Biweekly Q&A: If I was a book character,would I rather be that one annoying character, or a character nobody cares for?

Icebreaker’s questions:

If you were a book character,would you rather be that one annoying character, or a character nobody cares for?

Probably the one nobody cares for. Because, hey, no feelings are better than negative ones…right?

Do you prefer the hear or the cold?

The cold, because then I can bundle up and run for warmth. In the heat, I can be melting into a puddle and barely be able to drag myself to an air conditioner. 

Have you had any other pets?

Yes, I did! She was another cat named Ella. She was very grumpy, but very cute. 

Because Halloween is coming up, what was your favorite costume that you wore?

Maybe my last year costume, which was “Raining cats and dogs.” I dunno if I’ll do anything this year though.

Do you have a special collection of things you’re proud of?

Um…the pictures and signatures I get each year at ComiCon? Does that count?

What’s the one word you always misspell without autocorrect?

This is so easy. It’s definitely. I can NEVER spell it right.

Do you like using writing prompts for your writing?

It depends. I like them, but often for warm ups. However, I do enjoy writing tips on Pinterest. They’re  so helpful!

What’s your favorite and least favorite school subjects?

My favorite is easily creative writing. It was a ton of fun, and the teacher I had was amazing too. During NanoWriMo, he let us use the whole class just to write, and on our last day of school, we just watched The Twilight Zone.

Least favorite: algebra. I had focus problems that entire year, and I did horribly.

What upcoming anime/book/manga release are you most excited for?

Hmm…I couldn’t find much that hasn’t already been released, or at least have dates. So I’ll say two very new releases: Turtles All The Way Down, by John Green, and Ringer, the sequel to Replica. 

Thanks Icebreaker, for the double questions! You have awesome ones!

Okay guys, let’s be real for a moment. If you have any questions for me, please feel free to ask in the comments! Thanks.

10 thoughts on “Biweekly Q&A: If I was a book character,would I rather be that one annoying character, or a character nobody cares for?

  1. Great answers!! I misspell definitely all the time!! And your creative writing class sound like so much fun!!

    More questions:
    What’s the one word you always mispronounce?
    Can you juggle? (I don’t think I can do it well. 😅)
    Do you still keep your stuffed animals?
    Have you every played any sports? (For school or just for fun?)
    Name one song that you know you can’t live without!
    Halloween is coming up, what is your favorite candy?
    When do you usually make posts for your blog? (Morning, afternoon, night; weekends, weekdays…)

    That’s all I have for now!

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  2. Great questions, and great answers! Also, pretty cool Halloween costume 🙂 (how did I never think of that? hahaha)
    Pinterest is my favorite place to go for anything and writing tips are definitely super helpful if you can find good ones.
    And why do bookworms generally hate math? Seriously, you’d think we’re a cult or something 😂
    My questions:
    1. You have a one time opportunity to visit space, free of charge. However, you cannot go back until five years later. Would you still do it?
    2. Do you think there’s a maximum number of cats one should have? What would you say is the preferable amount? (Go wild here)
    3. A trend everyone seems to love that you hate? And why?
    4. If you could live as a Ghibli character for a week, which one would you choose? What would be your daily routine, if any?
    5. Is there something you absolutely cannot stand? A type of noise, or personality trait?
    6. Would you rather live in your favorite book/TV show/movie’s world or get the characters from that book/TV show/movie into yours?
    7. Did you have an imaginary friend growing up?
    8. Best memory from last month?

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    1. It was a last minute idea. No, really, I came up with it on the 31st. 😂 Never doing that again, that’s for sure!
      Pinterest is becoming my latest addiction. It has such amazing tips, has funny stuff, and amazing art.
      I know! It’s like I’m a walking stereotype. I wish I liked math, but I never have, which is sad…
      Ooh, thanks for the questions! They’re awesome!

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