Over one hundred followers…what?

I meant to make this announcement  a while ago but lost track of time…anyway, as the title says, I now have over one hundred followers!  

And in the time I took a screenshot of this photo, I have gotten 114 followers total…(three of them are email followers!) 

Anyway, thanks so much for this! I never thought I would see the day where I got over 100 followers, and I’m just amazed that so many people have stuck around me for so long. Even through the times where I rarely posted anything worth looking at .

That awkward moment when you’re looking at old photos and realize your cat looks like the Colossal Titan in Attack on Titan…

(Ignore the stupid caption). Basically, this cat photo is me looking at my blog when I got this announcement.

But thank you guys, so much! I can’t ever properly express how grateful I am to you all. 

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