Webtoon Review: Gepetto

It’s been a while since I reviewed a Webtoon, so I decided to try this one out.

Summary: The inheritance from Professor Gepetto! People are now trying to get the inheritance to rule others, survive from the world, and earn love.

Status:  Completed

Story: 4.5/5: The summary doesn’t do the best job describing the plot, it’s fairly vague. But the story itself is absolutely amazing, really different from most science fiction nowadays it seems.

It’s about a boy named Carlo Colodi, and it takes place in two seasons, over a span of ten years. In the first season, Colodi finds a mysterious girl named Whale who is on the run. But what he doesn’t know is that she is one of the last androids created by Professor Gepetto, one of the best when it came to creating androids. She holds the key to Gepetto’s legacy, and escaped from the Institute, the government itself.  Colodi eventually gets mixed up in the war between the humans and the androids because of this mysterious key, and he begins his search for the Legacy. Season 2 takes place ten years after the events of the first season.

This doesn’t just deal with the war and the inheritance, though. This also has some philosophy. The reason the androids and humans are at war with each other is because the androids felt oppressed. They didn’t feel as though they were treated fairly, as if they were conscious. It touches on what it truly means to be human, as the androids often act more human that actual people.

And don’t get me started on the twists. Early on, you realize this likely will not be the happiest story, but that didn’t prepare me for the dark turns this had.

Characters: 4/5: The characters were pretty good, some better than others, but with their own twists. So many, in fact, that this will be briefer than usual.


Colodi is our main character. In the first season he’s an eight year old prodigy. He proves to be able to symphasise with both humans and androids, and turns out to be very mysterious. He may not have the strongest role at first, but as he develops, it turns out he plays a bigger role in the war between human and androids than anyone could have guessed.


Whale was the last android made by Dr. Gepetto, which means both the Shelter and the androids want her so they can find the legacy. She’s capable and strong, but what really makes her a good character is her heart; she develops strong attachments to characters, escpecially Colodi; in fact, they develop a strong bond, and she becomes an older sister figure in season 1. 


(No picture available because of spoilers)

Pinnochio is the leader of the androids and is always trying to get Whale on his side. He turns out to be more ruthless and cold blooded in his pursuit of the legacy than anyone could have guessed, but he is a good leader. But it seems there’s another android out there who shares his name…hmm.


Rosaura is the hacker and technology expert of the androids. She’s one of the smartest characters, if not the smartest. If it weren’t for her, the androids would have lost the war by now. However, once Whale and Colodi enter the picture, she begins to have doubts about the cause and about Pinnochio.

Nero and Celine

These two are the main faces of the Shelter, especially Nero. He’s part of an experiment, but is unknowingly a series of clones. Whenever one body dies, his memories are synched to another clone. He seems to be an antagonist, but he has doubts once he begins to suspect the Shelter. Celine is a scientist who is always nearby him, and is in charge of the syncing. They appear to be really close friends, but she seems to be hiding something. She may seem cold for leaving Nero out in the dark about being a series of clones, but she proves to be genuinely fond of him and to care for him.

Art: 4/5:

This has art improvement. It was fine at first, but nothing special. The coloring in particular didn’t really catch my eye, and didn’t seem too attractive, As it goes on though, it develops a more elegant and professional appearance, with better rendering and coloring. 

The action scenes are spot on though, with fantastic choreography and composition. 

Writing: 3.5/5:

This is where it drops a little quality. Maybe it was the translation, but it seemed kind of cold at times. It also had a really slow pace, sometimes just with too much talking and not enough doing. There are plenty of Webtoons with a slow pace, but usually, they have more engrossing writing that is just as attractive as the art. Bot the case here. It was a little distant for my liking. 

But there were genuine emotions. The author was great at uncovering layers upon layers of the characters, and oh my gosh the twists packed a punch. While the pacing and writing style needed improvement, the rest of the writing was great; the storyknew exactly   when to drop each twist or emotional situation.

World Building: 4/5: Some of the history needed to be explained better, or maybe it’s just been a while since I read season 1. The technology had decent explanations, but some felt like magic to me. But there was enough explanation for me to underwtand the gist of what was happening without dragging on too long.


  • Doesn’t pick a side: in stories with two sides at war with each other, the story often has a bias, usually against humans. But here, both humans and androids are portrayed as good and bad, often more on the bad side, but still more dimensional than usual.
  • Strong relationships: There isn’t much romance here, and what little there is appears at the end of season 2. It focuses more on friendship and familial bonds, even if the family in question isn’t  blood related. It’s a nice change of pace to have the main relationships be friends/family. 
  • Twists: While some twists were more predictable than others, often the way they were revealed or portrayed was different than expected. So while many twists didn’t blow me away, I usually ended up surprised.


  • Slow pace: Fair warning: this Webtoon takes its time. It can spend chapters with dialogue and explaining things. This would be okay if the writing was more engaging, which leads to…
  • Bland writing style: There are Webtoons that like to take their time, but often enough, the writing is beautiful enough for the slow pace to be worth it and enjoyable. That wasn’t the case here.  Sometimes I would binge read chapters just to get through the dialogue and to get the plot moving again.
  • Too predictable (?): Some of the plot twists I saw coming a while away. But again, it was HOW the twists were revealed, and WHEN they were revealed that made them good twists more often than not.

Final grade: 4/5: While Gepetto does take a while to get into at some points, the overall story and characters make the pacing worth it. It has a great story, good art and action scenes, and likable characters, particularly in season 2. 

You can read it here: Gepetto


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