A Quick Notice: My Bookish Main Characters of 2017

Something weird has happened. So I was working on my post last night on my iPad…then my iPad lost wifi. So I worked on my mom’s laptop. I worked on many paragraphs and tags and notes. I set up a featured image and a blurb and everything. I even scheduled it for 7;00 this morning.

So imagine my nasty surprise when I see everything has happened…except that for character eight and on, there is no description.

Yep. You read that right. The laptop didn’t save all of my hard work.

What do I do? I worked on this for hours so I know that whatever I publish now won’t be nearly as good as what I wrote last night. Besides, I always publish stuff at 7:00 because I know that when I publish later my views and likes have a sharp decrease.

Should I wait until tomorrow to post? Or just not post it at all? Because I had an announcement tomorrow…

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