maybe because of her development? (She tries to help protect Milo and San, not only because of her programming, but because she genuinely wants to). Or is it her humor? She’s very sarcastic and funny. Anyway, she is a fun, tough character who can go up against a group of androids and come out (almost) unscathed.

5. Kayla, ShootAround:

Subcategory: emotional

Link: ShootAround

Again, this is another comic I haven’t reread for a while, but I’ve looked over some early chapters. Kayla is here mainly due to the fact that in one chapter, she and Hotaru were ambushed by zombies. But Kayla’s leg was pinned down by a piece of very heavy wood. Yet she was still able to get up from underneath and beat up some zombies when she heard Hotaru get hurt. Kayla’s strength comes from her heart; she’s close friends with everyone on the basketball team and will do just about anything to help them. I think it’s interesting how her physical strength comes from her love of her friends.

That wraps up the physical strength unit! Next week, I’ll be back with analyzing Emotional Strength in books. I hope you can check it out!

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