Biweekly Q&A: Do I have any allergies?

Thanks Icebreaker for these amazing questions (like always):

Do you have any allergies?

Thankfully, no. The closest thing I have to one is that I shouldn’t have too much dairy because of something called casein. It basically causes mood swings. Things that don’t usually upset me, upset me a lot more and easier. (But I love ice cream…sigh)

Do your cats sit on what you look at?

Not usually, sometimes they sit on my lap and force me to look at their faces rather than concentrate on my work, but that’s all.

Since Christmas is nearing, what is one gift you want to have?

Um…on the book side, I really want Eliza and her Monsters. For movies, Your Name. A lot.

What’s your favorite kind of holiday treat?

Um…Linzer cookies, roasted chestnuts, and since the majority of my family is Asian, out get-togethers usually include grilled teriyaki beef, and butter mochi.

More for renaming: make your blog name festive!

Um…maybe “Melting Pots in the Winter Months?”…Ooh, this is hard…

Yay or nay: do you like snow?

I like snow when I’m inside. But when I have to go to school, it’s a pain; the car sometimes gets stuck.

Do you give your cats presents?

Yes. Usually a toy or some treats. Or both.

5 thoughts on “Biweekly Q&A: Do I have any allergies?

  1. Great answers! I got Your Name and wrapped it up, so now I just have to wait for Christmas. 😄 Also I’ve never had Linzer cookies, but they sound good. 🙂 Half my family is Asian to, but we just eat ham and stuffing for Christmas. (Sometimes I guess there’ll be traditional food, but I forgot what kind.) (Although there’s always some good cinnamon muffins involved.)
    What’s your New Year’s resolution if you have one?
    What book/anime/comic do you plan to start 2018 with?
    What reading goals do you have for next year?
    What new book/show releases are you most hyped for in 2018?
    If you could summarize how you spent 2017 in 5 words, what would they be?
    Answer this riddle: Which came first, the chicken or the egg? (Hehe >:D)

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    1. Ooh, lucky! I don’t even have that. Linzer cookies are like sweet sandwich cookies stuffed with raspberry…something. I think it’s raspberry jam. And yeah, most of the food at the family gatherings IS traditional, but they have their own spin on food. And cinnamon muffins sound good all of a sudden…
      And thanks!

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      1. Mmm… they sound really good!! (Kinda hungry now lol.) I think it’s cool that you do a twist with your food! I used to go to Christmas parties where there was lots of roasted meat, and also some KFC if you didn’t like the other food. XD But it was fun. And cinnamon muffins will never stop sounding good. 😂 No problem!

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