Rest of My End of Year Lists: Webtoons

I had so much more planned for these lists, but because I’m getting tired, these will be short. The two lists after the first one will not have pictures. Sorry for the inconvenience!

I guess I learned I need to be more organized, huh?

Most Beautiful:

10. Winter Woods:

9. Catharsis:

8. Ghost Teller:

7. Rise From Ashes:

6. SubZero (my latest Webtoon read!):

5. Dragnarok:

4. Lumine:

3. My Boo:

2. Winter Moon:

1. My Dear Cold Blooded King:

Best supporting Webtoon Characters:

6. Agni, Kubera:

5. Haze and Raptor, I Don’t Want This Kind of Hero:

4. Eins and Zwei, Boyfriend of the Dead:

3. Gideon, Winter Moon:

2. Chewy, A Budgie’s Life

1. Adora, Winter Woods:

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