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Lately, I’ve been trying to write more on Wattpad, because, why not? It’s a fun way to get stories out there, and you can find other quality reads too. But my main problem is motivation.

It seems as though no one really reads my stories as of late. This usually wouldn’t bother me, but I try my best with each chapter I post, but then I get maybe 1 view, and certainly no votes or comments. So that’s why I’m writing this. I’m going to post the cover of each of my stories, give a description, and then put in a poll to see which story my followers and readers would like me to work on the most.

Summary: When Alexa Adkins’ sister went to a hotel party in the mountains, forgot her suitcase, and begged Alexa to drive to the hotel, she didn’t expect anything bad to happen apart from the typical things that happen at high school parties. Not when she came face-to-face with her former best friend. No, not even when a snow storm hit that caused her to have to stay at the hotel for a few days. Not until one girl vanished, and her boyfriend was found unconscious. As Alexa was known to have read all the mysteries, watched all the crime shows, and to have sharp instincts, the majority of the students assigned her to try to play detective and find the missing girl…and to find a possible killer. That’s when Alexa’s memory ends.  Alexa wakes up in a locked room with a concussion and damaged memories. All she can remember in clarity is the beginning of the story. She cannot remember the end. As Alexa travels through her memory and investigates the mystery of the locked room, she discovers buried secrets. And memories that deserve to be forgotten.

Link: The Girl in the Locked Room

Summary: In the future, Android Fighting has become a popular and illegal pastime, and inventors everywhere are using the fights as tests to see how well made their androids are. Dr. Abel Chase has gone through eight androids, each one a failure. Until his ninth. 9-L is a magnificent creation, uncaring and unemotional, yet analytical and physically strong. Abel believes that he may have created the perfect fighter android. But he never anticipated that his assistant and adoptive son, Joseph, would change everything by giving her a proper name: Noel. She begins to feel and to form emotional attachments, a rare phenomenon. So, when an extremist anti-android group who may be behind the deadly virus, “Android’s Eye”, comes to the Chase’s door, what can they do?

Link: 9-L

Summary: Max Snow has always been uncomfortable in the spotlight. Unfortunately, having Rhiannon Rose, the most popular girl at his college as his girlfriend meant that everyone was always paying attention to him. And after Rhiannon’s sudden suicide, he’s being looked at more than ever. Max is reeling after Rhiannon’s death, until he meets Joanna Mayer, an old childhood acquaintance of Rhiannon’s. Gentle and intuitive, she is a breath of fresh air amidst all the calamities in his life. However, their growing friendship (and possibly more) is complicated by Rhiannon’s shadow lingering over him. How can he become close to Joanna when he can practically hear Rhiannon whisper in his ear the blood soaked word, “murderer?” Told from multiple perspectives, there’s always a story behind every relationship…some darker than others. (Bonus points if you can guess what story loosely inspired this!)

Link: Snow and Roses

Which of my stories are you most interested in reading, and think I should work on the most? Please vote in my poll below. I know I’ve been doing a lot more polls as of late, but I like the interactive aspect of them.

11 thoughts on “My Wattpad Stories

  1. I recently left Wattpad because it wasn’t worth the time and effort posting stories there. Many of the readers there just want free work and won’t even support the writers. Also, Wattpad, as a company, doesn’t help writers get their work noticed. More than likely, you’ll be posting stories there that will barely get any attention. Sadly, I got tired of my work taking up virtual dust. Unless you cater to the Wattpad demographic – teen girls – and write cliche romance, x reader stories, teen fiction, or poorly written horror stories, your work won’t get noticed. That’s just my word of advice. I feel there are much better writing sites out there to get reviews on your work. However, if you’re looking to just post your work for fun and don’t want anything to come of it, Wattpad is great.

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    1. Hmm, thanks for your input. I just have wine acquaintances who were able to get a fairly decent readership, and I wanted to see if I could do it too. Honestly, I’ll never be able to write clichè romance (I’m having enough trouble with my romantic thriller), so maybe (hopefully well written) thriller/mystery will be enough…Do you have any other recommendations for writing sites? I’m wondering where you post.

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  2. Ugh, I totally know what you mean. Like last month I got wattpad, and I started writing a story and was super motivated. I mean, I wrote 6,500 words in 3 days, then my brain went pppppbbbbbbttt….
    brains are mean

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  3. I haven’t been on wattpad in awhile, but I really enjoyed reading your stories when I used to be on it! Your new one sounds especially thrilling! (I don’t know what it’s inspired by, sorry! I tried thinking of a webtoon it could have been based on, but none came to mind.) Keep up the good work with your writing!

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    1. That’s okay! And thanks, I hope that you’ll like it. (Hehe, I loosely based off the classic book Rebecca, as I was wondering what it would be like set in modern times. It’s one of the few classics I’ve finished and liked, so I recommend it!). But I hope that if you find yourself on Wattpad again, you’ll like it!

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  4. Hi, I’m new to Wattpad with not a lot of views so far either. I’m sticking with it until I finish my current WIP at least. Every social thing has its own quirks, I guess. I’m off to read your 9-L story, cause I like SF!

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