Biweekly Q&A: Have I ever broken anything huge?

Icebreaker’s Questions:

Have you ever broken anything huge?

Besides my arm, I did spill coffee on a book once…(it’s not a huge stain though). Oh! What happened to my arm? Well, I used to take Tae Kwon Do, and I was sparring. The other person kicked me and I fell over, hit a wall, and broke my arm. Thankfully, surgery wasn’t involved!

If you could rename any movie, what is the movie and what is its new name? (Can be silly)

Okay, I don’t want to sound catty with this one, but…I chose The Force Awakens, and the new title is: A New Hope Part 2. (Sorry! I’m just watching A New Hope in class right now, and I’m being struck by the excessive similarities. I hadn’t even seen ANH for years before seeing TFA, and I still managed to predict the whole story…sorry)

What’s the worst injury you’ve once gotten?

Well, just look at the first question for that!

Do you like being in light or darkness more? (As in, do you prefer dark rooms or ones with the lights fully on?)

As I’m on the spectrum, I tend to find bright lights painful. So I like dark rooms more, they feel better on my eyes. And no, I’m not evil, why do you ask? I should totally write a story of light vs. dark, but have light be evil and the dark good…yeah…

Do you have any bad habits? (Like nail biting)

Well. You got me. That is definitely a bad habit of mine.

Choose what you like to use better: purses, pockets, or backpacks.

Well, my jean pockets are incredibly shallow (although I do have a trench coat that has pockets deep enough that I was told I had time lord pockets a few years back. Yes, I have a trench coat. Still not evil). My purse is good, but it doesn’t have enough space for me, plus it’s getting ratty. So, I go with my backpack!

What is a sound that is your pet peeve?

Any sound that is overly loud without it being necessary.

Do you have a catchphrase?

I guess mine could be considered, “Interesting”. I use it a lot.

Also, a friendly reminder to please ask me questions in the comments!

5 thoughts on “Biweekly Q&A: Have I ever broken anything huge?

  1. Haha, you do say “interesting”. 😄 I don’t really know mine, I change it way too often. My bad habit is that I shake my leg when I sit down. It’s distracting, but I’m never aware that I do it. Another is that I flap my hand when I ask a question or say some thing indifferent. I have no idea why I do it, I was just told by my friends (and once a teacher too) that I wave my hand when I talk. 😅
    Questions: (these ended up being Christmas themed after all XD)
    1. Do you have any allergies?
    2. Do your cats sit on what you’re looking at? (Like if you’re reading a newspaper and they sit on it. 🙂)
    3. Since Christmas is nearing, what is one gift you want to have? (Anything from books to clothes to anime merch.)
    4. What’s your favorite kind of holiday treat? (Figgy pudding, candy canes, gingerbread, etc.)
    5. More for renaming: Make your blog name festive!
    6. Yay or nay: do you enjoy snow?
    7. Do you give your cats presents? (Like a toy or a treat?)

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