Biweekly Q&A #1: What numeral between 1-9 is the most aesthetically pleasing to me?

So, here I am, trying out the new feature. This will be a little shorter than most of them, but that's because this is sort of a tester post of sorts.
Also, I will name each post after the first question I get. Nothing like a little competition, am I right? Without further ado, here we go!

Lauren Busser's questions:

1. What numeral between 1-9 is the most aesthetically pleasing to you?
Huh, interesting question…maybe 8, because when you turn it on its side, it kinda looks like an infinity symbol..

2. You get to open a theme coffee shop! What is your theme and what are the three drinks you're known for?
Theme coffee shops, eh? Never heard of them. Anyway… I'll be uncreative and say chocolate, because chocolate coffee drinks are my favorite. That would include dark, milk, semi-sweet, and to be nice, white (even though white chocolate technically isn't chocolate). And for drinks: 1. Death By Chocolate blended mocha: chocolate coffee blended with dark, milk, and white chocolate chips, chocolate syrup, and topped off with whipped cream and crushed chocolate chips. 2. White chocolate raspberry blended mocha: white chocolate mocha blended with a lot of raspberry sauce, and topped with whipped cream and raspberry syrup. 3. Chocolate Lava Cake mocha (not blended): chocolate and coffee drink with hot fudge and chocolate chips, dark and milk, with plenty of whipped cream and chocolate syrup. Perfect for winter. Suddenly I want this shop to exist!

Jenna Nicole's questions:

1. (You’ll have to have watched Avatar: The Last Airbender for this so you know what all the elements do) If you could control one element, which would it be? And no, you are NOT the avatar.🙂
I found a chart depicting the benders's varying hand shapes. Here:

According to this, I have fire bender hands. So there's your answer.

2. You wake up and realize you have become an animal. What animal are you and why?
Cat. Because they're usually spoiled rotten. And it would work best if I got their taste buds too…as much as I love cats, I can't stand the smell of their food.

3. Choose a favourite season. What are reasons you enjoy this season? Post fun pictures to describe your reasons!
Uh…uh…uh…maybe fall. Because the weather is at its best then; not too hot and not too cool. And besides, the trees are pretty then.

Visually, I like winter the most though; it's cool to see my local wildlife standing in snow. But weather wise, I don't like it. I only like snow when I see it inside my warm house. 😅

4. Are you sunrise, daylight, twilight, or night? Please share why you picked your time of day?
Either twilight or night. Twilight because my energy starts to pick up then. Night because that's when I find motivation to actually do stuff. I'm a night person, and I hate it. (Why can't I like mornings best?)

5. If you could meet any historical figure, who would you choose and why?
These questions always stump me, because it's so much to think of. This answer varies by day and by mood. Maybe just a famous writer? I'm unsure which one, but likely someone whose writing I like. I might be able to answer this with more clarity when I find more classic writers I like. (I'm trying to find copies of Breakfast of Champions [my dad highly recommends that book for me] and 1984 [as I'll likely write some science fiction when I'm older and I'm growing tired of dystopian clichès, I want to find a dystopia that came before The Hunger Games.]).

Icebreaker's questions:

1. What’s the strangest thing that you witnessed this week?
For strange in a good way, it would be seeing Kiki's Delivery Service on the big screen. I've seen this movie since I was about four, but seeing it in a theater (and in the original Japanese with subtitles) was an entirely new experience. It was strange, but in a great way.

2. When you read, do you look more into the plot or the characters?
This is weird, but both. If a book has a great plot but bad characters, it's hard for me to get into it. But if a book has great characters but a weak plot, I'm more likely to enjoy it, but more in the short run than in the long run. So more of a balance of both story and characters. It's a hard balance, but it can be done.

3. What shows are you currently watching? (Can be on Netflix, Movies, Anime, etc.)
Ack. A ton at once. I'm currently watching RWBY volume 4, My Little Monster (an anime series), Durarara (with my mom), Monster (this is an anime that's on and off; I love it, it's amazing, but it can get so dark that I need breaks from time to time) and I just watched The Force Awakens last night, and I look forward to seeing Rogue One on Netflix soon. (How am I getting anything done?) The fastest one for me is RWBY though, it's the easiest to watch (it's on YouTube for free). Besides, the faster I watch, the more I can fangirl with some of my friends.

4. If you were trapped on an deserted island, would you a) look for food first b) plan your escape first or c) build your shelter.
It depends. I would likely try to survey my surroundings first, try to figure out how habitable it is. Then collect food and attempt shelter, and then figure out an escape. I need to be alive to escape after all.

5. What 5 things must you have with you at all times whenever you go out?
My purse, my wallet, my keys, my cell phone, and of course, shoes. (I only have two pairs though).

Well, this was fun! I think I'll post these every two weeks on a Saturday. Gives you guys plenty of time to post questions for me. Thanks for reading these self indulgent posts, haha!

16 thoughts on “Biweekly Q&A #1: What numeral between 1-9 is the most aesthetically pleasing to me?

  1. Great post! I’ve heard of themed cafes but never been in one. I don’t think there are any near me. πŸ˜… I’ve been watching RWBY on CrunchyRoll but got annoyed of the ads, if it’s on YouTube I’ll probably continue S2 there. πŸ˜€ I’m a night person too. I seem to function better, and write better posts in the night, so I tend to stay up and do creative things. I wish I could be a morning person, but I don’t think I ever will, haha. And I used to watch a bit of Avatar when the series was still airing. I have firebender hands, by looking at that photo.

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    1. Thanks! Yeah, I’m not sure there are any near me either. Actually, Rooster Teeth (the animation studio that makes RWBY) posts each episode for free on YouTube, which is cool! My parents always try to make me go to bed earlier, but I’m like, “I’m a night person!”

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      1. Yeah, it’s the easiest way to watch it for sure. I actually had some brain scanning last year (nothing serious, just stuff to help with like mood stuff) and it turns out, my brain never rests; it’s always thinking. They think that may be why I’m so tired all the time, lol.

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      2. Thanks for telling me!
        And that certainly would explain it. I hadn’t had to go in for a brain scan before, but I’d bet they’d say that to me too. (I’m always tired, haha.)
        Also I sent you an email with my answers!

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    1. If you could bring back to life one classic literary hero/heroine, who would it be and why?
    2. If you could transport yourself into any webtoon, what would it be?
    3. Knock, knock! There is package at the door – what is your dream book arriving?
    4. If you got a new kitty and had to name it after a character from any type of media, who would you name it after?

    Also, love that picture. That’s hilarious the kitty went in it. I’ll have to try it with my own. XD Wonderful first post, kate! πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Ahahahaha. I was like, I promised Kate, I would try questions, and I was so very proud of myself there. XD But thank you. XD
        Ahahaha yesssssss. That would be perfect. He was looking very judgmental back there. XD

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  3. Awesome post! I also love Fall!! It makes me so happy! The colours, the drinks, being able to wear warm sweaters outside without a parka…love it! I apparently would also be a fire bender, but I would choose water if I had the choice πŸ™‚

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    1. Autumn is just my favorite for the sake of the nice weather and beauty. And yeah, it’s nice to not have to wear heavy clothing, haha. The drinks may not be my favorite (call me weird, but I don’t like pumpkin or apple cider much at all)… I would also rather choose water than fire, but according to the chart, I’m fire…strange.


  4. Hey you answered my questions! I am totally with you on the number 8! Here are a few more questions for you:

    1) You see a penny on the street but it’s tails up! What do you do?

    2) What is immediately to your left right now?

    3) Monsters, wizards, or zombies?

    4) Are you a glass half-full or a glass half-empty person?

    5) What do you want to be when you grow up?

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