Biweekly Q&A: What Book Took Me the Longest To Read?

Hey, this post will be a little shorter than usual. Sorry! 

Icebreaker’s Questions:
What book took you the longest to read?:

This is hard. I usually HAVE to finish the books I don’t want to (assigned reading). Maybe Great Expectations? I technically didn’t get to finish that one before school started. 

What fandom do you think makes the best fanart?

Most of the anime fandoms, honestly. One that stands out is Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Even if you don’t watch the series, you should check out the fanart. Also, Ghibli movies of course. And as I have recently gotten back into Monster, I noticed that for such an underrated series, the little fanart it has is amazing. 

Link: The Twins

If you could change lives with one of your cats, which one would you want to change lives with? (Keep in mind, that cat would also be you):

Probably Buddy, because Dwight has some stomach problems. While Dwight would probably act more “normal”, the health problems would not be fun. And besides, Buddy has a little more energy (due to being a little younger)

If you could sum up your summer in ten words, what would that sentence look like?:

Surprisingly uneventful, but filled up with little things in life. 
Thanks for the questions! Remember, please post some questions in the comments (if you have any!) 


12 thoughts on “Biweekly Q&A: What Book Took Me the Longest To Read?

  1. Great answers! I’ve never read the Great Expectations, but school books probably take the longest to read, especially if it’s a group reading. And I loved your answer for the cat one!
    And some more questions:
    Pick a random book from your bookshelf (manga is okay too) and explain it is 4 words or less.
    Do you like to cook, if so what dish is your favorite to make?
    What type of store do you have the most fun shopping at? (Clothes store, grocery store, video, etc.)
    What’s your favorite show on Netflix right now?

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      1. I’m reading The Great Gatsby for English right now. It’s hard for me too get il this one because they topic of conversation changes rapidly and I miss all the symbolism because it’s not as focused upon.
        And for 8th grade we had to read. Johnny Tremain, which was okay, but everyone else thought it was boring.
        And no problem!

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      2. I’m glad I’m not the only one then. 😄. I get the symbolism once it’s pointed out for classics, but I usually miss it entirely if it’s subtly in there.
        It’s about a young apprentice before the American Revolution and his journey during the war. It had a lot off character development for Johnny’s character, so it was pretty okay if you like historical fiction.
        Hahaha, that’s true. 😂. Even now it’s very slow and some of the letters won’t show on the screen, but hopefully it won’t do that later.

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      3. Ditto. It depends on the classic and how into it I am.
        Ah, interesting. I’m usually not big on historical fiction, but I will enjoy it if it’s about a time period I like, of a different take on it (like The Book Thief)
        Sigh, technology. It’s great when it works, sucks when it doesn’t.

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      4. Yup, it was either TGG or Lord of the Flies, and my class got TGG.
        I like any historical fiction, but I tend to enjoy ones in England in the late 1800s. 😂
        And it’s also auto correct that’s making it worse. I’d type ‘of’ and it would say ‘off’ or I click on the space and it’d double space and add a period.

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