Top Ten Female Webtoon Characters by Genre: Comedy

These female characters can make us laugh just as much, if not more, than the guys. Whether they be deconstruction characters or just plain funny, they more than earn a spot here.

Also, I don't read a lot of comedy Webtoons…so like with the last list, expect a lot of characters from the same series…sorry!


Lady, I Don't Want This Kind of Hero, Samchon:

Link: I Don't Want This Kind of Hero

Fanart link: Naver Blog

You can describe Lady with one word: Yandere. After being saved by Naga, the protagonist, this member of Knife ends up developing an obsessive crush on him. (Hmm, who does that remind me of? Ah yes, it sounds like Morae Baek's obsession with Raptor is repeating history…). She starts off cute enough, giving him packed lunches and gushing about her feelings. That was fine. And then the Yandere tendencies began. She drugs him in an attempt to neutralize her powers, kidnaps him, and then tries to frame him for a bombing to get him fired from Spoon. She even pulls out a knife at the sight of Hyena, a ten year old member of Spoon who is Naga's teammate, all because Hyena happens to be a girl. I think she's learning too many lessons from Morae…

10. Risa, Winter Moon, R. Merryweather and Mayui:
Link: Winter Moon

Risa is a contradiction. In this online RPG, she plays as a gold digging priestess, using her looks to get male players to give her money and clothes. This contradiction is funny enough, as her antics are ridiculous and shouldn't work. But it's her interactions with her rival, Florence, that truly make her funny. She doesn't handle a gay man getting more guys than she does. Their personalities bounce off each other, especially as she plans her revenge on him for beating her "boyfriend" (for lack of a better term) and humiliating her.

9. Raptor, I Don't Want This Kind of Hero, Samchon:
Link: I Don't Want This Kind of Hero

Fanart source: unknown

Raptor reminds me of Blake Belladonna from RWBY a little; both are cat hybrids, have long, wavy hair, and Blake's Volume 4 outfit even reminds me of Raptor's outfit a bit. Plus, they both have crazy guys after them, due to past relationships that neither girl really want anymore. Anyway, Raptor is a typically nice, pleasant person to be around, and works with two other Spoon members; Haze, (whom she's dating) and Stell (her brother). She may be in a wheelchair, but she's still got a lot of skill with knives. But her nice demeanor drops when Morae Baek is in the picture; she can be scary when mad.

8. Elise, ShootAround, suspu:
Link: ShootAround

I decided to opt out of a picture for Elise, as her season 1 and season 2 appearances are very, very different, and really spoilery… Anyway, when Elise was first introduced, I didn't think I'd like her; she seemed way too suspicious. But she proved to be an asset for the team, able to kill zombies with ease. She was also really funny with her interactions with her brother, Jorgen, and her flirting with Hotaru. But then season 2 happened, and Elise changed…a lot. She became an incredibly sympathetic character, someone we all hoped would be able have a happy ending.

7. The Girly Girl, Boyfriend of the Dead, Ushio:
Link: Boyfriend of the Dead

This girl (whom we also don't know the name of) is a deconstruction of most badasses living in a post-apocalyptic world. She's definitely a girly-girl, always wanting to look her best, and worrying about her hair and makeup even while killing zombies. But sometimes it's because she's a girly girl that she can do what she does; she once went on a zombie massacre because one of them dared to touch her purse. She is such an unexpected take on a character: usually the super feminine women are wimpy or useless, but here's one kicking butt and deserving to be on a show like the Walking Dead. How is that not funny?

6. Sarah Anderson, Sarah's Scribbles:
Link: Sarah's Scribbles

Everyone knows Sarah. Everyone has stumbled across her on Google images at some point, her comic is so famous. Heck, she's even written comic books! So why is she so famous? Easy. She gets life. She understands how weird life can be, and social interaction. She is incredibly relatable with her thoughts on music, dating, periods, fears, and of course, cats. The cat strips are my favorite, to be honest. Anyway, I think that's why she's so famous. She gets life, exaggerates it, and is relatable.

5. Hyena, I Don't Want This Kind of Hero, Samchon:
Link: I Don't Want This Kind of Hero

Fanart link: unknown

Hyena is the younger sister of Dana, the leader of Spoon, and is also the youngest member. But despite her age, she's one of the most capable members. She's a talented witch, and has been known to summon demons to her aid. She may be adorable on the outside, but even Naga notes that despite being a hero, she can sometimes act like a thug, attacking Knife whenever she spots them. She often plays up her cuteness, but that act falters whenever she's fighting. She does have some of Dana's tempter, though not as much.

4. Holy Joo, Oh Holy, Ahyun:
Link: Oh Holy

As I haven't read this in a while, this'll be short. Anyway, this is about the calmest you'll ever see Holy (it's really not the most accurate image of her). Holy is the class rep, but is a far cry from what you'd expect; she's hyper, over enthusiastic, and protective of her crush, Jamie. In fact, she's his polar opposite. Her antics don't stop when she falls into a coma and becomes a ghost, either; she's determined to return to her body, but also enjoys the perks of not being seen…a lot.

3. Yura, God of Bath, Ilkwon Ha:
Link: God of Bath

Yura is likely the sanest member of this Webtoon. Even though it's been a while since I finished this, this is what I remember: While she's the most normal, she's still passionate about working at the bath house, which is still strange, but when you look at other employees (cough, Kang Hae, cough) she seems downright normal. She's a cheerful girl who is also the most mature character, but she still makes mistakes sometimes. She often helps Heo Sae with working at the bath house, and helps him mature along the way.

2. Lyanna, ShootAround, suspu:
Link: ShootAround

While she may not look it, Lyanna is actually the smartest of the ShootAround gang. Even though she's impatient, hyper, and makes fandom references at the weirdest of times, she's also the best strategist. Also, in a comic where almost every character is in a romantic relationship or ship or some sort, Lyanna is one of the few who is single, although she has expressed interest in romance. But it's good to have a single character in a comic with so many couples. Instead of romance, it's her platonic  relationships, especially with The Old Man (another survivor whom she becomes close to) that make her well rounded.

1. Dana, I Don't Want This Kind of Hero, Samchon:
Link: I Don't Want This Kind of Hero

Fanart Source: Unknown

You wouldn't expect the leader of a hero organization like Spoon to be more violent, ill tempered, and easily angered than the leader of Knife, right? Well… Shile she is a good person, it's just harder to tell behind her Tsundere attitude. Her own teammates are scared of her; Naga even calls her the scariest person he knows. While she's called the strongest member of Spoon, it's also her anger that weakens her; the angrier she gets, the weaker she becomes. Despite her scary demeanor, she genuinely cares for her subordinates, and is a fantastic leader. But some of her funnier moments come with her interactions with Osu, her crush; she's humorously out of character for such a tough leader.

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