My Life in Books Tag

Thank you Icebreaker for tagging me for this really unique, really awesome tag! I had so much fun with this. If you haven’t checked out Icebreaker’s blog yet, I recommend you do so; she blogs about books, anime, webcomics, and just about everything, haha.

A Book For Each Initial:

K– can’t find one. Sorry. 

AA Study in Charlotte, Brittany Cavallaro 

TThe Book Thief, Markus Zusak

E– Enders, Lissa Price

Age—Count Along Your Bookshelf

I don’t want to say my age, but I got Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare.

Book That Represents a Destination You Want To Travel To

Depends on whether you mean fantasy or reality… Well, I wanna go to England someday, so The Girl on the Train.

Favorite Color

My favorite is purple, but I can’t find any of my book covers with that color. I’ll go with blue, my second favorite, and say Jackaby.

Fondest Memory Of

The Percy Jackson series. My fourth grade teacher read that aloud in class, and we all fell in love with it.

Most Difficulty Reading

Most classics, like The Grapes of Wrath and Great Expectations

Which Book In Your TBR Pile Will You Get the Biggest Sense of Accomplishment From?

Either Cinder, The Six of Crows, or Beastly Bones.

I tag:



Bookish Diana

Bri’s Blog 2017

Maniacal Book Unicorn

The Girl on the Go 08


If you have done this tag, no problem! And if you haven’t done this tag…Consider yourself tagged. 

29 thoughts on “My Life in Books Tag

  1. Hey! I feel like you may be tired of doing all these tags so feel free to not do it, but I nominated you for this daily song challenge thing… do it if you want ☺

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    1. I know, both covers are beautiful. Although I prefer the new ones. Actually, I didn’t like the original TMI covers, but the original TID covers are pretty good. Though the second ones are just so pretty!
      Ah, I’ll make sure I see your post!


  2. I enjoyed all your answers! Purple is my favorite color too! Pink is my second favorite, but sometimes it changes to blue, orange, or black, haha. I just can’t seem to decide. I really like Jackaby’s cover, and all the other covers in the series! I need to read Cinder and Six of Crows too, I’m behind. Maybe we could buddy read them sometime? Maybe around summer, when we’re both free. 😄 Thank you for the great mention too!!!

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    1. Hmm, I like your other color choices! I typically lean more towards the “calm” color spectrum it seems. And I’ve seen the other Jackaby covers and they’re all so pretty! Ooh, that’d be cool! I’ve never done a buddy read before! Can you tell me how it works? I think it’d be fun, and I’d love to do one with you with either Cinder or Six of Crows. (Both are fairly high on my reading list). And summer should probably work. And no problem!

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      1. I like calm colors too! Mainly for backgrounds, like for my blog. I seem to like softer pastels, not the incredibly brighter ones. And buddy reads are fun! We just start a book on the same day and read at our own pace. We can tell each other where we are, and discuss/fangirl about anything we choose. 😄 After we both finish the book, we decide a date for the post and what’s included in it. Most buddy reads do a Q & A and the review. I’ll give you 3-5 questions, and you answer them in your post, and you’ll give me 3-5 questions of your own for my post. Hope this helped explain everything!

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  3. Thanks for the tag, Kate! It looks like a lot of fun. I have fond memories of reading Percy Jackson too. And as for a novel name starting with K have you read the Kane chronicles series by Rick Riordan? Awesome post! 😊

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    1. No problem, Ava! I look forward to your answers. And yeah, Percy Jackson is just sorta my comfort book series at this point; brings back a lot of good memories. And ohmigosh how did I forget about The Kane Chronicles? Oh my, I’m gonna have to edit this post ASAP….


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