Most Beautiful Webtoons By Genre: Drama

While I procrastinate on reading more Webtoons to work on my best male and female characters by genre, I decided to look at some art by genre. (What can I say? I like these genre centered posts. They’re easier to pin down). I will also be doing lists like best writing! (I’m so lazy). I’m also going to do both canon art from the comics, and non canon art from the artists that involves the characters.

The one genre I will sadly have to exclude will be thriller. There aren’t enough thriller Webtoons out there that I can say have gorgeous art, though I may do action as a replacement, we’ll see.

10. The Stories of Those Around Me, omyo, complete:

Link: The Stories of Those Around Me

This Webtoon proves that sometimes, less is more. It’s a very simple art style, yet is also cute and charming because of that. It has a more cutesy vibe about it, but don’t let that fool you; often enough, in its more fantastic sequences or after-comic doodles, it has a more wondrous, imaginative charm about it, as shown above. While the comic itself is set in a modern world, there are touches of fantasy included, making it all the more lovely in its simplicity.

9. A Matter of Life and Death, The Spinster, ongoing:

Link: A Matter of Life and Death

Another Webtoon with a more simple touch, A Matter of Life and Death is in black and white, with an ink pen look that makes it all the more unique. The tiny details are what truly make this art unique; look at the small lines in Death’s suit! The star in Life’s hair! This has a more unique feel about it because of the pen; it has details and tiny touches other comics don’t have because of that.

8. Four Quarters, Kurisustinah, ongoing:

Link: Four Quarters

If you want to see an art evolution, look at Four Quarters. The art begins as rather amateurish, I even dropped it because of the art at first. But the artist changes her art style so many times, and each time it gets so much better, more fluid and pretty. It’s so cool to see an artist change like this, you don’t see it often. So don’t drop this because of the beginning art; just look forward to it changing and evolving in the future!

7. Duty After School, Ilkwon Ha, complete:

Link: Duty After School

Every time you check out an Ilkwon Ha Webtoon, you can expect two things; an innovative story and jaw dropping art. While Duty After School may have a more simple look than his other two Webtoons, it has a more gruesome and nightmarish look as well. It captures the psychological horror aspects of soldiers beautifully, even while having a ton of violence. In fact, that’s why it’s here; it captures the psychological aspect in the art amazingly, while also finding beauty in the very things that cause the characters’ pain and horror.

6. Lookism, Taejoon Park, ongoing:

Link: Lookism

Lookism has some of the most realistic art on Webtoons. The artist tries his best to have more realistic faces and character designs, sometimes being a little too detailed. But that’s also why it’s here; the amount of detail in each face, whether they be attractive or ugly, is incredible! The artist tries his best to make everyone and everything look like they came out of a photo. I’m always amazed by the amount of intricate detail.

5. Aisopos, Yangsoo Kim and Dogado, complete:

link: Aisopos

This has one of the most interesting art styles. It’s a mix of a style reminiscent of Ancient Greece and of the classic manhwa art style. Of course, for a fictionalized account of the life of Aesop, this is ideal. Yangsoo Kim and Dogado’s vision of the life of Aesop comes out beautifully here, giving off the feel of Ancient Greece, yet having a modern feel, giving Aiopos a very different vibe than most Webtoons. If you come here for the sake of an interesting reimagining and gorgeous art, you won’t be disappointed.

4. Lumine, Emma Krogell, ongoing:

Link: Lumine

Art link: Emma Krogell’s twitter

Lumine‘s art has changed a lot since its time in Discover, and that’s for the best. While it was always pretty good, the art since it became featured has elevated it to a whole other level. The faces have more variety, the backgrounds are more detailed…but really, it comes down to the coloring and rendering. It is absolutely gorgeous now. Krogell truly knows how to use her colors to create effects and emotions, as well as foreshadowing. It has a more subtly ominous vibe (that cat sprit…) than it did in Discover.

3.  Dr. Frost, JongBeom Lee, “complete”?:

Link: Dr. Frost

When you first look at Dr. Frost, it may not look like anything special. The character design is fairly good, even if there is some same-facing (to be fair, Lee has admitted this, and in the episode after he admitted it, he introduced a new character with a totally different face). But it’s the coloring, rendering, and composition that give it a spot here. It’s incredibly stylish. The composition and layout even make it look like an animated movie at times. In the beginning, it had a cooler color scheme, giving it a more mysterious vibe. But like the main character, the colors warm up, becoming more inviting, making the darker episodes towards the end rather ironic.

2. Space Boy, Stephen McCranie, ongoing:

Link: Space Boy

Space Boy‘s art is reminiscent of retro, sixties era cartoons that we all have fond memories of as a child, yet also gives off a Studio Ghibli vibe too. Both show detail and beauty in the tiniest of things, and both have the characters do small things like trip and fall down, the tiny things that add a layer of realism to them. This also pays a lot of attention to backgrounds and have a lot going on behind the characters, as well as cool set design. The character designs are also unique, as many are based on different shapes. One of the best things is that the characters don’t same-face, everyone looks different! Same with the body types; there’s a lot of diversity.

1. Annarasumanara, Ilkwon Ha, complete:

Link: Annarasumanara

This is still one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. The innovation is simply out of this world, and each panel has the power to hit you in the feels. It’s a very delicate, whimsical style. Ilkwon Ha includes reality in his art, which has paper foldings, clouds, money, and everyday objects.Each use can be interpreted as either a symbol or a metaphor, adding even more layers and depth to his stories. The art bolsters the writing, and even contributes to the story in a way. If his stories weren’t comics or something visual, they would be missing something, that’s how valuable the art is. For the most part, Annarasumanara is in black and white, but that makes the splashes of color even more impactful.

Which drama  Webtoon did you find the most beautiful? Please vote in my poll:


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