Anime Review: Noragami Aragoto

After watching the first season, I decided to try out Aragoto, as I’d heard so many good things about it.  I can say this: Aragoto was  way better than season 1 in every way possible. It was so much better!

I am also going to try to integrate more images into my reviews to spice things up and possibly make my reviews more appealing.  And I’m trying to add more detai; that’s why this review took longer than most. I am also changing the ‘soundtrack’ section to become the ‘sound’ section, where I talk about not only the music and openings and endings, but voice acting too.

Summary: Yato and Yukine have finally mended their relationship as god and Regalia, and everyone has returned to their daily life. Yato remains a minor and unknown deity who continues taking odd jobs for five yen apiece in the hopes of one day having millions of worshippers and his own grand shrine. Hiyori Iki has yet to have her loose soul fixed by Yato, but she enjoys life and prepares to attend high school nonetheless. Taking place immediately after the first season, Noragami Aragoto delves into the complicated past between Yato and the god of war Bishamon. The female god holds a mysterious grudge against Yato, which often results in violent clashes between them. It doesn’t help that Bishamon’s most trusted and beloved Regalia, Kazuma, appears to be indebted to Yato. When lives are on the line, unraveling these mysteries and others may be the only way to correct past mistakes. (Credit: MAL)

Story: 4/5: The story this season was much more creative and fleshed out than last’s. It delved into character’s motivations and emotions, and was able to create a detailed story. One of the central themes would have to be consequence, which is a topic that isn’t handled well in a lot of medias of fiction, but both seasons of Noragami handled it beautifully. In season 1, something I forgot to mention I really liked was how Yukine “stinging” Yato with his bad impulses started off as something humorous, but became something much more dangerous. Rather like real life, the smallest things can snowball into something big in a bad way. But besides that, it also deals with consequences in an emotional and even psychological way. After losing nearly all of the “Ma” clan of her Regalia, Bishamon collected more Regalia than ever before, which is contradictory and yet makes total sense, as her consequence is the emotion, guilt. She feels guilty for “failing” her Regalia, and so she vows to not make that mistake again, even though collecting more Regalia makes her even more vulnerable and could repeat history.

Kazuma also deals with his own guilt from the consequences of his actions in the past, which is a major twist and adds even more depth and layers to the series.

Despite the summary, Aragoto doesn’t revolve entirely around the past between Yato and Bishamon; the second part is able to create an emotionally strong, detailed story too. It focuses on Yato and his role as “the god of calamity” and his relationship with the main antagonist, a Regalia who is called Nora, or a stray. Another character who appears is Ebisu, who is another God of Fortune. I feel as though this is the area that suffers a little and needed to be a little longer; I couldn’t get as attached to the Ebisu arc as the Bishamon arc. Overall, this season was more twisty, emotionally investing, and creative than the last season.

Characters: 5/5: One of my gripes last season was that the supporting characters whom I liked didn’t get enough attention. This season, that is not the problem! Except for the Ebisu arc. He needed more focus, and I didn’t get as emotionally invested with that character as I should’ve.

First off, the character who gets the most exploration is once again Yato. He’s already been proven to be an incredibly complex character, but this season made him all the more intriguing. I can’t get too into the details because of MAJOR spoilers, but his rivalry with Bishamon is shown to be one of the most complex relationships in the show. And his past is even more shrouded in mystery as some questions are answered, which is equally intriguing and frustrating, as there is no Season 3  yet. In fact,our  answered questions just added more mystery around him. And on a random tangent: in some ways, I found Yato to be similar to the 10th and 11th Doctors from Doctor Who. They’re all fun, funny, and kind, yet have a dark side that appears on occasion, but especially whenever someone they love is in danger.

Hiyori, the secondary main character, had similar issues to last season: she’s a good character, but sometimes just feels like a supporting character. Don’t ask me why; she just does. But I feel as though it did improve this season; she seemed to have as big a role, but her presence was stronger in a way. I’m not sure how to explain it, but her characterization improved. Yet there are still too many unanswered questions about her as well; how did she see Yato in the first episode in the first place? How did she know his real name? However, despite these problems, I still like her; she’s that “normal” character who actually acts normal. She’s surprisingly strong, uses her mind at times, and has a big heart. I saw how important she was to the trio even more so than last season.

Yukine’s character development truly shines in this season. Just compare him to the way he was last season, and…dang. That kid has had some of the best development, if not the best, on this show. While he’s still sassy and sarcastic, he isn’t embittered or indulgent anymore. He’s incredibly brave and selfless, and he goes to great lengths for those he cares about. Again, most of his character development involves spoilers, so I can’t say a whole lot about him, but his development is very much like a coming of age story, and you can now see just how much Yato and Hiyori mean to him, and how far he’s willing to go for them.

One of my favorite parts of this series was the development of Bishamon, one of the gods of fortune, and her Regalia Kazuma. They are both incredibly complex characters. Bishamon’s hatred towards Yato is fully explained and explored, and she becomes  sympathetic. She’s a warrior, but  motherly towards her Regalia. Yet her journey is also about consequence and accepting responsibility for her actions. After losing all but one of the “Ma” clan hundreds of years ago, she devotes herself to saving any soul she feels she needs to, which comes at a heavy price, not just for her, but for the souls she saved. And Kazuma is also shown to be a much deeper character than we thought; I thought he was pretty cool and fairly interesting last season, but Aragoto reveals his own story and emotions surrounding that.

My only complaints about the characters would be: I wish they would’ve taken more time with Ebisu. He clearly made an impact on each of the characters, but very little on me. I dunno why. And I wish they explored Kofuku and Daikoku’s characters too. It may just be me, but I feel as if there’s more to them than meets the eye.

Animation: 4.5/5:

The animation was amazing! It may not have been the most unique out there, but it was crisp and smooth. I love the character designs, and the  backgrounds were stunning too. I love the art style, and the fight scenes in particular were clear and easy to follow.

However, Noragami is able to have a more serious, introspective vibe. These sequences tugged at my heart, and were incredibly powerful. Those were the scenes that gave me chills, as the artists used coloring, shadows, and composition to have a brilliant effect.

Sound: 4.5/5:
The opening (Hey Kids!) was so incredibly catchy, I’m humming it as I write down this part. Visually, I think I might prefer the first opening just a smidge, but then I still liked the black and white theme with splotches of color throughout. The layout was a little more typical than the last opening, but the choreography was still really good. But that song…definitely my favorite Noragami opening. And the end song (Nirvana), was sweet and fun as well, definitely brighter and cheerier than Hey Kids!.

The soundtrack is pretty good. Not my favorite ever, but still pretty unique. The composer mixes a modern beat with older, fantasy sounding rythms, creating a sound that somehow sounds new and fresh, yet oriental and mythical. It’s a different mix, but it works and sounds incredibly unique.

The voice acting was top notch! I only watched the sub for Aragoto, as that was all I could find, but if last season was any indication, both the dub and sub are good. Each voice matched the character, and all the voice actors carried their roles well.

World Building: 4.5/5:

The world building was brilliant. The incorporation of Japanese mythology is always interesting to see, and they kept up a steady world with laws, powers, and monsters.


  • Character development+ personal relatability: there was plenty of development last season, but Aragoto shows off just how much each character has changed. Each character gets their time to shine, which helps with emotional investment. Overall, Aragoto was much more investing than last season,  which is a good thing. I remember I had some moments where I thought, “Oh, screw sleep! I need to see what happens!” And this is just me, but I could personally relate to some aspects of the series, especially with Yato’s desire to be remembered. While his need to be remembered is much more of a necessity than for me, I can still relate. You may not glean this about me from my online personality, but I have problems with making close friends. Often enough, when we’re supposed to hang out, they either forget that or remember that they’re busy. So this season brought up a worry I have that I wasn’t even truly conscious of, so it resounded with me a little more than usual.
  • Complex: Aragoto deals with heavier themes and topics than last season, which offers up room for even more development both plot wise and character wise, as well as having more intriguing stories and viewer immersion. Plus, the antagonists were even more interesting and unique this season, which helped bring more tension to the story. The themes of friendship, love, being remembered, and consequence added more depth to this season. Noragami may appear to be a typical action-fantasy-supernatural series at first glance, but it has much more depth and layers to it.
  • Character relationships: Every relationship, whether it be platonic, implied to be romantic, or familial, was treated with equal importance. One of my gripes with plenty of media is that it downplays one type of relationship to bolster another, usually romantic. But Noragami doesn’t have that problem; each relationship is treated as equally important, whether it be Yato’s parental relationship with Yukine, Hiyori’s friendship with Yukine, the implied romance between Yato and Hiyori, the main trio in general, the subtext between Bishamon and Kazuma, or Kofuku and Daikoku (and even more).


  • Too many unanswered questions: There needed to be more episodes, as Noragami kind of left us hanging with too many questions even while answering some previous questions we all had. It was frustrating. But hey, at least there’s the manga. But still…How did Hiyori see Yato in the first episode of the series in general? How did she know his real name? How did Yato and Nora know each other as kids? There are just too many questions, and not enough answers.
  • The Ebisu arc: Noragami proved they could make us care about a character in two episodes. (Remember Suzuha? I’m still mad over what happened to him). So why didn’t I feel as involved with Ebisu’s character? I can’t even answer that question, but I could not care about him as much as everyone else did.  Everything that happened to him was meant to be as impactful to the viewers as to the characters, but I wasn’t that impacted. I wish I was, but I couldn’t see why Yato and Bishamon got so upset over everything that happened with Ebisu.
  • The last 47 seconds: Yes, I counted how long it took for me to be okay without having a season 3 and how long it took for me to freak out and demand a season 3 (sound familiar, Dr. Frost fans?). But really, why would they give us such a cliffhanger and them make no announcements on whether a season 3 is in the works or not? Ugh, they’re learning from Attack on Titan… I need to know what happens!

Grade: 4.5/5: The unanswered questions and overly short run helped dock this down a bit, but overall, Aragoto is better than the first season in every way. It’s an emotionally investing, complex experience that gets you thinking and gives you plenty of feels and chills. If you want a fantasy/action/supernatural series that has great animation and pulls at your heartstrings, check out both Noragami and Aragoto!

Oof, that was exhausting! Who knew a review could take so long to write? Anyway, did you like me putting more detail in this than usual? Please let me know in the comments.

And as I still need more votes for my next To Be watched list for anime, please vote! I would appreciate it. Here’s the link: What Anime Should I Check Out Next? Even if you don’t know any of them, just vote for the title with the coolest name, or the ones you’ve heard of.


35 thoughts on “Anime Review: Noragami Aragoto

  1. We definitely need a season 3 of this. I loved this second season but there is definitely more story to be found here and I love these characters so much. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know! I was just like, “Okay, I can deal without Season 3. I can deal…” and then those last 47 seconds happened, and I basically forgot what I’d been thinking till then. There are too many unanswered questions that need to be answered, and of course I want to see more of these characters. They’re some of my favorites I’ve found in any medium, not just anime.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Ebisu is the one that gets reborn, right? I’m iffy on the details, but it’s curious how hung up you are about him. I think he had a good tragic vibe that made him a great character.
    I remember how crazy the last episodes were, since it amped up the action for a wonderful bang of a goodbye. Gawd, I love this series.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, I was less mad about him as a character (I think he was perfectly fine as a character). My complaint was that I couldn’t really feel much towards him. Maybe it was the fact that he was revealed to be the “conjurer” so fast, but I never cared one way or the other. I was mainly frustrated because Noragami has proven to be able to make me care about characters who only appear every so often, sometimes just two episodes, and whom I cared for more than Ebisu. And then with Yato and Bishamon grieving him so deeply, I felt as though were missing out in a way.
      But oh gosh. The rest of those episodes were AMAZING! I loved them to death, and I like how they took their time, even while having a ton of action. That’s a balance you don’t see too much of.


  3. I already started fangirling when I saw the title of your blog post. XD Kazuma FTW. ❤ ❤ I guess that you already know how much I love noragami from our discussion in your other post. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Just here to say: 😍😍😍😍😍😍
    I already know you loved the second season, but I’m so glad to see it here in your review! I’ve never considered Yato to be like the Doctors from Doctor Who before, but I kind of see that now! I can’t unsee that! 😂 The opening was very catchy, it was hard to get out of my head. I liked it a better than the original opener because of this, but I also agree with what you said about the first opener being more visual. But Hey Kids remains to be one of my favorite openers too. (My favorite anime ending is from the early episodes of Black Butler, I’m Alive, just because it’s my type of music that I usually listen to. 😉 Not to mention the chibi art is adorable too.) I hope all the unanswered questions leave open a plot device for season 3.

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    1. Yes, I always try to make reviews! Haha, sorry. I was starting to get that vibe when Yato thought Bishamon had kidnapped Hiyori; I was just like, why is he reminding me of one of the Doctors? 😂 I’m sorry for getting it stuck in your head!
      I love the opening, and I even found the full version on iTunes! I liked the first one’s visuals more, but if we’re going by song, I prefer the second.
      I also hope there’s a season 3! There are too many unanswered questions!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It’s fine, it’s fine! I got “Batman is Howl” stuck in your head. 😉 I didn’t know they had it on iTunes! Is it an english cover, or the original cover? By song, the second opening is my favorite too. 🙂
        There’s still hope for a season 3! The manga is providing more source material for another series! I hope another season comes soon!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I’ve never made a ringtone before, I don’t know if I’ll succeed, haha! But I think it’ll make a great ringtone too! (It’s catchy, like all ringtones should be, haha!)

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  5. I thought the first season was okay. Glad to hear that the second series is even better. I need to watch this some day because I am interested to learn more about Nora and Bishamon’s back stories.

    Ends on a cliffhanger? Doh, I hate when anime does that. Especially as many shows just leave things up in the air and never animate more episodes.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. OMG!!! I’m sooo glad you liked it! This is a really good review! I honestly could not have said it better myself, especially when it came to the comparison of season 1 to season 2, the depth of the characters, and the increasing intriguing plot! I also have to say I really like your new review style 🙂

    And yes, I completely back you up on counting that cliffhanger as a con. No one should be taking notes from Attack on Titan. The world needs less of those kinds of mind blowing endings. I’ve started collecting the manga because of all those unanswered questions, but not only are there so many of them (which I am too broke to afford at the moment), I’m also afraid of catching up to the release date lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw, thanks so much! I put a lot of time into that review, glad you liked it! (I’m going rep,y to your other comments soon, but I’m doing something at the moment that is kinda distracting, it has to do with graphics)
      UGH, that cliffhanger. Season 3 is always the killer season to wait for, huh? And AGH, that season 2 ending of Attack on Titan was also…GAH! I’ve also started reading more manga because of cliffhangers.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re welcome 🙂 And no worries. I’ve got a friend visiting with her 4 young kids and will be off and on, so no rush.

        YES! I think I will forever hold a grudge over the AoT cliffhangers. They are the worse! Same here. The manga often has details I like catching up on I’m both grateful and angry lol. Even though I prefer to finish the anime before picking up the manga if that’s what I started with, I’ll cave with Noragami sooner or later. Because, yes, that mystery around Yato and those small unanswered questions are all things I NEED answers for!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. AoT cliffhangers are bad enough, that both me and my mom screamed at the screen at the season 2 cliffhanger. I’m also currently reading the manga, it does have a lot of extra details! And basically, when I catch up to the anime is when I start to read the manga. I mean, really, that Noragami cliffhanger…UGH.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. YESSS!! YOU KNOW MY PAIN!!! Lol! Those two cliffhangers will forever haunt me. I’m afraid to read AoT just yet cuz I can’t help thinking of what I’ll do if I pass the anime and run out of volumes to read lol. Though there are a lot of volumes out now so I know I’ll cave eventually, especially with the promise of “a lot of extra details”! Noragami really killed me. I’m still trying to collect the volumes since my library doesn’t have them and I hate reading scans, but they’re so many of them it really adds up. It’s taking me forever!

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  7. Glad you liked season 2! I had a disagreement with a con of yours though in the ‘too many questions’ department– specifically where you said we don’t know how Hiyori knows Yato’s true name. It’s actually explained in the episode she shouts it, though it can be a bit hard for us english speakers to catch.

    She knows his name is fake because calling him by it didn’t summon him, but she also knows that he was so touched by the shrine she made for him that the name she wrote on it had to be correct.

    The last symbol of Yato’s name in katakana, ‘to’, is written the exact same as the kanji for ‘boku’.

    So she switched ‘to’ from katakana to kanji and got ‘Yaboku’, which is his real name.

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