My Favorite Webtoon Recommendations by Genre: Slice of Life

This will be the final recommendation post by genre. I still have my characters, art, and writing lists though, so no worries! Since most slice of life stories don’t have a definable plot, my summaries will be shorter than usual.

Sadly, I could only find fanart for one comic here, so I decided against using any this time around. Hope you understand!

10. GenjiCat, Janey Jane, Ongoing:

Link: GenjiCat

I may not be an Overwatch player, but if I see a cat on the cover, I will likely read it. Basically, I may not understand much of what this comic is about, because it’s a fan comic. But it’s funny and adorable; what else do you need?

9. Just For Kicks, Josie Fox, Ongoing:

Link: Just For Kicks

You may not know this, but I used to do Taekwondo…but I could never bring myself to practice. Whoops. Anyway, this is a cute comic about a school Taekwondo club. It’s cute, funny, charming, and of course, relatable.

8. As Per Usual, Dami Lee, Ongoing:

Link: As Per Usual

Dami Lee has an imagination, which is clearly shown here. It followers her throughout her life. She talks about her experiences in school, with parents,min other countries, and basically, just life. Plus, it has cute GIFs a lot of the time.

7. National Dog Day, Various Artists, Completed:

Link: National Dog Day

(No image available)

Do you love dogs? Do you love avariety of Webtoons? Then go check this out! This has a lot of short episodes about artists and dogs. Artists include: suspu, Joho, Shen, Snailords, Instantmiso, and Dami Lee, to name a few.

6. Smile Brush, Waroo, Completed:

Link: Smile Brush

This follows Waroo, a normal guy in Korea who has long hair. He enjoys a wide range of experiences in college and in his culture in general. This has a sequel called Smile Brush: My Old Pictures, which is about his life and past experiences.

5. Roar Street Journal, Bonnie Pang, Ongoing:

Link: Roar Street Journal

Bonnie Pang is able to make her characters animals, but still insanely relatable. Everyone has their own lessons, thought processes, and life experience. If you read this comic and claim you couldn’t relate to anyone, I won’t believe you. It’s about the animal’s back stories, and their interactions and friendships at their workplace.

4. A Budgie’s Life, Muffin Girl, Ongoing:

Link: A Budgie’s Life

This follows the author’s budgies, who start out as two: Tony and Chewy, but increase…Tony used to be shy, but is now a talkative and has a humorous crush on Chewy. Chewy just likes to eat, but has her own funny “thoughts”. Muffin Girl likes making some episodes parodies of anime, like Attack on Titan and Howl’s Moving Castle, giving her pets philosophical thoughts, includes music homages, and makes a few “human” episodes of her birds. This is an adorable comic, even if you don’t have birds.

3. Humor Me, Marvin W, ongoing:

Link: Humor Me

Unlike the poster, this isn’t in color, nor is it weekly, but boy, is the month long wait worth it. Unlike most SoL, this has a story: It’s about Charlie Meadows, a girl who’s father has run out on her, and is now raising her way too literate four-year-old brother, Lucian. Not only that, she’s mistaken for a boy by nearly everybody who sees her. Now she has to deal with school, work, and an annoying famous guy called James Hardford. Dang, does she have her hands full.

2. Snailogy, Snailords, Complete:

Link: Snailogy

This may be the prettiest slice of life you’ll ever see. Like most SoL, it’s about the artist’s life and experiences, Snailords. But this stands out due to his unique humor and gorgeous art evolution. It isn’t all comedy; it deals with some serious issues too, like gender dysphoria and mental health. Snailords’ thoughts are interesting, and often use a lot of symbolism and personifications (Life, Death, and Bad Luck appear particularly often) to make his point, making them stick with you after you read them.

1. Saphie the One Eyed Cat, Joho, ongoing:

Link: Saphie the One Eyed Cat

This has cats being cats. How could this not be my number one slice of life? This is the most relatable comic here for me; each of the cats (Saphie, Simba, Sahn, and eventually Sol) are based off of Joho’s real life cats. Sometimes, she even includes photos of them! Each cat has their own unique personality and mannerisms, being just as bizarre as they are in real life. Saphie is the funny food maniac, Simba the silent softie, Sahn the skittish one, and Sol the hyperactive, crazy one. And there are some “human versions” specials too.

Which slice of life Webtoon is your favorite? Please vote in my poll below:


15 thoughts on “My Favorite Webtoon Recommendations by Genre: Slice of Life

    1. Well, we all have our phases. I know some of my favorites come and go, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy them. I just don’t obsess over them 😂 Who knows? Maybe you’ll enjoy webcomics again sometime.
      And yes, definitely agree. American Ghost Jack is one of a kind, and I’m still reading season 2. (Earning coins is so slow…)


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