Best Webtoon Stories By Genre: Drama

We are celebrating the art and the characters, so why not the story and the writing? 

8. The World Where I Belong, GMOW:

Link: The World Where I Belong

A new Discover Webtoon, this has caught my eye with both great art and an interesting story. It’s about Kouki Nukaga, a third year student who intended to commit suicide, but was saved by a mysterious girl named Airi. Airi turns out to be a guardian, a being that can save the suicidal. This is a fairly new story, so I can’t say much yet, but the concept is interesting, the art lovely, and I find it seriously underrrated.

7. Lookism, Taejoon Park:

Link: Lookism

This is one of the most famous manhwas. As there are a ton of chapters, I haven’t caught up to it yet. It’s about Daniel, a pretty…erm, unattractive guy who is mercilessly bullied at his school. But one day, he wakes up ina whole other, new attractive, body, while able to see himself asleep! Basically, he has two bodies now. He uses the attractive body to go to school, and uses the unattractive one for night jos after school. This Webtoon raises serious questions about body image, being judgmental, and self esteem.

6. Four Quarters, Kurisustinah:

Link: Four Quarters

This one is here for the sake of incredibly improved writing and story telling. It’s about Nana, a woman who has grown to become disheartened with the world, and uses fiction, especially otome games, as an escape. But one day she wakes up in a world that is very similar to an otome game, and everyone acts as if she’s always been there. But as she goes back to her world and back to the tome world, she begins to suspect that both worlds are real, and that there’s something weird going on.

5. Split, Kae and Dahae:

Link: Split

RESEARCH. That’s why this is here, this must take forever to make! This is about Sakuya Mori, a man who could be described as a workaholic. He is diligent and rises the ranks in his work frequently, making him incredibly accomplished while still young. But what nobody knows, himself included, is that he has dissociative identity disorder, or DID. He shares his body with another personality, Haruka Mori, a free spirited woman who knows what she wants. Haruka’s antics begin to wreck havoc on his life.

4. Cheese in the Trap, Soonkki:

Link: Cheese in the Trap

This is a story that makes you feel conflicted. This is about Seol Hong, an intuitive college student. This follows her relationship with Jung Yu, one of the most popular students who seemed to hate her the previous year, but is now friendly. As their friendship (and possibly more) grows, it is interrupted with the arrival of Inho Baek, a loudmouth who knew Jung very well and hates him for some reason. It doesn’t help that Jung has a shady, rather manipulative side to him that Seol can’t figure out. Is Jung just a normal guy who gives off bad vibes? Is he a possible sociopath? How genuine are his feelings for Seol? So many questions…

3. Annarasumanara, Ilkwon Ha:

Link: Annarasumanara

This is a modern day fairy tale with realism thrown in, even when you don’t want it. It’s about Ai Yun, a cynical girl who just wants to become a grown up as soon as possible to support both herself and her little sister, Yui. There are also rumors circulating around her school about a crazy magician who lives at the amusement park. When Ai ends up at the part by chance, she meets the magician. He eventually begins to teach her magic, but how real is it? This explores dreams, mental health, societal expectations, and of course, magic. The lines and script also sound like a fairy tale, but never cheesy or melodramatic.

2. Space Boy, Stephen McCranie:

Link: Space Boy

This probably has some of the best writing on the Webtoons site. It manages to sound poetic and beautiful, but not pretentious or overdone. The philosophical, deep quotes never sound contrived; instead, they are as lovely as the art. This follows Amy, a girl who lived on a space colony for most of her life before moving to Earth. She quickly makes friends and adjusts. Then she meets Oliver, a mysterious boy who is consumed by “The Nothing”, or the nothingness of space.  She begins to suspect that he is involved in something dangerous, and is determined to save him. What’s interesting is that this is at once a science fiction conspiracy, but also a slice of life, which just happens to be in the future. It is sometimes painfully relatable, and always compulsively readable.

1. Dr. Frost, JongBeom Lee:

Link: Dr. Frost

I describe this as “Sherlock meets House M.D, but psychology”.  This was written by a psychology major, so I’m pretty sure that this is accurate. This is about the titular Dr. Frost, a mysterious psychologist who can’t feel certain emotions such as sympathy or affection due to a brain injury. He comes to work at Yonggang University as the school counselor. He investigates the mysteries of the disorders the clients who come to see him have, which includes figuring out what they have and the root of their disorder. He is assisted by the counseling office’s T.A Seonga Yoon, who is incredibly emotional and warm hearted. One of the most interesting parts of this series is the mystery behind Dr. Frost; what happened to him that made him the way he is? There is also another counseling professor who accuses him of being a murderer; how accurate is this accusation? And don’t get me started on the unsolved mysteries in the season finale….come on, Webtoon, when will you translate season 3? Don’t leave us on this cliffhanger!

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My next Best Webtoon Story will be fantasy!


9 thoughts on “Best Webtoon Stories By Genre: Drama

    1. Cheese in the Trap takes a while to get into (it’s super confusing), but is so worth it. It is amazing. Four Quarters was even harder to get into, as the art wasn’t that great at first, but it and the story have improved drastically. And Dr. Frost is one of my favorite, if not my favorite, Webtoon! Be warned though; Webtoon has yet to translate Season 3, so season 2 leaves off on one of the worst cliffhangers I’ve ever read.

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