Fierce Fangirl Friday: Music on YouTube 

You may not know this, but YouTube has SO much music. Especially anime OSTs. It’s awesome. But there are also singers I like on YouTube. Often cover artists who are really, really good.

Several cover artists get hate because they aren’t the “original” singers, which is silly. Yes, the original is usually really good, but don’t diss the cover just because it isn’t the original. Try to find the good parts of the cover too. 

Some singers I like would be utaites, or Japanese singers who cover Vocaloid music. I may be in the minority here, but I don’t like Vocaloid; there’s something about their voices that I can’t get around. But I do like the cover artists, they sound amazing.

 I especially like Soraru and Mafumafu, who make great singles but often team up and sing together. They even started a teo person group called After The Rain. Soraru has done some single anime EDs, like the Danaganronpa ending theme. Mafumafu has the widest range in a voice I may have ever heard; he can do a deep, masculine voice and a higher, feminine voice without straining his vocal cords. It’s kind of scary. They have done some anime OPs and EDs together as well.  You can find them easily by searching them on YouTube. They have so much stuff out, it’s hard to give a select few recommendations.

I also like western cover artists, like Amalee. She does English versions of anime OPs and EDs. Some of my favorites from her are Magia (from Puella Magi Madoka Magica) Call Your Heroes and Guren No Yumiya (from Attack on Titan) and Hey Kids! (from Noragami). While she may not have as much range as some, she has a pretty soprano, and good articulation. Here’s a link: Amalee

My last singer I’ll talk about is Aruvn, who is my latest discovery as well.  He does a wide variety of covers, from Vocaloid to anime themes. Some of my personal favorites by him are Echo, Again, and Shinzo Wo Sasageyo (Attack on Titan Season 2’s opening). He has an amazing voice, with a ton of range, especially prevalent in his latest song, “Monster”.  Here’s a link: Aruvn

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