My Book Soundtrack Playlist: Little Monsters

WOAH. This book wasn’t what I expected. It was much darker and more a psychological horror than a mystery, but let’s save all that for my review, shall we?

Again, there will be spoilers. As this is a psychological horror, read at your own risk. Titles of songs may have subtle spoilers.


Kasey’s Theme: Call of Silence from Attack on Titan. Here are some lyrics that I think work: Don’t you think about me enough?/I’ve been burning my heart out/I’ve got to face, need to tell you/I won’t run because I’m innocent. Then: Must be ragged but I stay by your side/Even if my body’s bleached to the bones/I don’t want to go through that ever again. I could go over why these lyrics work, but y’know. Spoilers.

Link: Call of Silence

The Séance: Puella in Somnio from Puella Magi Madoka Magica. It’s eerie, strange, mysterious. Perfect music for a creepy scene like this one. They also share something; on their own, both the song and the scene don’t feel quite right. But on reread or listening again after finishing the book or anime, both feel strange and wrong, but also feel incredibly different.

Link: Puella in Somnio

Kasey and Jade investigate the Grosso’s: Angel Hand from Monster. This is also a quiet, creepy song. This is shortly after Bailey first disappears, and when Kasey and Jade go to investigate Cliff Grosso’s house. He was seemingly the last person to see Bailey. The song is soft but off, just like the scene, especially when they discover Bailey’s phone.

Link: Angel Hand

Kasey discovers blood in the barn: Seeds of Time from Monster. This is suspenseful, intense, and has a lot of range. It starts off slowly, but escalates quickly. This just feels right for the scene in a way that’s hard for me to describe.

Link: The Seeds of Time

Kasey talks to Amber: Inevitabilis, from Puella Magi Madoka Magica. I chose this song because it’s the same tune as the séance. This is when Kasey goes to a woman who claims to be a fortune teller, which is also a “paranormal” scene. However, this feels more melancholic, as instead of eerie instruments, it is played with a piano, which I thought matched Kasey’s feelings about Bailey.

Link: Inevitabilis


Bailey’s Theme: Grain from Monster. This could represent her personality in many ways. It starts off quietly enough, with a choir reminiscent of the choirs from Death Note. But then there’s guitar and a female vocalist. It can sound lighter at times, but has a distinctly dark undercurrent, which matches Bailey’s personality.

Link: Grain

Jade’s Theme: Light’s Performance from Death Note. As the book goes on, Jade’s character is revealed to not be the great friend she seems to be. She turns out to be the murderer who manipulated Lauren into helping her kill Bailey. She could even be a sociopath with no feelings. This song sounds bright, but has an unnerving sound underneath the surface, just like Jade’s manipulation of her “innocence”.

Link: Light’s Performance

Bailey’s feelings about Andrew and Kasey: Monster, covered by Aruvn. It is revealed that Bailey has had feelings for Kasey’s step brother Andrew for years. But these aren’t healthy feelings; they are a toxic obsession. She becomes so jealously fixated on him that she becomes convinced that he and Kasey are having some sort of affair, which leads to her hatred of Kasey that ends with disastrous results. Some lyrics that could match her feelings for both of them are: Some people live for attention/Playing the victim/But baby, I was born to do the killing. Then: Ah, it could’ve been so different between us/But then you went and messed everything up/You took a knife and stabbed me in the back/Took everything I had. This is the last time/I’m gonna tell you now/If you try to break me/I’m gonna burn you down. Strangely enough, the lyrics can work for her fixations on both Andrew and Kasey.

Link (cover. I’m not a fan of the Vocaloid sound, so I prefer the cover): Monster

Link: (original. This is the Vocaloid version. I don’t like it as much, but it has a female voice, so it may match Bailey better): Monster

Kasey begins to suspect Andrew: Day 3191 from Person of Interest. This is a slow but suspenseful song. This kind of correlates to Kasey’s thoughts and growing suspicion of her step brother. It takes her a long time to begin truly suspecting that Andrew may have had a hand in Bailey’s death, particularly after she finds out about the rumor about them. The song matches her feelings, as it is slow but intense (like her doubts) and has a few piano notes at the very end that match the sadness Kasey has over her growing suspicions.

Link: Day 3191

Bailey and Jade take Lauren to the frat party: Future Starts Slow, by the Kills. I was trying to think of a pop/rock song that could be at a party. This song has a bad feeling throughout it, just like the party and its psychological effects on Lauren.

The murder plot: Root of all Evil, Person of Interest. This is also another intense song. t’s suspenseful, while starting out slow, like Bailey’s journal entry. But like her journal, the song escalates quickly. It has intense instruments and gives off a strong feeling of danger and nerves, which definitely goes along with Bailey and Jade’s plot to kill Kasey.

Link: Root of all Evil

Kasey confronts Lauren: Part from Monster. I originally envisioned something louder, more emotional for this scene. This is one of the parts of the book I found to be the most disturbing. After all, it was just revealed that Lauren had a major part to play in Bailey’s death. But when I heard this song, I thought it was perfect. It’s unsettling and strange, but also sad. Because as disturbing as the scene is, it is sad; Kasey has not only found out her thirteen year old half sister was manipulated into killing Bailey, she just witnessed her having a psychotic breakdown.

Link: Part

Kasey and Andrew talk after the reveal: So Close from Broadchurch. The song just matches the dark themes of this book, both with the tune and lyrics. It’s absolutely haunting. I think the lyrics say enough: Through dark and light I fight to be/So close/Shadows and lies mask you from me. The second verse matches even more: The missing piece I yearn to find/So close/Please clear the anguish from my mind/So close/But when my truth of you comes clear/So close/I wish my life had never come here. What do you guys think?

Link: So Close

Epilogue: The Journey from Broadchurch. It matches the moody darkness of the epilogue, which includes what happens to Jade and Lauren and their sentences, as well as what happens to Kasey and the Markhams. It’s not a happy song, but has touches of light throughout, though with a piece of darkness at the end.

Link: The Journey

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    1. I’m so glad you liked it! You’ll have to let me know which songs you found matched the most! (And which lyrics, haha) Well, the lyrics ones were the easiest, I had them in my head while reading (particularity Monster, because…well, the name, haha). I hope to have the review up soon!

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