Best Webtoons for Halloween

Halloween is coming up faster than I expected, and so here’s a post on some of the best Webtoons to read for this holiday. I am going to include some of the creepiest Webtoons, and also some horror-comedy comics as well, if you like your creepy mixed with humor.

10. The Crawling City, Merryweatherey: 

Link: The Crawling City

Let’s start off with a comedic horror. This is a four panel comic that doesn’t have too much of a set plot. It chronicles the adventures of Aria Wintermint, a girl who lives in a gothic city and who has a roommate named Gug, who just so happens to be a giant tentacle monster. It’s funny, but look at the backgrounds, and suddenly everything has a much darker undertone. 

9. Winter Woods, Cosmos and Vanji:

Link: Winter Woods

The genres for this are romance and fantasy. This shouldn’t be scary. But when you take into consideration that this involved an alchemist and the main character looked like Edward Scissorhands at one point…yeah. This is about Winter, a man who was created by an alchemist in a Frankenstein like way, and who goes to live with a woman named Jane, who teaches him how to be human. Sounds sweet…but did I mention that there’s a serial killer and a mysterious science organization that took Winter at one point and have experimented on him? Yep, this is romantic and cute at times, but also creepy.

8. Born From Death:

Link: Born From Death

You can find this is in the fan translation section. This takes place in a world with Jinn, strange creatures who can go mad, and the Undead, souls who hunt down Mad Jinn. When Nirmala is killed while trying to hunt the Mad Jinn that killed her sister with an Undead named Petra, she is qualified to also become an Undead, and often works alongside Petra. But there are plenty of twists along the way, with plenty of gore, thrills, and feels.

7. Nightmare Factory, Snailords:

Link: Nightmare Factory

Another comedic thriller, this may not seem creepy at points. But that’s because the creepy factors are portrayed tongue-in-cheek, causing you not to notice the sometimes disturbing undertones. When a writer called Emai accidentally gets involved with the Nightmare Exhange, she enlists the help of a guy from another dimension named Kreyul to help her. You may not expect much to happen outside of the Exchange, but trust me, there is. The first few chapters are confusing and all over the place, but give this time….it gets so much better.

6. S.I.D, Sadaham:

Link: S.I.D

Although a mystery series, this reminds me of a Korean Supernatural. Rather than monsters and demons, the main characters track down ghosts, and rather than hunters, there are shamans. This is about Simoon Lee, a detective who just so happens to be able to see ghosts. Shortly after discovering his power, he starts to meet shamans left and right. They eventually group together to creative the Supernatural Investigation Department, and often are at heads with a mysterious organization known as SOMOS.

5. Ghost Teller, QTT:

Link: Ghost Teller

Just as much a psychological horror as it is a ghost story, this is an addicting Webtoon. This doesn’t have one set plot, it seems to mainly be a bunch of ghosts telling scary stories about humans, just as humans tell scary stories about ghosts. But an interesting audience theory is that the stories the ghosts tell are there own; if you look carefully, you will notice that many ghosts do have similar looking counterparts in each story.

4. Chiller, Various artists:

Link: Chiller
This is a lot of stories, all made by different Webtoons authors and artists from Korea. Some are scarier than others, but trust me…they can get SO creepy and intense. They have moving pictures and sound effects, giving a feel similar to an animated movie. Except plot twists and jump scares.

3. Catharsis, Ahniki:

Link: Catharsis

This looks like your typical fantasy story at first…but the second the Timorem (the fear inducing monsters) are introduced, you know that this is actually on the creepy side. Leon Mori doesn’t believe himself to be anything special. He finds himself bland and cowardly, the only unique thing about him being his ability to see people’s voices in color. But when he gets mixed up with Catharsis, the group that hunts Timorem, everything changes. He becomes an agent, warding off Timorem and solving his own mysteries. 

2. Melvina’s Therapy, A. Rosen:

Link: Melvina’s Therapy

The second you see the black and white, pencil and ink drawings and the amazing shading, you know this comic will be reminiscent of those old, gothic horror movies. Except they aren’t cheesy or cliché; no, these are scary, genuinely disturbing stories with more symbolism than I can count. This can seem episodic, but that doesn’t really matter. Melvina is a therapist who deals with the patient’s eerie tales, The mystery of who Melvina is is compelling, and the hunt for symbolism and metaphor is just as interesting as the story. 

1. Bastard, Carnby Kim and Youngchan Hwang:

Link: Bastard

This is the only Webtoon that has made me sit on the edge of my seat and hurry through the chapter to see if anyone I liked died. This is probably the most suspenseful and gripping story on this list, and it’s the perfect binge read. Since it’s completed, you could probably finish all the chapters before Halloween if you wanted to. This is about Jin Seon, a boy with a glass eye and artificial valves in his heart who is seen as weak. There’s also a serial killer on the loose. Jin knows who the next victim will be, a girl named Kyun. He starts to do everything in his power to protect her, going to almost yandere levels of protectiveness. But if Jin knows who the killer is, why doesn’t he say anything? Well, read it and find out…you will be surprised.


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