Important Announcement Concerning My Webtoon Recommendations By Genre!

Hey guys, you can help me out with a future post! How? 

Well, my overall goal for my Webtoon Recommendations By Genre posts was to make a cumulative post: The Top Ten Best Webtoons. However, I need your help!

I forgot to create polls for the genres I’ve already covered, like drama, fantasy, and comedy. So if you could just vote for your favorites in each genre in the polls, go ahead. Vote for as many as you like!

I want to see who the winners are in each genre, and this will help me create that Best Webtoons post. Thanks so much!

And also, for each of my drama, fantasy, and comedy posts, I’m going to be changing the images from official images to fanart…for some of them. Not all of them, some of them.

And I changed one of the Webtoons on the fantasy list; I switched out My Dear Cold Blooded King for Kubera. However, you will see My Dear Cold Blooded King on another genre recommendation soon…just count it.

Thanks for taking part in my polls! I really appreciate it! 

And you can find each of my recommendations lists here: 



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