Summary For My Short Story Series: Traces

Author’s note: As it is October, I have decided to try to write a psychological thriller that can actually be scary. Up until this point, I have mainly been writing things like mysteries. So while I want to make this at least a little scary and suspenseful, please keep in mind that this is my first time really trying something in this genre, although I have read and watched a lot of things in this genre. Thanks! I have also decided to try out a summary first, so you guys can see whether this’ll be your kind of story or not. I’ll try to have the first chapter up sometime today or Thursday.

Summary: Ella Rainsford has recently moved from her lower class neighborhood into a slightly more middle class apartment closer to her school. The good news? She’s closer to her school. The bad news? She’s closer to her school. Ella doesn’t expect much from her move except for being able to sleep in a little later. But when two seemingly unrelated students end up committing suicide in eerily similar ways, Ella begins to suspect something is off. But when evidence comes up that they were murders, she decides the best thing is to stay as far away from the chaos as possible. But as her close friend Sammy begins to play detective, Ella finds herself drawn into the mystery. As the body cont grows higher and the  murders become more and more obvious, Ella finds herself discovering a strange link between her new apartment, the school, and the deaths in general. But what is the link?

Author’s note (again): So, what’d you think! I know it sounds more like a mystery, but that’s are the psychological stuff I like: psychological horror with a mystery. Trust me, there’s more to my idea than this, but…let’s just say there’d be spoilers. Stay tuned for the first chapter!

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