Most Beautiful Webtoons By Genre: Fantasy

Like with my Drama list, I will use a mix of official art and non official art. I will also have 11 choices; there are too many gorgeous fantasy Webtoons!

11. Rise From Ashes, Madeleine Rosca, ongoing:

Link: Rise from Ashes

This is a very steampunk style comic. It’s also a blend of manga and a traditional western art style, which is an interesting look that I love. I also love the character design, especially when it comes to the ghosts and their “husks” (objects they can possess); they are such unique and creative designs! This art looks very different than most Webtoon art; less “clean” in a way, a bit more free and loose. If you want an interesting blend of steampunk, manga, and western art, this is some of the best out there.

10. Born From Death, Tan Feli, ongoing:

Link:Born From Death

This is a fan translated comic from Indonesia I started back in February, but have recently gotten more into. It’s really creative looking, especially with its characters and colors! The colors are a major reason why it’s here; they are so vibrant and rich. The designs for the Undead (souls who have died and are now hunting monsters) and the Jinn (the monsters the Undead hunt) are seriously creative too. Something I find interesting is that the Undead’s world is more vibrantly colored than the human’s world.

9. The Strange Tales of Oscar Zahn, Tri Vuong, ongoing:

Link: The Strange Tales of Oscar Zahn

You would expect a comic about a ghostly paranormal investigator to have a gloomy, morose look, right? Well, while Oscar Zahn does often use a darker color palette, this is downplayed by its more often than not, uplifting, charming stories. The colors and rendering are gorgeous; they have a very soft, pastel feel, with an art style reminiscent of comics from the 20th century. While the art was always very good, it recently changed, and in a good way. While I always liked the character design, they now look much better, blending the older looks with a dash of modern. It’s definitely a subtle art evolution, and boy, is it something to see now.

8. S.I.D, Sadaham, ongoing:

Link: S.I.D

Talking about colors…gah! This Webtoon is worth checking out for the sake of the colors alone. They are so vibrant, so beautiful, and so amazingly rendered that it really does look like an animation. Each character design us unique too; no one same faces. There is a ton of detail in each picture, and it is so bright and interesting looking, every panel is a feast for the eyes. This is a stark contrast to the rather dark subject matter; a group of detectives and shamans investigating crimes committed by ghosts. The bright colors add an interesting juxtaposition to the content.

7. :Rebirth, 69erocento, ongoing:

Link: :Rebirth

Art link: [:Re] Thank You

This is another Webtoon that has grown a lot since it first began, and again, a lot of the beauty comes from the rendering and colors. It looks just as professional as the featured Webtoons. What can I say about this that I haven’t said before? Well, one thing that comes to mind is the foreshadowing; there is a lot of foreshadowing in the images, especially on the rereads. You can tell the artist pays a lot of attention to what she includes in her pictures. And her non colored sketches look amazing too!

6. Hooky, Miriam Bonastre Tur, ongoing:

Link: Hooky

Detail. That’s all I can say. Everything looks so intricate, so layered, that I just want to zoom onto random parts of the drawings, they’re so beautiful. I always wonder how Boaster Tur finishes each update in a week. It doesn’t help that this gives me a Ghibli vibe at times. It just has a whimsical feel about it. It’s also just a cute art style, which matches the story at the beginning…but now it’s just a sharp contrast to the dark twists and turns this has taken. And the coloring…wow, it can give off the happiest vibe, but it can also help prolong suspense give a dark and foreboding feel…

5. Dice, Hyunseok Yeon, ongoing:

Link: Dice

No matter how dark or harsh this story becomes, everything looks so delicately drawn, and with so much detail, whether it be the characters, the fights, or the dice themselves. One of the biggest strengths would be the coloring and rendering. It has a very pastel inspired color palette, which often contrasts with the extreme competitive nature of the story. Also, every character has a unique face; there is no same face syndrome. The detail is also very strong, but subtle as well; our main character’s face changes a lot, but slowly. Same with others; when I reread the first chapter, everything looked so different!

4. UnOrdinary, Uru-Chan, Ongoing:

Link: UnOrdinary

Art link: Queen

Three words: Those. Fight. Scenes. Uru-Chan is amazing at drawing intense fight scenes! She utilizes every character’s power in clear ways, but unlike other action Webtoons, the fights don’t become chaotic or hard to follow. They are choreographed very well, which make them easy to understand. The coloring is also awesome; vibrant and unique, adding a layer of detail to many panels. She also uses it very creatively, in a way that often uses foreshadowing. None of the panels feel too stuffed with “things”, or too sparse; in fact, there is a lot of hidden detail that is hard to find on the first read.

3. Catharsis, ahniki, ongoing:

Link: Catharsis

Catharsis has a beautiful, dream like quality about it…which is only fitting, as the characters (and the Catharsis agency) deal with nightmares. This has a very soft, subtle look, which can turn horrifying in a heartbeat when dealing with the nightmarish creatures known as Timorem, beings that latch onto fear. Their design is creepy, but really unique and creative; they are genuinely rather frightening looking. The main character, Leon, has synesthesia, making him able to see people’s voices as colors. This causes some of the best coloring in the entire series, as voices and colors blend together.

2. Dragnarok, KPJ/Magma, ongoing:

Link: Dragnarok

Dragons, man. Those are amazing dragons. Trust me, check out this art for the sake of these fantasy beasts. You can tell the artist puts a ton of detail into them, and the humans too. This has a very medieval, (and even though I haven’t seen it), I can say this reminds me of images I’ve seen of Game of Thrones. It has that medieval, fantasy look. not only are the people and dragon designs absolutely amazing, but the backgrounds are detailed and beautiful too. And the coloring and shading are fantastic, especially when it concerns fire and ice, and shadows as well.

1. Nightmare Factory, Snailords, ongoing:

Link: Nightmare Factory

Art Link:Under the Moonlight

This is an art evolution. It’s almost like an art documentary, the art changes so much. It was always pretty good, but the most recent updates are just jaw dropping. This is one of the most creative Webtoons when it comes to art. All of the character designs are really creative and unique. The rendering when it comes to the characters is also intricate. But the backgrounds…it takes a talented artist to make the viewers pay as much attention to the backgrounds as to the characters. And as this comic sometimes has horror themes, all I can say is that Snailords is one of the few artists I know who can make a hanging dead body visually appealing.

Which fantasy Webtoon did you find the most beautiful? Please vote in my poll:


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