Artist/Author Spotlight: Quimchee

Even though I still need to update my spotlights on Maripaz Villar and Snailords, I wanted to try a spotlight on someone different today, so I chose Quimchee, the creator behind I Love Yoo, one of the most popular Webtoons of the moment.

As always, I’ll analyze the writing and storytelling part first.

While I Love Yoo sounds like the typical romance at first (girl meets guy by accident, girl dislikes guy, guy likes girl, girl meets another guy, love triangle is imminent), it still skews the classic romantic comedy trope a lot.

First, there is Shin Ae, our amazing protagonist. She is awesome, totally different than most romance female leads. She is completely against romance, mainly due to her parents’ implied messy divorce, and the poor effect it had on her. She also has social problems due to a bad incident in middle school. But despite her problems, she’s funny, loyal to the friends she does have, and is a total foodie. But her backstory adds several layers of depths to a character, who, on the outside, could be perceived as irritating. Instead, she’s one of the funniest and most relatable main characters I’ve read.

I Love Yoo also has the perfect balance of comedy, drama, romance, and psychological aspects. This is one of the few comics to make me laugh out loud, a lot. Plus, even I have to admit the ships are cute, and it’s only been twenty episodes. Like, I have a feeling this’ll actually be a good love triangle, maybe even harder than Siren’s Lament (of course, with SL, there have been more chapters to decide) And as much as I love the comedy and romance, I appreciate the parts  that touch on the psychology of Shin Ae. They explore her character, and why she acts the way she does. They are so interesting, and seem logical and relatable. It just adds so much depth to her character, and proves that this comic is incredibly well rounded.

If my description wasn’t enough, this comic also has pretty good art; it’s pretty good at distinguishing its characters. Here’s some art that’s not part of the comic, but still really nice: 

Are you interested in reading? Here’s the link! I Love Yoo

6 thoughts on “Artist/Author Spotlight: Quimchee

  1. I have started reading it last weekend. I am impressed. Like you, I have burst out laughing … some of the lines and ways of thinking are sooo familiar! I am intrigued by the love triangle … generally not in favor because to cliché but we will see!

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