My Favorite Webtoon Recommendations By Genre: Thriller

To me, Webtoons has a good thriller section…but it needs some work. It needs more mysteries! But they do have a solid selection of stories to look at, and many of them are really, really good.

10. Distant Sky, Inwan Youn and Sunhee Kim, completed:

Link: Distant Sky

Distant Sky is about a boy who wakes up in a destroyed, dark, Gangnam. He can't even see the sky. He doesn't understand what has happened to him, nor where he is. He finds another survivor, a girl named Heyool, and they try to survive this creepy world together while finding out what happened. They have to deal with escaped wild animals, fellow survivors who have gone insane, and their own minds. This is a very random, unpredictable series, one that isn't everyone's cup of tea. But it can become very addicting.

9. Chiller, various artists, completed:

Link: Chiller

This is a collaborative Webtoon made by several artists from Korea. It has a lot of different art styles and story ideas because of that, but they're all really creepy because of one thing: It has sound effects and moving pictures, making for an eerily immersive experience. And it works; it’s absolutely terrifying. This was one of my few DNFs, not because it wasn't good, but because of how scary it could get. If you love horror, this is a must read. And if you enjoyed this, go check out Shriek, which has a very similar style (different artists, moving pictures, sound effects). 

8. HIVE, Kyusam Kim, ongoing:

Link: Hive

This is not your typical apocalypse. Why? One word: bugs. Huge, gigantic bugs that are nightmare fuel. If you're scared of bugs, don't read this. Ever. It's enough to inspire a phobia of bugs, especially wasps. But it's worth reading because of the characters; they're all well written and interesting, even the characters that aren't terribly likable. It follows Lee, an ordinary guy who is trying to fight to survive and find his wife and daughter. His group of survivors includes Gramps, one of the most badass old men you'll ever see, and Seong, Lee's assistant who is suspicious, to say the least…

7. Melvina's Therapy, A. Rasen, ongoing:

Link: Melvina's Therapy

One of the most recent Webtoons to become featured, Melvina's Therapy is already an amazing thriller. So far, it's episodic, with Melvina being a therapist who helps her patients uncover the truth about themselves, no matter how horrifying that truth may be. It has a creepy atmosphere, and the pen and ink looking drawings are an interesting artistic choice, giving it a very different look than most Webtoons. It's reminiscent of older horror movies, if those movies were made modern day, but retained that older feel.  And Melvina may have just become the most mysterious Webtoon psychologist, we know even less about her than Dr. Frost and Seonghyun Moon (amazingly enough).

6. Duty After School, Ilkwon Ha, completed:

Link: Duty After School

The only thriller to not be in the thriller category (it's in the drama category…why, I dunno.), Duty After School is another Webtoon by the amazing Ilkwon Ha. It's about a class that is forced to become soldiers when strange cells invade Earth. While this series certainly doesn't shy away from blood and death, the true thriller aspect comes from the psychological horror and impact on the students.  The Cells and the deaths are eerie enough, but seeing the students succumb to their paranoia and develop PTSD is even creepier. The gore is enough to make this a horror, but when the Webtoon focuses on the impact of war and death on the students and their crumbling sanity is when it truly becomes a thriller masterpiece.

5. Catharsis, ahniki, ongoing:

Link: Catharsis

One of my more recent reads, Catharsis is a thriller that knows to take its time. It's not afraid to be slow and build up the world, even when readers are impatient for more. In some ways, that makes this hard to get into, but it's worth it; the slow buildup grows the suspense and makes the Timorem's (the fear inducing creatures) sudden appearances so alarming. This is about Leon, a normal guy who behaves normally (for the most part he doesn't act like those horror movie characters), and how he becomes involved with Catharsis, the group that battles the Timorem. Despite the somewhat cliched premise, this becomes surprisingly psychological, especially when it concerns fear.

4. Gatekeeper, boxno, ongoing:

Link: Gatekeeper

This is one of my favorite Discover Webtoons, but sadly it hasn't updated since February…c'mon, Boxno, get back here! Anyway, this is about Olivia, a very normal girl who, while at a job interview, meets Jack Kane, an assassin who promptly assassinates her potential employer. But for surprisingly "good" reasons. Already from the first episode it's morally ambiguous. As they go on, Olivia discovers that Jack has 'facial blindness', keeping him from recognizing people's faces. She eventually becomes Jack's assistant, helping him in his assassinations and becoming an employee of the agency he works for, known as "Gatekeeper."

3. S.I.D, Sadaham, ongoing:

Link: S.I.D

This is like a mix of the X-Files and Supernatural. In fact, an easy way to describe it is as "Supernatural, but Korean." Like, the hunters are shaman who can use magic to deal with spirits. The may seem more on the fantasy spectrum, but this is also a thriller. It has (mild) jump scares, and plenty of plot twists and turns. It's about Simoon Lee, a detective who can see ghosts, but is apart from shamans, until one case happens that does get him involved in the lives of other shamans. As he meets the other characters, you get to see the Supernatural Investigation Department grow and change. If you like mysteries with dashes of paranormal and supernatural, this is a must read.

2. American Ghost Jack, completed:

Technically not a Webtoon, but a manhwa (you can find it completed on Tapastic, but you can find the first season on several manga sites), this could be several different genres, like thriller, fantasy, mystery, and romance. It's about Go-Eun Ma, a girl who runs a 'ghost house' with her father at an amusement park. When it seems like it'll be demolished, she goes to the Dunn Rose Mansion, a house where the famous musician, Jack Bland, once lived; a house so scary that you'll get a million dollars if you stay there for a period of time. Go-Eun has incredibly repressed emotions due to trauma, and she begins to uncover the secrets behind Dunn Rose and the main resident ghost, Jack Bland.

1. Bastard, Carnby Kim, Youngchan Hwang, completed:

Link: Bastard

This is one of those thrillers that you can't describe without major spoilers, but I'll try my best. There's a reason this was the most popular thriller on Webtoon for a while. It's about a time when there are mysterious serial killings happening. The main character is Jin Seon, a boy who has a plethora of health problems, including artificial valves in his heart and a glass eye. He happens to know who the killer is, but he can't reveal their identity. Why? Read until episode three to find out. Anyway, he also happens to know who the killer's next target is: Kyun Yoon, a classmate of his whom he becomes determined to save and protect, no matter the cost. This is an amazing thriller, one of the very few to put me on the edge of my seat when it updated. It's amazing at building suspense, and is the perfect binge read. If you're doing nothing at the moment, what are you waiting for? Go read this, now!

My next (and sadly last) genre recommendation will be slice of life. However, I will be doing more top ten best male/female character lists by genre, as well as most beautiful Webtoons by genre, and eventually, the best written Webtoons by genre. Stay tuned, guys!

Also, please vote for the best thriller Webtoon in this poll below. Remember, this is for the best Webtoon overall list, so VOTE! I need them.

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