August Wrap Up

Didn’t August just start….? This is a weird year. It’s going by way too fast. Also, fast announcement: I have closed my poll on the best romance Webtoons. Why? Well because I suspect that one was getting spammed with repeat votes. I wouldn’t have a problem (the more votes, the better) but I had a problem because my other polls were being ignored. Seriously, my romance poll had over a hundred votes, which I was happy about. But all my other polls are in either the single digits or the double digits. They’re being ignored, and that vexed me as I felt it gave the romance poll a huge advantage  because someone (or a couple of people) decided to only vote for a few Webtoons on that poll. That’s why it is now closed: please vote on my other polls, not just the romance one!

Anyway, here’s a summary of my posts in August: 

Blogger’s Journal

Webtoon Lists:

Artist/Author Spotlights:


Tags and Awards:

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