Romance Fails in Fiction Choice Tag (Webtoons) (Original)

Let me explain the tag to clarify the confusing title. Basically, I saw a comment on the Webtoon A Budgie’s Life about…romance fails in Webtoons. They cracked me up, even the serious ones! I may not be a romantic, but I found it funny and decided to do this tag. And that’s how this tag came to be. 
Who knows? I may make a more serious Webtoon list about this later. 

The Rules:

  • Please PINGBACK to me at Kate @ Melting Pots and Other Calamities. Or just Kate. And PINGBACK TO A SPECIFIC POST OF MINE.  I won’t see the post otherwise, and I’d like to see it. 
  • You can choose ten romance fails from ANY media you like: books, movies, anime, manga, T.V shows, or Webtoons. You can even mix them up if you want. 
  • You can choose funny fails or serious ones; for the serious ones, phrase it humorously. Remember, this is a fun tag! It’s not meant to be serious. 
  • Mention who’s who in the fails. (I.E, who fails and who is the recipient of the failure). If there isn’t  recipient, per se, just state the couple (or non-couple). 
  • Optional: Rank the failures from least extreme to most extreme.
  • 5 failures at LEAST.
  • Tag as many people as you want, but at least one person. 

The Tag:

10. I Love Yoo:

Link: I Love Yoo

Girl constantly attacks potential love interests with shoes and/or ruins their clothes. (Shin Ae to Yeong Gi and Kousuke) 

Shin Ae, for someone who hates romance like you do, you find yourself in a lot of situations straight out of a romance…

9. Dr. Frost:

Link: Dr. Frost

Girl fails at any attempts to flirt with older professor/mentor/counselor because he can’t really feel those kinds of emotions. (Seonga to Frost)

No, Seonga, you aren’t being obvious AT ALL. And Frost, for someone so smart, you can be so oblivious…

8. Where Tangents Meet:

Link: Where Tangents Meet

Girl has to deal with boyfriend’s crazy ex girlfriend spreading rumors about her. (Landon and Rachelle) 

Sayo, that crazy brunette, even tried to mess things up in the first episode…now THAT is one dedicated mean girl.

7. American Ghost Jack:

Guy is not only a ghost, he is also involved in a deal because of his past obsession with an ex girlfriend. Not only that, he may have known the girl whom he’s now falling in love with in the past (and he may have fallen for her even then). (Jack and Go-Eun)

Trust me, this hug is way more complicated than it looks.

6. Space Boy:

Girl inadvertently gets stuck in the middle of a scientific conspiracy because of a mysterious guy. (Amy and Oliver) 

Link: Space Boy

Oliver…stop being the mysterious white-haired male lead and reveal your past already!

5. Hooky:

Link: Hooky

Girl finds out her guy has a 50/50 chance of going to the dark side of witchcraft. (Monica and Dorian)

Monica is able to keep Dorian’s dark side from resurfacing…for now. Hopefully her death flag won’t be raised.

4. Untouchable:

Link: Untouchable

Girl is a vampire who survives off human touch, but her boyfriend is a germaphobe. Just as he starts to get better, she finds out she is a special kind of vampire who absorbs too much energy and could end up killing him.  (Sia and Jiho) 

Better not hold onto him for TOO long, Sia.

3. Gepetto:

Link: Gepetto
Guy is a clone who consistently loses his memories. Was in a relationship with a girl who was his closest friend before forgetting that aspect of his life.  Conventionally remembers their relationship right after she’s been shot and is dying. (Nero to Celine) 

Ah, the lovely sound of miscommunication….

2. I Don’t Want This Kind of Hero:

Link: I Don’t Want This Kind of Hero

Guy who is an  insane (villain)  falls for a girl. Girl is rather fond of him…until something happens that we still don’t know about and she is now cripples and in a wheelchair. Guy basically turns into a yandere and does insane stuff for attention. Girl hates him with a passion. (Baek Morae to Raptor) 

Morae, I may not know what you did…but stop talking. If you value your life, you’ll SHUT UP.

1. Bastard:

Link: Bastard

Guy is the son of a serial killer and is an accomplice in each crime. Girl saves his life at a point, and becomes the dad’s latest potential victim. Guy falls in love with girl. Girl somewhat reciprocates. Girl now has to fend off not one but two serial killers who have targeted her, all while guy keeps being an accomplice secret from her. (Jin to Kyun) 

I think this takes the cake for the worst romance fail in all of Webtoons. 

Just a gentle reminder that not all cute couples have adorable stories tied to them…
 I Tag:

The Hermit Librarian
James J. Cudney

Whose fail was the best? Which was your favorite, or was the funniest? Please comment, I’d love to read them! 


69 thoughts on “Romance Fails in Fiction Choice Tag (Webtoons) (Original)

    1. Yes. Yes they do πŸ˜‚ I meant to choose more than just Webtoons, but I couldn’t stop. There are just too many fails! And #3…MY FEELS. Ugh, that whole episode was just heartbreaking. Their backstory is the equal amount of sweet and sad.

      And no problem! I look forward to your answers.

      On another note, have you started any Webtoons lately? Just curious.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Hi. Thank you so much for creating a new tag and for tagging me. I haven’t seen many webtoons or anime, so I unfortunately will be focusing on books or TV shows for this one. I’ve got a few in mind already — hope they don’t date me too much!

    Any recommendations on where to start with webtoons or anime? LOL

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No problem! I look forward to your answers!
      And for Webtoons, you can check out my post Webtoon Recommendations by Genre, which has two Webtoons for each genre, but I’m also creating posts for each genre. So far I’ve done drama and fantasy, so you can find recommendations on those posts!
      Anime is harder. Which genres do you like?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hmm…for suspense, I recommend (for a first anime) Death Note. That’s a good one to start with. Got mystery, I gotta go with Monster. Not the best to start out with, but it’s AMAZING! I don’t know any historical fiction, so I can’t help with that. I can recommend some more later.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you so much for this tag, I loved reading this! I laughed out loud at a few, because it was so accurate! Keep making tags like this! I love seeing them! (Also I love doing them!) Thanks again!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha, those were fun and accurate. Just calling it how I see it. Like, in I Love Yoo, you can always tell who Shin Ae’s love interests are. Just see who she attacks. πŸ˜‰ And in Dr. Frost…oh gosh, those fails…it was hard trying to find just one picture. And thanks!

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Kate, you are seriously so brilliant at creating tags! This was amazing. And hilarious. #10 had me cracking up. XD I definitely will be tackling this one whenever I get the chance because it looks like so much fun. Wonderful job! πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Ooh…I Love Yoo is one I just started, but I’m enjoying it so far. I also really like Hooky! It’s a must for fantasy fans. But Bastard is my favorite, because it’s an amazing psychological thriller. Only read that when you’re free, though; it’s at its best as a binge read!

        Liked by 1 person

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