Biweekly Q&A: What do I usually use post-it notes for?

Icebreaker’s Questions: (she asks such good questions!)

What do you usually use Post-It Notes for?

Reminders, mainly. Or as bookmarks when I like a part in a book so I don’t forget it. I don’t like using them for annotations though…they cover up text.

What is your zombie apocalypse plan?

Hopefully not die…? I’m not sure, I don’t really know any tough people who could survive a zombie apocalypse, haha. I wish I did.

Describe each of your cats in four words.

Dwight: Cuddly, friendly, disobedient, fluffy 

Buddy: skittish, adorable, nervous, sweet 

In a bookstore, which section do you go to first?

YA, of course. Then manga. Then the arts/film section. And finally, the adult section. There are some books I’ve been looking for; my mom keeps recommending Whitley Schreiber’s The Wolfen.

If you found the ability to time travel, would you: A. Tell the public sp they can use it as they please, B. Tell a select few and take them on adventures, or C. Tell no one and go on adventures for yourself or not use time travel at all?

Probably C, and not use time travel at all. All I could think about would be Doctor Who, and especially Steins;Gate, I don’t want to end up like the latter especially, oh my gosh 😂. That was an extremely feelsy mess. 

As always, leave me questions in the comments!

3 thoughts on “Biweekly Q&A: What do I usually use post-it notes for?

  1. Great answers! I’d probably be C, and go on adventures for myself (but I might bring my cat, I don’t know, maybe just so that I won’t be totally alone). 😄

    If you were a book character, would you rather be that one annoying character or a character that no body cares for? (This question was going to be on a Would You Rather Tag, but one already exists, but I’m still curious about the answer.)

    Do you prefer the heat or the cold?

    Have you had any other pets?

    Because Halloween is coming up, what was your favorite costume that you wore?

    Do you have a special collection of things that you’re proud of?

    And finally, what’s the one word that you always misspell without autocorrect?

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