More End of Year Lists: Movies

I’m not gonna do ALL of the list ideas I had for movies (since at the time of writing, I am still on vacation and can’t look at all my movies), but I’m gonna do my best!

Most Beautiful Movies:

10. Wonder Woman:

9. Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2:

8. Star Wars: The Force Awakens: (I may not have been in love with this movie…but you gotta admit, it was visually awesome)

7. Psycho:

6. Memento:

5. When Marnie was There:

4. Age of Ultron:

3. Doctor Strange:

2. La La Land:

1. Children who Chase Lost Voices:

Best Main Characters: (only the top five will have images…because I’m tired 😅)

10. Susan Cooper, Spy:

9. Doctor Strange:

8. Max, Collateral:

7. Frank Abagnale Jr, Catch Me If You Can:

6. Michelle, 10 Cloverfield Lane:

5. Christian Wolff, The Accountant:

. Diana, Wonder Woman:

. Susy Hendrix, Wait Until Dark:

. Ellen Ripley, Alien:


1. Marge Gunderson, Fargo:

6 thoughts on “More End of Year Lists: Movies

  1. Yes! I’m glad La La Land made this list, I’m kinda obsessed with it haha. And When Marnie was Here is such a beautiful movie too!
    I finished all the Ghibli films that I could get my hands on, and that was Nausicaa, The Wind Rises, Princess Mononoke, The Secret World of Arrietty. And I finally got to see Your Name (which you must see!).
    I hope your vacation is going well! My break just seems to be comprised of movies and video games, haha, but it’s relaxing too. 🙂

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    1. La la Land is gorgeous! I saw it very early this year and it made me kinda homesick. But I loved the imagery. Glad you liked it too!
      Yay! Which was your favorite? And ugh, I NEED to see Your Name! It was good?
      It’s going GREAT. I’ll hopefully have a more detailed post up tomorrow about it. Oh, and seen any good movies recently?

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      1. I loved the imagery of that movie too! (Lots of cooler tones. 😉) Also I can’t help but listen to the soundtrack.
        Oh my, that’s tough. Either Nausicaa or The Wind Rises, both really impressed me. (The Wind Rises had Sherlock references lol.)
        And Your Name is MORE than good!! I wrote a review and I’ll have that up by Monday. But it doesn’t do the movie justice, I probably could’ve said more, but I didn’t know what. Maybe you will. 🙂
        Hmm, I’ve mainly been watching Ghibli movies, but I just finished 5 Centimeters per Second, then turned around and read the manga. I’ll probably watch more things and catch up on more shows. I’ve also caught myself up on My Hero Academia. (I recommend it if you haven’t seen it, the second season is the best season by far.) I don’t think I’ll write anything for it, I didn’t really plan to, but I hope you like it if you watch it!

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      2. Yep. That is one catchy soundtrack. The imagery for me just made me homesick, as I used to live in California. The outside of Mia’s first apartment is actually the apartment where a family friend lives, I’ve BEEN to that planetarium, and on the lift they went on.
        OOH, I love both of them! And WHAT! I never caught Sherlock references in The Wind Rises, what were they??
        Ooh, gotta check it out now, then!
        Oh gosh, I’ve heard such sad things about 5 Centimeters Per Second, I dunno if my heart can take it. I should watch My Hero Academia, I’ve heard nothing but good things about it.
        Fun fact: the last two theaters I’ve been to have reclining chairs that feel like heaven. Off topic, but a funny thing I’ve observed.

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      3. That’s so cool! I’ve never been to a planetarium before, there’s none near me that I know of. But it’s pretty awesome that you knew the apartments too! (That means that the set for the movie was legit.)
        And they mostly talked about Sherlock or his stories, and even said, “Elementary my dear Watson” which made me fangirl in epic proportions.
        5CPS is okay, it is a bit sad, but if you read the manga, the ending is very different because there’s an arc that wasn’t in the film. Also you get a better epilogue. 🙂 I watched the film first, but I have to say the manga is where most of the emotional appeal comes from.
        WHAAAT? LUCKY! My theater just has sticky floors and normal seats (the ones where u push the bottom down). :< I wish my theater had that

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      4. I was maybe five when I went to it. There was a movie with a loud noise that really scared me, and a pendulum. That’s all I remember now, haha. And yes, it was legit! My mom and I freaked out when we saw it.
        Okay. Thanks for letting me know! I didn’t remember that.
        And huh, maybe I’ll check out the manga first then…
        Oh goodness! Well, one of them was in California, so that explains it. Who knows, I’ve heard theaters are renovating around the country, maybe they’ll get to yours. 🙂

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