An announcement, a reminder, and some ramblings

Hey guys, sorry if this post is short and has no pictures. But my internet went out last night, so I didn’t have any time to schedule any posts. So is post is unplanned, which explains then no pictures thing. But I didn’t want to upset the schedule (because then that means my biweekly Q&A would have to be posted tomorrow. Yikes!) so here is just a random post dealing with some announcements, reminders, and ramblings.
First off, I need more questions for my Q&A! So far, only one person has asked me anything. So if you guys want to ask me something, please do so. Even one question is better than nothing!
Second of all, I am working on a short story series. The bad news is that it may be put on hiatus pretty fast because I also want to work on a scary short story series for October. Stay tuned.
And finally…is it just me, or are all these trailers coming out lately trying to kill people with cliffhangers? The Blade Runner trailer was good (didn’t make my mouth drop to the floor, anyway), but my dad showed me and my mom a trailer for a movie called The Snowman. It’s a mystery thriller that looks really creepy, and is based off a book (which I am now really, really interested in reading). Anyway, that had one heck of a cliffhanger.

But of course, the two trailers I watched this week took the cake. Now, as everybody has likely guessed, one of the trailers is for The Last Jedi (was that what you guessed?). Like, okay, it was really, really late when I first watched it, so I wasn’t in the best state of mind. Basically, this is how my brain went:

“Okay, nice music…interesting narration. Nice cinematography.”

(Trailer gets going)

“I swear, if he kills her, I am going to be SO MAD. SO MAD.”

“Okay, interesting. Can’t believe this guy (Mark Hamill) voiced the Joker from Batman and Muska from Castle in the Sky, I knew he did, but it’s super weird to hear now…wait, was that an anime creature brought to life next to Chewbaca? What? And ohh, an ice fox! Pretty! Dang. This music is good…I hope it’s on iTunes someday…hmm. Looks good.”

(The last few seconds happen)

Me: “Wait. What?” 😱

So now you all know how my late night brain works. If I ever comment on a post of yours and make about as much sense as my ramble above, well, you know why.

And the last killer trailer is the RWBY season 5 trailer. Basically, I don’t want to share my weird thoughts again, but it looks great. The animation looks to be at it’s best, and the plot looks like it’ll really get going again. But I really hope team RWBY reunites. I love team RNJR, don’t get me wrong. But I need RWBY to interact again.

And of course, the last few seconds killed me. Oscar meeting RNJR? Woah! Woah! At least this is coming out in a few weeks…that’s what I keep reminding myself of.

So, to recap: please ask me questions, and are any trailers you’ve seen had killer cliffhangers? Please share your thoughts! 

11 thoughts on “An announcement, a reminder, and some ramblings

    1. The internet is back on this morning, which is the only reason this post is up right now, lol. The Snowman looks so creepy, and well, creative. I desperately want to find the book, but none of my libraries have it at the moment (sigh). I did start reading it at the grocery store though, it looks interesting.


  1. Ah, the internet. It always fails you when you need it the most, sigh. My WiFi connection is pretty crappy so it’s hard to blog (it once took me 4 hours to make one post cause nothing would load). But I feel you pain. I’m glad that you got your internet back!
    I’ll give you more questions! Even though I was that one person who already gave you some!
    1) Do you like using writing prompts for your writing? (Like those prompt books I’ve seen in stores.)
    2) Random: What’s your favorite and least favorite school subjects?
    3) What upcoming anime/book/manga release are you most excited for? (Can be this month, next month, next year…)
    I haven’t seen the Bladerunner trailer, but I’ve heard from those who went to NYCC that it was good! (I think it premiered there, I’m not totally sure though.) But I’ll go check it out later when I’m free!

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    1. Yes, yes it does…usually, my internet is okay, but last night it crashed hard. And I had homework to do too! Thankfully, my teachers were pretty understanding of WiFi problems.
      And haha, thanks for more questions, I appreciate it!
      I’ve seen the original Bladerunner a while back, I can’t remember a ton of it. (I wasn’t as interested in those kinds of movies back then). But I may end up watching it as part of a class! I really want to see the new one, but due to my sensory issues, I think it’d be a bit much to watch on the big screen. And you should totally check the trailers out!

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      1. It really is a pain when it makes you unable to do homework. That’s good that your teachers are understanding!
        No problem!
        I haven’t seen the original, but I’ve just finished the trailer for the newer one, and it looks great! I’ll have to look into it more. 🙂 But it’s really cool that you get to watch it in class! 😄

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      2. Sorry for not getting back to this faster, been busy this weekend.
        The new one looks amazing! It just looks so interesting. Though I do think it’ll help to see the original one first, just because of plot points (cough, Harrison Ford’s character, cough). And it’s still up in the air, but it’d be awesome to watch it for class! I hope my teacher is able to get permission.

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      3. It’s okay! I understand having hectic weekends. 😊
        It looks really good! But I do think it’ll help to see the original too! (Haha, Ryan Gosling’s character too. He is the MC after all.) I hope you do get to watch it! Let me know if you do! (Also I heard an anime is going to be released in called Blade Runner Black, which is the one that I might’ve mistaken to be shown at New York Comic Con.)

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