Top Ten Male Webtoon Characters by Genre: Comedy

These guys can make us laugh with their antics (or even lack thereof), and they can either balance comedy and drama perfectly…or just focus on comedy. That is our focus today!

Morae Baek, I Don't Want This Kind of Hero, Samchon:
Link: I Don't Want This Kind of Hero

You wouldn't expect this guy to be the leader of an evil organization, right? Or that he's a Yandere towards a Spoon member? Or that his love of cats seems to be a creepy projection of his obsession? Well, he's all three. Originally a kind scientist, after seeing inhumane experimentations and eventually becoming one, he snapped and went on a murderous rampage. His insanity only worsened after meeting Raptor, a cat-hybrid member of Spoon whom he became obsessed with (for reasons I don't know yet). He may seem harmless at first, but he isn't. He can do frightening things, even while looking adorable. He definitely shouldn't be underestimated. And to top it off, all the things he's done is to win Raptor back. Talk about Yandere…

10. Florence, Winter Moon, R. Merryweather/ Mayui:
Link: Winter Moon

I think the picture summarizes this guy's personality perfectly. Basically, he's a wizard in an online RPG game. He's definitely on the fabulous side, making him hilarious, especially with his interactions with Risa, a gold digging priestess who's used to getting guys to fall for her…except when she's around Florence. Then either he's able to beat the guy up (because said guy is annoying him or being noisy) or steals the guy away from her. Their interactions are the best part of the comic, especially when they're trying to outwit the other.

9. Tomo, Live With Yourself! Shen:
Link: Live with Yourself!

Fanart link: Tomo from Live with Yourself
Tomo is likely the most logical character in this Webtoon, which isn't saying much, but still…as the near future version of the main character, Todd, he's the one who is most trying to keep Todd healthy, as what Todd does today affects Tomo the most. This includes trying to get Todd to sleep more, and from doing dumb stuff, like painting Babs' room different colors and basically causing chaos because of the screwed up timeline. He's also self-aware, and has helped with breaking the fourth wall.

8. The Zombie, Boyfriend of the Dead, Ushio:
Link: Boyfriend of the Dead

I just realized we don't know any of the characters' names here. Anyway, this zombie is definitely different than most. He's a picky eater, for starters. And not in the, "I don't like eating humans," way. He doesn't like eating humans with artificial additives, like makeup or oils, and he doesn't like not knowing where food comes from. When he finds out about a certain human (the girly-girl) massacring zombies, he decides to have a raid similar to games. In an attempt to communicate, he visualizes doing so in a Death Note reference (always fun), and basically fails. Trust me, he's way funnier than I make him out to be.

7. Sasa, I Don't Want This Kind of Hero, Samchon:
Link: I Don't Want This Kind of Hero

Fanart link: Ansuansuan Tumblr
Sasa appears to be the cool, dark and gothic mentor when he first appears. Except, no, he isn't. Like the rest of the superheroes, he's a deconstruction. He can be just as clumsy a hero as everyone else in Spoon. He gets captured super easily. Although he's more competent than his debut suggests, he's not as special as everyone makes him out to be. He's also meant to be Naga's mentor, but has no idea how. And despite his dark looks, he's actually one of the nicest characters, but doesn't express it well. While trying to get to know Naga, he attempts to smile to diffuse the awkwardness…which only makes things worse.

6. Jamie, Oh! Holy, Ahyun:
Link: Oh! Holy

While I haven't read this for a while and am horribly behind, this is what I remember. Jamie is an incredibly socially awkward student who can see ghosts. In fact, his only friends are ghosts. When he goes to a new school and, he reunites with his old childhood friend and crush, a girl named Holy. He tries to avoid her ( he thought she denied being friends with him and ran off before he heard her call him her boyfriend), but she pursues him. After she gets involved in an accident and is reduced to being a ghost in a coma, he does a lot to save her, including summoning a Reaper. His attempts often go badly…very badly.

5. Todd, Live with Yourself! Shen:
Link: Live with Yourself!

Todd has broken the fourth wall…repeatedly. The victim of the accident that caused him to have to live with three other versions of himself (Tomo, his close future version, Babs, him as an infant, and Oldie, elderly him), he now has to literally live with himself. He doesn't do the best job, often making comedic stupid choices while getting hints (and glimpses into the future) from his other selves. His poor decisions affect his other selves a lot, often in the most random, chaotic, crazy ways. He lives in a nonsensical world, often being one of the main sources of the insanity.

4. Heo Sae, God of Bath, Ilkwon Ha:
Link: God of Bath

This guy is a ridiculously unlikable guy, but a funny main character. Hilarious because of his vanity and overconfidence, but unlikable for those very same reasons. Heo Sae accidentally gets a job at a bath house to avoid debts, but only thinks of leaving the second he has enough cash. While working at a bath house is certainly not a dream profession, it's like, be a little more respectful with your workplace and coworkers…eventually, he gets involved in a contest of sorts, dreaming of the prize money and car. Like Ilkwon Ha's other work, Annarasumanara, Heo Sae learns about others' dreams and the expectations society places on people, but in a much funnier way. Whether he be likable or not, his antics are hilarious.

3. Jeff, ShootAround, Suspu:
Link: ShootAround

When I read something by Suspu that said when she created ShootAround, she wanted to write a main character who's somewhat useless, I knew Jeff would have to appear on a list like this somehow. He's the most sane person in this world, often reacting the way most people would on the inside, though acting a little tougher on the outside for the sake of the basketball team he coached, despite all of the girls being way tougher than he is. But he's definitely the emotional support and becomes a dad to each of them. He's also really funny, although not purposely; the fast he's the most sane character makes him the butt of most of the jokes, especially with his realistic reactions (including fainting).

2. Naga, I Don't Want This Kind of Hero, Samchon:
Link: I Don't Want This Kind of Hero

Fanart link: unknown
Naga is the main character in this wonderful superhero deconstruction who actually acts like how a high school superhero would act. When he was being recruited by the hero organization Spoon, he turned them down. Why? Because he had concerns about volunteer hours, jobs, and having a life in general. Once he joins, he doesn't have a huge impact on the plot for a long time, which is of course pointed out by other characters. Naga is incredibly OP, as his powers include: telekinesis, teleportation, X-Ray vision (as shown with his always closed eyes), and mind reading. But he's overly passive too, often unmotivated in his heroic acts. But despite his passiveness, you don't want to tick him off. Just don't. He looks plain, but he can be scary.

1. Shen, Bluechair:
Link: Bluechair

How could I not put this guy on here? He's the creator of not just one, but two great comedy Webtoons, both of which are two of the most popular in the site. That is not a small act. So how did Shen create two popular comedies? Honestly, I don't know. He's just funny. That's all I can say. But it's what he does with his comics, especially Bluechair, that make him so popular. He answers readers' Q&As on a weekly basis, and even asks them to submit stories (which he sometimes illustrates) from time to time. He's really innovative, taking the comedy Webtoon (which can be a little tiresome and repetitive after a while) and reinventing them to make them fresh. Another thing he did was make an episode with just paper cut outs, no drawings. That's probably a reason why he's so popular; he's funny and creative.

Which male comedy Webtoon character is your favorite? Please vote in my poll below. Remember, this is for the culmination list of, Best Male Webtoon Characters, in general.

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