Stuff this month: My attempt at a NaNoWriMo (again) and my random thoughts

Hi! So, if my title didn’t clue you in, I am going to be attempting NaNoWriMo once more! Now, between schoolwork, blogging, and life, I know I wil likely not make the word limit. That’s okay, but I really want to become serious with my writing this month. This also means Traces updates will be kinda random; I enjoy writing it, but it isn’t my main story right now. Plus, I feel a sort of weird pressure when writing it on the WordPress format…I’m gonna try an experiment, and try to write it in a docs format first, and then put it on WordPress. Let’s see if the quality improves or not.

Anyway, what is my NaNo about? Well, it takes place from four different perspectives, although the other two will take a while to appear. It’s sort of a thriller competition with fantasy elements. Anyway, lemme try to give a basic summary:

Summary: Annika feels like her life has no purpose ever since the day of the accident. But things change when she finds her friend Sadie in the middle of a prank that nearly goes awry. Sadie reveals that she is participating in the Game, an online project headed by a mysterious figure known as the Masked. The Game has a limit of eighteen players, and The Masked has given every player a special item that enables the player with an ability based off one of their personality traits. Every time they fulfill a “mission”, they gain points, which strengthens their ability. Soon, Annika finds even more players are out there, including her withdrawn cousin Nicole, and her awkward childhood friend, Michael. However, there is a shadow lurking outside the Game; a mysterious young man who seems desperate to stop the Game at any cost. Annika doesn’t understand why…until the Game takes a sinister turn once all eighteen players gain 100 points. Now the latest mission is to survive. 

Annika is terrified, and she soon finds herself in a group of players and non-players alike, including Nicole, Sadie, Michael, Michael’s younger brother, Graham, and the mysterious man who isn’t a player, but somehow knows what The Masked is planning.

Okay, so why did I include such a long description? Well, because I would seriously appreciate if some of you guys were to  my “editor”, so to speak. What do I mean? Well, I mean, I would email you my work in progress, and you could critique me as I write my first draft! Sometimes I find critiquing works in progress is better than looking over the finished product. If any of you guys are interested, please let me know!

Anyway, I have even more ramblings…a.ka, TV. Lots of it.

I am trying to get back on schedule with my anime watching list, so as of now, I am watching One-Punch man. So far, I’m finding it really funny, and I love the animation. Although, I may end up diverting from my schedule again to watch a mystery anime once I’m done with that…hopefully not. 

I am also trying to watch Firefly on my own time. Basically, all I’ve hears about it is rave reviews, and it sounds interesting. A science fiction western? I love a good genre blend. Plus it was created by Joss Whedon, who directed The Avengers.

However, I have stated watching some more stuff with my parents. First off, season two of Stranger Things! We are only two episodes in, but OH MY GOSH, I am loving it right now, gah! It’s so interesting, and I just need to see what happens next…if it was up to me, I would have finished it by now. Everything is even more suspenseful and mysterious this season, and it’s leaving me on the edge of my seat.

Also, we started watching a currently airing show now: The Good Doctor. We were interested upon learning the main character is autistic. (I think my mom got more intrigued when she found out the same guy makes it who made House). We just finished the first episode, and I have to say: I did think the doctors who were so against him working there were a tad over the top, however, I am not in the medical field, so I can’t say for sure. And, as someone who is on the autism spectrum, I can say that the main character is really realistic. He has a lot of mannerisms and ticks that real autistic people have. I know some people have said they don’t like the way he speaks, but I do have friends who are also on the spectrum who talk like that. Autism is never the same with anyone; people experience it differently, and that way of speaking is how some talk. So I think it has potential to be good.

So, this is what’s going on with me. Sorry for all the rambling, sometimes I just like to info-dump my interests on other people. What are your thoughts on TV (and other stuff too!)

And if you’d like to critique my NaNo, please let me know, I’d really appreciate it, thanks!

12 thoughts on “Stuff this month: My attempt at a NaNoWriMo (again) and my random thoughts

  1. Your book idea sounds AWESOME! I’d be interested in helping out with feedback. Question though, would this be the first novel that you’ve completed a first draft? I only ask because of my past experiences. I’ve written a handful of first drafts, and most of those times I’ve looked for feedback.

    I agree 100% that it’s better the get feedback early, instead of at the finished stage. However, I also know that I’ve come up with something that I was planning near the end of the book, which changes a lot of things throughout the middle and beginning. All this is a very long way of saying, consider holding on until you’ve completed the first draft then go seek feedback.

    That’s only my opinion, though. I’m by no means an expert. Writing is one of these weird things where there’s no right or wrong way. It’s all about what works best per each writer. If sending a chapter at a time works better for you, ignore everything I’ve said.

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    1. Ooh, thanks! I’m glad to hear you find it interesting, and that you’re willing to help. I’ve done a previous NaNoWriMo (for school) so I have done first drafts before.
      Well, my idea was that I would email a Google Doc, in which it would be clear when I made changes, and what the changes were. That’s how me and my friends have done it for a while now. But I am always up for other ideas!

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      1. Like I said, writing is one of those weird, squishy things where it works a different way for each person. So, if it’s been working for you that way so far, maybe there’s no reason to change. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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  2. Ooh! I like your story! It reminds me a tiny bit of Nerve, mainly because of the head behind the Game. But it sounds really unique and I wish you the best of luck! (If you need someone to look over your work, I’d be more than happy to!)
    Also my anime schedule is out of whack as well. (It’s been a few months and I barely progressed with Shiki. 😅 Or with the Ancient Magus’ Bride, but that’s only because it airs once a week.) I’m so glad you like One Punch Man! (I heard it somewhere that newer and younger animators had fun with the animation, and so the end result was that it was fresh with each episode.)
    And I’ve heard that The Good Doctor was really good. (My parents really like it too.) I’ll need to catch an episode, but I’m still uneasy with procedural shows just a tad. (I don’t know how I can play horror games, but still can’t stomach a medical setting involving blood. 😅)

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    1. Never read Nerve, but I have heard of it…just not well. And ooh, thanks! Do you mind if I email you the google doc over gmail? I’ll try to update at LEAST once a day, so if you could check in (probably close to the end of the day) and look over it, I would appreciate it (if that works for you, if not, we can do something else).
      That’s understandable. With schoolwork and watching stuff with my parents, I keep forgetting about my own shows. At least my family watches good stuff too. And the OPM animation is great! I can see that; it certainly seems like the animators were having fun.
      Oh, and this is the same person who could only watch House sparingly. The Good Doctor isn’t as…gross, thus far, but again, I’m only one episode in. But let’s just say that when it does get gross, it gives you enough foreshadowing for you to close your eyes in time, haha. That worked for me. And same. I watch so many thrillers and psychological stuff, but still can’t watch House (even though I really want to.)

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      1. I preferred the book over the movie. But the movie by itself is okay. No problem! (If you forgot, my email is Hmm… I’ll try my best to edit every day, but do you have any ideas as to how we can schedule things?
        That’s good then! 😄 My parents don’t normally watch mainstream shows, but they really like The Good Doctor! (I haven’t watched it with them though, I’ve been a bit occupied with homework.) And I’m so glad you like the animation of OPM!
        Haha, that’s good then, that you can see it coming before it happens. (If you ever watched Doctor Strange, it was always the medical scenes that got to me.) And I should be used to watching procedural shows, because of the amount of horror games/anime I’ve seen, but I’m not. 😅 It’s really weird. (Granted, anything that has to do with horror movies and books still scares me.)

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      2. Hmm. Just never heard much about either, do I dunno if it’s my cup of tea. And a schedule…I’m not terribly organized, and I’m kind of busy most days, so I don’t have an exact time to write…I suppose, just check in whenever you want to? 😅 I’m such a disorganized mess…
        Ah, homework. The bane of my existence (the main reason why I keep forgetting to work on my NaNo.) Well, just try to watch whenever you can, fi you want to.
        I didn’t like the medical parts in Doctor Strange, although I knew they were coming. They got to me too. And horror movies and books still get to you, but not games or anime…interesting.

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      3. Ah, that’s okay! And I’m a disorganized mess too. (I had three tests today, and I forgot about them because I was swamped with homework. 😅) (But it’s all good now, I’m getting everything straightened out. Kinda. 😊)
        But that’s fine! Send them whenever you can, and I’ll send you back the proofs when I’m done. 🙂 (If I’m late I’ll tell you. Do you have any deadlines you want to make?)
        And same. It’s the one thing that prevents me from watching anime and getting to my TBR. And I’ll try to! The next episode come out soon right? (At least that’s what I’ve heard.)
        Also I’m glad I’m not the only one who got uneasy during those scenes. 😅 I saw it coming, but didn’t look away, haha.
        It’s probably because I know it’s not real? I mean, with movies and books, it’s easy to visualize people (for movies there’s people already there), and with games it’s just graphics, I guess. Same for anime.

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