My Top 9 Anime Opening Themes+ 1 Ending Theme

Yesterday, I had a weird lack of motivation to do any blogging. It was a weird funk, and I forced myself to snap out of it by making a Top Ten List. So

And for the first theme, I'm going to cheat and choose my current favorite ending theme, because it's an ending I prefer over the OPs…

Also, you guys should know that around the third place song, they're basically all equal. My top three can switch from day to day, I like them all!

10. Monster Without a Name, Psycho-Pass:

Link to watch: Monster Without a Name

No, no no…I didn't put this here because the title sounds like a reference to Naoki Urasawa's Monster (even if Makishima reminds me of Johan for some reason…) No, I put this here for other reasons! Like the sound, the melody, the vocals, etc. The lyrics do a great job of symbolizing aspects of the anime (though in a considerably lighter way than either the two OPs), it has cool visuals, and is sung by a great voice, ensuring this as one of my most memorable EDs in memory (although I prefer the song Magia from Puella Magi Madoka Magica, the visuals in this one ultimately gave it a spot here).

9. Noragami Season 1

Link: Noragami Official OP

While the blaring rock sound may not be my favorite, I still enjoy the song enough and definitely like the visuals a lot. The lyrics are cool and catchy, though really it comes down to the visuals. The fact that it's mostly monochrome, but with colors splashed throughout, already makes this OP pretty visually pleasing to the eyes. However, it's the choreography and layout that truly make this a great piece of eye candy in some ways; while some quieter moments do stand out, (like Yato on train) it's the action sequences that make this stand out.

8. Treacherous Sunset, Durarara:

Link: Treacherous Sunset

This was an opening I didn't like at first. The song was not my favorite, as I found it kind of grating to my ears at first. But as time went on, I really started to like it a lot! However, my favorite part is definitely the visuals, especially the still images that appear in the beginning and end. When I do my review of season 1, I'll make sure to include a collage I've made of them, just for fun. This song is a lot of fun too, I really warmed up to it, and I wish iTunes had it. I also like how DRRR puts recaps right in the middle of the OP; it's interesting! But ultimately, my favorite part would have to be the still images; I love pausing it and looking at each picture, they're so detailed.

7. Kiri, Ergo Proxy:

Link: Kiri

This is one of the most unique and interesting OPs I've seen. It's not the neatest or most organized, more of a collage of imagery. But boy, are those images interesting! This doesn't have a lot of color, and can be seen as gloomy or philosophical, it depends on the person. This also has plenty of foreshadowing and symbolism in it. But my favorite part is the song; unlike most anime themes, it's in English! It's also a very good song, and paired with the visuals makes for a gorgeous, detailed theme that can and will give goosebumps.

6. Shinzou Wo Sasageyo, Attack on Titan Season 2:

Link: Shinzou Wo Sasageyo

When I first heard this song, I was unsure about it (after the OPs of the first season, how could I not be?) But after listening a few times, I realized, "hey, this is a good song"…now I really like it, and want it to be on iTunes soon. This song manages to sound like the best parts of the first two OPs, but sounds like its own song at the same time. It's catchy, and has really good lyrics that match season 2. The visuals are a little more difficult; I really like them for the most part, the beginning has a more subtle feel than the first two in some ways, but when it gets to the action sequences, that is fantastic choreography. It flows well from character to character. But the ending visuals are kind of confusing for me; they may make more sense once I catch up to the manga, but for now, they seem to be like symbolism that I'm too dumb to understand. But

I do like this OP a lot!

5. Complications, Durarara:

Link: Complications

How do I describe the differences between my liking for both OPs for the first season? I prefer the visuals of Treacherous Sunset, but I like the song Complications more. I also feel Complications has a better flow in a way, moving from character to character with more grace and logic. The song isn't as rock as the first one; it's a little more subtle, reflecting on the less hectic, more human aspect of the series that is often overshadowed by the insanity. It reflects the light novels better than the anime in a way. While the visuals may lack the spark the first one did, they're still really good, and have a good flow from scene to scene.

4. Hey Kids! Noragami Aragoto:

Link: Hey, Kids!

Similar as to my reasons for preferring Complications over Treacherous Sunset, I just have to say I like the song Hey Kids! better than the first OP. I mean, dang, that is one catchy tune. I didn't like it at first, but now I absolutely love it. It so much fun, but when you read the lyrics, they actually match Aragoto really well in so many ways. This is a catchy tune that can really get stuck in your head. While the visuals are a little more typical than the first one, they still retain the monochrome with splashes of color look that is really cool, and even if the fight sequences aren't as unique, they still have stylish choreography.

3. Hacking to the Gate, Steins;Gate:

Link: Hacking to the Gate

Okay, this song is probably my favorite out of the entire list. It matches the time travel and science fiction of the show with an electric beat, but with an amazing voice. The singer is what makes this such a good song; her voice is alto, which surprised me in a good way, and she has range, able to belt out notes without over singing. Plus, the electric sound of the song doesn't touch the voice; no effects on the singer. Visually, this is also really cool, but not one of my favorites. It's kind of chaotic and difficult to understand, seemingly random at points. But this also matches the theme of complex time travel. Overall, this is a fantastic OP, perfect for an amazing show like Steins;Gate.

2. Guren No Yumiya, Attack on Titan:

Link: Guren no Yumiya

Everyone knew this was coming. That's why I chose it as the featured image; instant click bait! Guren No Yumiya is one of the most famous and iconic anime themes as of now. Even though it may have overstayed its welcome by this point in time, objectively, it does deserve the praise it gets. The song itself is great; it captures the grim world of AOT with gritty lyrics and harsh vocals. It's catchy, and like the show itself, knows how to get in your head. It's also got a lot of fierce energy, making it perfect as exercise music, haha. It gets people hyped. The visuals themselves are amazing; the animation is absolutely gorgeous, and while it gets chaotic from time to time, never becomes overboard, keeping a sense of order throughout. While I can understand many are tiring of it, I still think it's the best AOT OP, when looking at both the song and the visuals.

1. Unravel, Tokyo Ghoul:

Link: Unravel

You guys knew this had to be somewhere on the list, right? While it isn't as perfect as some claim, I still think it's a masterpiece in anime themes, balancing an amazing song and beautiful art. While TK's voice can sound a little off in quieter moments, for the most part his voice is brilliant; he has an incredible range. He can go from nearly whispering to belting out notes and sending chills down listener's skin. But the gem of the song is the lyrics; they are so deep and symbolic, they portray the message of Tokyo Ghoul better than the anime does itself. These are amazing words, somehow poetic but real. And the visuals…don't get me started. The animation is beautiful, and while they may not represent the gore that the anime has, it portrays the more psychological and human parts in a haunting, artistic way, packed with symbolism. After watching the theme, I knew I had to watch the show.

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