Updates on My Webtoon Recommendations By Genre+ Some Announcements about Goodreads and Questions

You may have noticed I haven’t done a Genre recommendation for a while now. There’s a reason for that: I keep finding new Webtoons I like, except I would’ve put them on a list I already made.

So I have a new idea: During 2018, I will be doing a new series: My Webtoon Recommendations By Genre, (or story, or most beautiful, best characters…you get the idea) except, they will be for 2016-2017 (2016 is when I first started reading them). This way, each year I can round up even more best Webtoons of the previous year for a new series! This may help my lists stay more prevalent and up to date than my previous lists.

If my description is confusing, please let me know; I’ll be more than happy to clarify!

On another note, I’ve had a Goodreads account for a while. But I haven’t used it a lot. So I thought that maybe adding friends on their would help me stay on there a little more. Please let me know if you have a Goodreads account!

I was also thinking about possibly setting up a Tumblr account. I thought it might be a fun thing to do to make smaller “posts” or thoughts/analysis about things I’m interested in. I could also find more content related to my interests. (And since it’s very visual based, I could post stuff on there that I have more trouble with on WordPress, like graphics and stuff) But I’m not very educated on Tumblr. Do any of you have any experience with it, and could you give me some advice? Thanks!

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